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Meet an Awesome Writer: Vicky

Hello! I am Vicky, an enthusiastic writer and blogger based in Ireland.  You are welcome to the tribe of happy, awakened people.

By reading and applying the wisdom presented in my articles, books and e-books you will become a much better version of yourself, growing and evolving - physically, mentally and spiritually.

You will become motivated and encouraged in a captivating way to take action and change your life for a much happier, filled with more love, health and abundance.

You will also be inspired to transform the world around you, especially through meditations, numerous examples of journaling and affirmations.

Last but not least, you will learn how to cope with challenges happening in these turbulent times.


  • Feel inspired and motivated to become the captain of your ship.

  • Awaken new levels of consciousness and broaden your horizons.

  • Find help with creating inner happiness, health and harmonious relationships. 

  • Learn it from someone who has been walking this path for twenty years.

Vicky's Story

Vicky started walking the path of spirituality and holistic wisdom 20 years ago when she read the first self-help book. For many years, she has tested these ideas, learning them from the most famous gurus, sharing her expertise with many people and helping them.

She has learned these lessons the hard way, struggling with a lack of friends, abuse, an illness, financial instability and more. Within the last four years, her two dear souls passed away.

After 15 years of sticking to the widely-known self-help, she realised that happiness was impossible without including spiritual awakening and growth, without trusting the Universe and living according to its laws.

What I Believe


Happiness comes when you make people happy, are a decent, and kind person, live according to Universal Laws, and trust the Universe. Follow the guidance of your soul but also use your free will and the power of creation of a better, happier life. Master your mind, embrace your emotions and be brave to learn your life lessons.


The author of
Awaken Mega

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The co-author of
The Gratitude
Book Project

2009 Edition

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Ashley DiComandrer

Writing this article was illuminating, literally. Going through the 6 & and 7th planes brightness occupied my vision. I have been slowly awakening for years and now am experiencing frequent interactions with the ethereal plane… I look forward to your meditation Ty. Blessed be.

Anna Wang

I liked your blogpost about removing entities from someone's aura, and that a more permanent solution is to be connected to a shaman. Do you recommend an online shaman perhaps that can solve this issue? 

Theresa Slaughter

Wow! All of this is new to me but I am now coming to the understanding and acceptance that this is real and what has been happening to me. I notice and see these and there is a noise that I hear that can get really loud on my left side. My third eye has a black spot. Where Do I begin with taking care of myself? I would like to know about the meditation that you do on Saturdays. I am in California Pacific time. Thank you

Jamie Winfield

We wanted to reach out to you to consider a possible interview and to thank you very much for the mention, even if it was indirect!you do on Saturdays. I am in California Pacific time. Thank you

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