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How Is the Clean Slate Law Used in the Spiritual World?

Do we have to make up karma of past lives or have we got a new chance to create a happy life? The Clean Slate Law is the answer. Discover and apply it today.

clean slate law

I will not be writing about criminal records here. It is an article about taking an opportunity to start the current life anew, despite the karma that has to be made up. You will also find a couple of useful ways of applying the Law of Clean Slate. Learn them now.

The Clean Slate Law: What Is It?

Let's start with the definition used in the jurisdiction:

The clean slate scheme allows some people the right, in some circumstances, to withhold information about their criminal convictions. - Community Law

The Spiritual Meaning of the Clean Slate Law

But what about the spiritual definition? In the shortest, the Clean Slate Law enables you to create your current life as a new chapter, to try again to face the same or similar challenges as in your past lives, especially the previous one.

The truth is that we close karma as soon as we become aware of the reality of our mind and start using other universal and spiritual laws. Here are some examples:

What Has the Clean Slate Law in Common with Karma?

You have chosen the lessons to learn before descending to Earth. However, the way of doing your homework depends on your free will. You can learn the lesson and pass the exam or fail and leave the learning process to the next life.

How to Use the Clean Slate Law in a Holistic Way?

There are seven important steps to follow to live according to the Clean Slate Law. In the case of mind and spirit, I have decided to add you more ways of creating a new life.

1. Define What You Want and Cultivate This Reality

How can you define your new future? Just take a piece of paper and list all your dreams. Do not look at your past mistakes or karma here. Discover how to write your mission statement.

2. Apply Universal Laws

I have listed the seven more frequently used Universal Laws above. Bear in mind that they do not exhaust the list. Learn about more Universal Laws.

How to apply these Universal Laws? Learn them and live according to them. So, for example, in the case of the Law of Cause and Effect, sow only thoughts, words and deeds of high vibrations, and avoid conscious evil.

the clean slate law is above karma

3. Use Your Mind to Create Your Dream Reality

As I wrote above, your current life is an opportunity to grow and create of high-vibrational reality. Even if you have already made a mistake and are advanced in your age, there is still an opportunity to start anew.

Your mind governs with thoughts. Become a conscious creator of your past and future. Manifest thoughts based on courage, love, acceptance, understanding, gratitude, joy and peace. Discover how you can work with your mind.

But what to do if you are overcome by fear, guilt, anger or pride? Talk to your mind.

Dear mind, it does not serve me. Why do you show me this thought/ let's substitute it into ... (courage, love, acceptance, understanding, gratitude, love, joy).

Working with your mind is a constant work and at the beginning, it can be challenging. But your efforts will be rewarded with a better quality of life. Have the courage to take the challenge.

3.1. Believe That Everything Is Possible

Many people and Higher Beings have written about believing in yourself.

"Believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself to conquer fears. Never let anyone bring you down. You got to keep going". - Chantal Sutherland
"Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don't give up." - Rachel Corrie
"And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive if you have faith" - Matthew 21:22

But it may not be easy for you. Then use the "fake it until you make it"attitude. If you still struggle, move to the next step below:

3.2. Change Disempowering Thoughts and Beliefs

I have written many articles about transforming your thoughts and beliefs. How can you do that instantly? Whenever you think of a low-vibrational idea, say

Dear mind, do not sabotage me, help me to be happy. This negative thought is not mine.

Discover more tools to change your thoughts and transform your beliefs into happiness, love, health and abundance.

Sometimes your thoughts may come from mind control. It is very common now as negative entities need energy for survival while the level of it is dropping drastically. Learn more about mind control:

3.3. Liberate and Let Go of Traumas and Negative Emotions

No emotion is totally negative. Even those on the lower scale of the ladder of consciousness are necessary to grow. However, these emotions always have to be watched because, in excess, you are at risk of lowering your vibrations.

Hence, anger can make you more assertive and force you to take action but in excess, the same emotion can destroy your relationships.

How to apply the Clean Slate Law for emotions? Assume that the new chapter of your life is based on the high-vibrational, helpful emotions and the ego-based ones are under control. How can you do that?

