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How to Recognise That Someone Is Thinking of You

Can you recognise when someone is thinking of you? How would it be to master this skill? How would you use it? Discover the secret today.

someone is thinking of you

We know that the human brain is a fascinating and powerful organ. Despite the progress in scientific research, we still do not know all its possibilities!

After reading this article, you will discover your new superpower – the ability to recognize when someone is thinking of you and you can also learn what kind of thoughts they have. Are you ready to discover and master this skill?

Let's answer some questions first:

  • How many times in your life have you wanted to know if a loved one thinks as much of you think of you as you think of them?

  • Would you like family and friends to be able to physically feel their warmth and emotional support from your side?

  • Do you happen to worry about your loved ones when they are far away from you?

These questions can be answered with one word: YES. Why? Because you CAN recognize when someone is thinking of you. Just be more vigilant and learn some tips on how to discover it better, by working with energy.

Everything is energy in the Universe – including human thoughts. They can cause specific symptoms in our bodies and materialize in various forms. Other people can literally feel our energy directed toward them.

Just try to send angry thoughts to your partner for a while and you will notice their behavioural change, even if you haven't said a word or changed your mimic.

The Benefits of Recognising Other People's Thoughts

Imagine that you can read other people's thoughts. Would it be a brilliant idea? For some reason, yes. Why?

  • You would know when your boss, partner, or child is happy or angry.

  • It would be easier to read your customer's minds and adjust your sales strategy.

  • Your communication with others may improve (provided that both sides work on it).

  • it would be easier to plan your life and find the right communication and/or assertiveness strategy.

Threats of Knowing Other People's Thoughts

However, as everything cuts both ways, this also applies to reading other people's thoughts. What are the treats? Are they serious?

  • A bigger scale of manipulation, crime and abuse if this tool were in the hands of malevolent people.

  • A bigger scope for the avoidance of doing life lessons. Knowing other people's reactions in advance would not make up your karma, because you would change its weight through your thoughts, words and deeds.

  • Everything would be more predictable which may impede progress, growth and evolution.

  • You may lose the feeling of safety and security, knowing that someone else, reading your thoughts, can do wrong to you.

As you can see, it is not black and white. But as the world is evolving and the vibrations overall are rising, we are more and more mature in learning how to discover other beings' thoughts (think of your pets, for example). hence, it is worth learning this skill but you need to be very responsible and thoughtful in using mind-reading.

As we have free will, people can also be able to bloc their thoughts for protection so in order to learn what someone thinks you need to create a positive connection with this person.

8 Signs Showing When Someone Is Thinking of You

Supposing that you have benevolent intentions and just want to know your partner, family member or neighbour better, I will give you the eight signs which will help you discover when another person is thinking of you.

1. Blushing

Crimson ears and cheeks can be a sign that someone is thinking about you intensely. A sudden surge of blood to the face and ears is a manifestation of strong emotions. If at the moment we had no reason for strong feelings, they could come to us from the outside.

Red cheeks can burn from someone's anger, and ears pink from sexual thoughts about you. Or you can just be considered an attractive and sexy person by another individual at this point.

From now on, pay attention to crimson cheeks and ears for no apparent reason – this may be a manifestation of someone's thoughts about you.

However, in the case of middle-aged women, make sure that the crimson face is not the result of hot flashes happening during menopause.


2. An Unexpected Surge of Strong Emotions

If you happen to feel an unexpectedly strong longing for no reason, it may mean that someone is missing you. His/her despondency caused by separation can flood you with a wave of sadness.

If in fatigued, in crisis or having difficulty concentrating on your job, you suddenly feel a pleasant wave of heat – this is a manifestation of supportive, warm thoughts from someone who is kind.

Sometimes we feel physically that someone is watching over us. It is possible to be away from each other, but you and they are in an energetic connection to feel each other.

These are beautiful and subtle experiences that, with the passage of time and through mindfulness exercises, we are able to feel and understand better and better.

3. Goosebumps, Chills or Skin Tingling

Most often, it tells you that you are sexually attracted to someone. It can also mean being in the energy of the emotions of another person who is thinking about you. From now on, when noticing goosebumps, appreciate yourself – someone is strongly influenced by your attractiveness.

4. Itching of the Eyes

The itching of the left eye in a woman says that someone praises her. The right eye means to make some accusations against her. In men, on the contrary, the left eye is responsible for accusations and the right eye for praise. However, bear in mind that itching can be caused by allergy or exposure to intense, artificial light or blinding sun rays.

5. Hiccup

This is the most common symptom, indicating that someone is thinking about you. An unexpected, sudden paroxysm or hiccup can mean someone's thoughts about you, but it may not be benevolent thinking, e.g. gossip about you. Then you might have to face the brutal truth that someone has malevolent intentions.

6. Violent Sneezing

Of course, excluding allergies and colds, sneezing is a significant sign of someone's thoughts about you, and missing you in particular.

7. Sudden Anxiety

Do you know that state in which you suddenly feel that someone is looking at you? Subconsciously, you know who to look at and catch someone's eyes on yourself. It happens that this peculiar feeling of anxiety is caused without clear glances towards you.

Then it can simply be a sign that someone in the crowd of people is thinking about us. If you do not feel comfortable with it, you can cross your legs, and arms on your chest or protect yourself by visualising a sphere of Divine White Light, surrounding you. This will protect you from bad energy and negative thoughts of others.

The last symptom says that thoughts can become tangible. Sometimes the connection with the other person is so strong and the energy of his thoughts so intense that we can physically feel it in the body.

It's as if someone is stroking us with their thoughts. This incredibly pleasant experience is possible with people in close relationships.

However, it can be scary when a newly met person affects you so much. Remember that you have already lived many lives and often in the present incarnation you meet souls already known in the past.

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How Do We Connect to Who Thinks of Us?

Once you feel any of the symptoms described above, focus on feeling who the person who is reading your mind is. To do this, find a quiet place where no one will interfere with you. Sit down and allow yourself a moment of meditation while following the feelings you have just experienced.

Enter the heart field by placing our hands on it, breathing attentively and calming down. From this point of view, let the mind and heart follow the telepathic connection, wandering around the body and scanning it for attraction to the sensations emanating from it.

Once you have located the source, focus on it and allow yourself the flow of this telepathic connection – images, thoughts, and words may appear in your mind. Maybe they will associate you with a specific situation or person. Or perhaps you will discover a connection with someone you haven't met yet.

As you examine the thoughts of others directed toward your person, remember that you are also sending energy yourself. It is worth remembering when being flooded with a wave of difficult, strong emotions and you want to shout out everything in someone's thoughts.

The more peaceful and benevolent thoughts you send, the more you multiply them in the world. Share positive energy with others. Express the remaining emotions in a way that is safe for yourself and others, without harming anyone. The world will then become a better place.

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In a Nutshell

Recognising someone's thoughts may be challenging at first. However, when you pay attention to some subtle hints sent by your eyes, face, nose and some subjective feelings, chances are that you will end up with a telepathic connection. Good luck with your practice. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach who inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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