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Who Is Vicky

Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally and spiritually.


  • To help you holistically transform your life,

  • To help you grow and evolve - physically, mentally, spiritually,

  • To connect like-minded people during meditation and in the spiritual growth community,

My Story

My road to spiritual awakening and growth started 20 years ago when she read the first self-help book. For many years, I have tested these ideas, learning them from the most famous gurus, sharing my expertise with many people and helping them.

I have learned these lessons the hard way, struggling to cope with the most painful season of my life - lack of friends, abuse in my family and relationships, an illness, financial instability and more.  Within the last three years,  my two dear souls passed away.

After 15 years of sticking to the widely-known self-help, I realised that happiness was impossible without including spiritual awakening and growth, without trusting the Universe and living according to its laws.

Being awakened I have been testing the new knowledge in my life. Now I can share this experience with you and transform the world through meditation and connecting to Aronhome spiritual growth community.

My growth is a never-ending journey. I am humble enough not to put all the certificates I have obtained within the last 25 years as the past is just history and knowledge needs constant updating; instead, let the wisdom published on this website be your guide.

What I Believe

To be happy, you need to make other people happy, follow Universal Laws, and trust the Universe.

Be a decent person in your thoughts, language and deeds, follow your soul plan wisely, creating the best possible life by your choices.


Master your mind, focusing on your dreams rather than the past, so that only positivity is present in your life and your life lessons are lighter to learn.

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