Use affirmations and EFT to release the negative emotion and transform it into love, peace and joy. Discover more ways of working with emotions.

practise I am attitude

3.4.. Practise the "I am" Attitude

I have just started a new practice for myself. Every day for about 10 times an alarm clock rings, reminding me to slow down and think in the "I am" way. It works and I strongly recommend the"I am" attitude to everyone.

What can you manifest by the "I am" attitude? Everything that empowers you, all your goals, positive traits. You can do it by writing and speaking. For example, when you have some spare time, practise the "I am" by writing some statements, at least 20 in one go. Then, the next time, you can read them aloud, breathing deeply during the session

Beware that initially, some negative or even self-destructive descriptions may emerge. In this way, you can see how they determine what and who you are emotionally according to your faith. Challenge these statements by manifesting the opposite.

For example, change "I am an idiot" into " I am a smart child of the Universe" Your subconscious mind may still sabotage this change. then say 'People say/My best friend says that I am a smart child of the Universe.' Add some emotions to your "I am" statements for example

  • 'I am happy to be the smart child of the Universe.'

  • 'I am grateful to be the smart child of the Universe.'

  • 'I am joyful to be the smart child of the Universe.'

4. Spiritual Life

The Clean Slate Law is used in spiritual life

4.1. Treat Your Life as a New Opportunity to Be a Decent Person

Stop blame, guilt and any other ways of demeaning yourself. The Clean Slate Law clearly states that you can start over and focus on a different life than before. By decent thinking, self-talk and actions you can also redeem past mistakes. Learn how to start a new life chapter.

4.2. Forgive Yourself and Your Wrongdoers

Starting a new life chapter means forgiving yourself and others for all the misdeeds. By forgiving, you can liberate tensions from your body and heal many ailments and serious illnesses. Forgiveness means letting the baggage of hurt go and you forgive for your benefit, not your wrongdoer. Discover the ways to forgive yourself.

4.3. Apologise for Your Misdeeds

However, do not forget that you might also have done some wrong to other beings. Apologise and ask them for forgiveness. The person may not accept your apology or your misdeed could be potentially impossible to redeem (e.g. monstrous murder of an innocent child).

Also, the victim of your misdeed may not learn the lesson of forgiveness themselves. You can also risk revenge and misdeeds from them. Even then, your humble act of repentance matters. Discover how to apologise.

4.4. Live According to the Values of Light

Your new life chapter must be based on the values of light. Otherwise, karma kicks on. If you are aware of your wrongs and start to do evil consciously again, then expect severe consequences for your misdeeds. Hence, apply acceptance, understanding, love, gratitude, forgiveness, generosity, and nobility. Learn more about basic and advanced spiritual growth.

5. Take Care of Your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul

How to use the Clean Slate Law for your aura and subtle bodies? Do your best to keep your subtle bodies healthy and vibrant. Here are some tools that you can use:

  • cleanse, protect and heal your aura and chakras

  • practise affirmations

  • practise meditation

  • practise visualisation

  • work with your inner child

  • bodywork, e.g, EFT

  • cleanse your physical body (detox)

  • take care of your sleep

  • do physical exercises

  • sunbathe (in moderation)

  • eat healthy foods

  • drink plenty of water

cleanse your subtle bodies under a waterfall

6. Ask the Right Questions

It is proven that all the answers are within you but some people use their inner wisdom while others look for external knowledge and experience. Hence, asking the right questions will focus your mind on the correct answers. Then you will create a future based on your dreams, full of happiness, love, health and abundance. Therefore, instead of asking:

  • How can I make up my karma?


  • How can I use my inner strength and wisdom to create a life full of happiness, love, health and abundance?

  • What can I do right now to fulfil my dreams?

  • What is the step I can take now to achieve my goals?


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7. Meditation

This technique, mentioned above, can help you both close your karma and create your new life. By cleansing yourself from all negative entities or energy (e.g. thought forms), you can close your karma and activate the Clean Slate Law.

Moreover, ask God to give you the new book of life and take the old, with karma based on your past lives and current life deeds. Then you can create your future, seeing how it will happen. Discover more about meditation.

Let's Meditate Together

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

More about meditation

In a Nutshell

The Clean Slate Law is above the Law of Karma, provided that you live according to the values of light, avoid conscious misdeeds, take care of your aura and subtle bodies and practise an "I am" attitude. Good luck on the new pathway of life, full of happiness, health, love and abundance. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach who inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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