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Watch out for These 4 Mind Control Techniques

Mind control can manifest in many ways, often unnoticeable but efficient. Learn four major techniques of this manipulation.

Mind control is like a honeycomb fence


The 4 Most Powerful Mind Control Techniques

You have already learnt to brainwash. I have deliberately written so much about this technique so that you are aware of the danger. Today you will learn about conversion techniques, hypnotism, and propaganda.

1. Hypnotism

Hypnotism is a highly controversial subject, even the question of whether it is real or not. This section unravels a few of these questions and describes some of the processes and methods used.

Notice that some of these sub-techniques can be double-edged swords and also used in a positive way (e.g. affirmations, relaxation).

  • Affirmation: They can be used to shape your attitude and self-esteem.

  • Confirmation: Telling them it is working. False experts are often used here to confirm the efficiency of cosmetics, medications, and supplements.

  • Fixing attention: To occupy the mind with music, games and all trivial activities so that people do not have the time to think soberly.

  • Relaxation Techniques. There are many of them, let's mention a couple: progressive relaxation, relax-repeat, and tense-relax.

  • Pausing: Giving time for things to sink in. Notice how commercials work.

  • Visualizing: Getting people to see things. Sales presentations often use this technique. I will write more about this technique below.

mind control centres are usually placed at tall masts

2. Conversion Techniques

I do not mean religion only here. It can be any trend in today's world, starting from a given lifestyle, favourable for making money by corporations (e.g., buying more products x or y).

Or it can be the way of thinking, suitable to keep the old Matrix status quo (you have to work, pay your rent/mortgage, eat unhealthy food and then pay for constant academic medical treatment).

The List of Conversion Techniques

  • Absolute Authority: Something or someone that cannot be challenged. Look at the "doctors" in commercials on TV or some scientific theories (e.g., that the Earth is flat)

  • Isolation: separating people who do not follow most consumers and the Matrix followers (at work, schools, in families).

  • Information control: very popular nowadays, alternative media is blocked and the mainstream ones broadcast only the information suitable for Matrix.

  • Higher purpose: associate desirability with a higher purpose, which is not only God and deliverance but also living a lifestyle according to corporations (eating lots of sugary food, following fashion and consumption).

  • Identity destruction: to make space for the new identity, shaped by commercials and pseudoscientific information on the media (e.g. a consumer who is "up-to-date" because of anything offered by the market).

  • Changing values: Advertising and propaganda change what is right and wrong. For example - eating carbohydrates is more beneficial than eating fats but the truth is the opposite.

  • Dietary control: look at the glossy papers for women, and commercials suggesting what to eat. Also, parents can control their children's diet, being brainwashed first by the media (e.g. eating a lot of hidden sugar - yoghurts, cereals, fruit juices). Doctors advise the wrong principles of healthy eating (e.g. that carbohydrates and so-called brown bread should be the base of your diet, just after vegetables).

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3. Persuading with Willpower

  • Confirmation: Telling them it is working. Not only in commercials or advertisements. Look at all glossy magazines and so-called "advice corners", where various so-called experts and scientists teach you how to live according to their philosophy, preying on your ignorance. Online, there might be Google ads suggesting a given choice or suggestive search entries, usually discriminating against healthy lifestyles different from those promoted by corporations and pharmacies.

  • Fixing attention: To occupy the mind. All the music, and illustrations. Check the next commercial which you will see on any website, YouTube or on TV and notice how and why it absorbs your attention.

  • Affirmation: They are met in all commercials and most of the advertisements. Plus, sometimes books might suggest a given way of thinking (some trends in psychology). However, as I wrote earlier, this technique can also be used for changing negative beliefs.

  • Handclasp: A useful test of suggestibility. Check the number of commercials or YouTube ads where clasping is used and how you react to them.

  • Ambiguity: Many meanings happen at once. Again, all advertising stuff is based on ambiguous words and phrases.

  • Pausing: Giving time for things to sink in. Very common techniques while addressing an audience, but also met in commercials and online ads.

  • Visualising: Getting people to see things. This sub-technique is obvious. Hearing soothing music and hypnotic voices on TV or the Internet, you instantly start to visualise the things which the company or institution wants from you. It is also common during all business presentations as the sales technique.

  • Relaxation techniques: progressive relaxation, relax-repeat, tense-relax, noticing.

  • Noticing: You might have noticed that you are relaxing now.

  • Vagueness: Certain words work well. The Balance Careers lists the 20 most efficient words used in advertising. here are some examples: you, guarantee, discover love, proven safety, save, new, best, now, free.

  • Wondering: A method of indirect command. For example, look at this suggestion: we all know that our mind needs to rest as much as our body so that it can work at its best. Then the mind control entity may suggest how to rest according to their "unique" method... and it is a short way to sell you something or persuade you to do something.

4. Propaganda

Mostly used in politics or to install some ways of thinking, desirable by corporations, various lobbies, and state institutions. Here are some examples (there are many more of these techniques):

  • Name-calling: Denigrating opponents. Listen to the debates on TV or some discussions on the radio. Facebook censors it in some way.

  • Bandwagon: Pump up the value of 'joining the party or any kind of community promoting a given lifestyle.

  • The Big Lie: So large it must be true. Anything repeated a given number of times becomes the truth, even if it is a lie. Check how many times and how often per day a given ad or commercial is presented.

  • Information Management: Knowledge is power. Check what is the order of presenting information on the news. Google makes it harder to find websites promoting real health (e.g. how to treat cancer).

  • Character Assassination: Destroying the person. The media do it by dehumanisation, demonisation, reaffirmation and discredit.

  • Glittering Generalities: Use powerful words to evoke emotions. Linguistic tricks comprise implementing intangible nouns that embody ideas (e.g., freedom, fame, love, respect, integrity). Or just applying linguistic patterns such as alliteration, metaphor, and reversals They turn the words into poetry that flows and rhymes in hypnotic patterns.

  • Stereotyping: Classify the other side negatively. The entity casts those who you want to denigrate into an unpopular stereotype (e.g., criticising academic medicine). The "wrong" ideas or lifestyles are presented to them as threatening, unworthy, and disgusting.

  • Slogans: impactful catchphrases. Very common in each commercial and advertisement, plus skilfully used in all guides in glossy magazines or newspapers, not to mention books. Transfer: Associate the leader with trusted others.

I can add a testimonial, milieu control, plain folks, transfer, and card-stacking.

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In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt some techniques of mind control. The most powerful comprise hypnosis, propaganda, persuasion and conversion. My next articles will show you how to liberate from mind control so stay tuned to Awaken Happy Life. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach who inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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