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Master Your Energy in 4 Effective Ways

Can you master your energy, the fuel of life? Discover the holistic process which will help you achieve more in your life.

master your energy

Do you want to be happy, wealthy, loved and healthy? Then learn how to master your energy, on the four levels.

In this article, I will discuss energy as a fuel, something that is used to create happiness, love, abundance and health. Of course, you can create unhappiness, depression, illness or abuse, too. It all depends on how you use your body, emotions and mind.

4 Kinds of Energy

I have already written an article about energy work where these four levels have been mentioned. However, let me list them here again:

  • Physical - exercising, sleeping, dancing, physical work,

  • Mental - learning, studying, thinking, analysing, solving problems

  • Emotional - interpersonal relations, solving problems on an emotional level, empathy,

  • Spiritual - telepathy, meditation, hypnosis.

How Do You Master Energy?

Below you will find answers to this question. But first, let's check what can cause your batteries to discharge quickly I mean energy leaks here.

What Are Energy Leaks

Before I list what drains/consumes your energy and how to save and regenerate it, learn about leaks. They accelerate the drainage and slow down the recharge of energy so you waste your precious fuel.

These leaks can happen on each level: physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Let's meet them:

Physical Leaks

  • Sleep deprivation - being weaker, having poorer concentration and less physical energy, you will become tired quickly.

  • Dehydration - thirst causes distraction and destruction of your vital forces.

  • Malnutrition - the deficiency of vitamins, minerals and macronutrients will cause illnesses which in turn consume more precious vital energy.

  • Cluttered house - looking for lost items will consume a lot of energy.

Mental Leaks

  • Staying focused on draining information - watching TV, reading junk articles on the Internet, reading unnecessary news in the newspaper.

  • The same reasons as for physical energy (sleep deprivation, malnutrition and dehydration) - your brain also needs rest, water and nutrients to function.

  • Cluttered house - in this case, you have to use your mental energy to find something.

  • Programs in the subconscious mind - negative thoughts and beliefs sabotaging your endeavours, fears and worry.

Emotional Leaks

  • Low self-esteem and self-confidence - your actions will be sabotaged by fear, anxiety, and doubts so you need to make a harder effort to achieve your goals, and this in turn, consumes more energy.

  • Lack of assertiveness - after unsuccessful communication, where you have given in, there will be self-hatred and self-criticism because you have betrayed yourself. And this, of course, drains your energy.

  • Living a life full of lies - making up new lies can be very exhausting.

  • Sticking to low-vibrational emotions (shame, apathy, fear, anger, pride, greed, guilt, grief) - impedes your actions and you need to use a lot of willpower to overcome these emotional states.

Spiritual Leaks

  • Unprotected aura - negative entities and their energy have easier access to your biofield.

  • Dirty aura - it will drain your vital forces because of parasites and heavy energy.

  • Being an empath - absorbing other beings' energy can be very exhausting.

  • Lack of energy safety during work with energy (e.g. during meditation).

master your energy

What Consumes Your Energy?

Beware that some ways of draining you of energy apply to more than one kind of energy. You know what speeds up the exhaustion, now learn how you consume energy on these four levels:


  • Eating unhealthy food - your body is deficient in minerals and vitamins plus your digestive system has hard work to do.

  • Physical activity - workouts, gardening and other physical work naturally consume your vital forces.

  • Cleaning (doing it) - as above.

  • Staying up late - you deprive yourself of good sleep quality and often are underslept.

  • Stress - exploits all kinds of energy plus stops the regeneration and healing of your body.

  • Physical fights - in sports or during brutal arguments in relationships.

  • Taking other people's problems on your shoulders.


  • Mental work - studying, writing, solving problems mentally, planning and setting goals.

  • Thinking - especially negative ones and conscious work on thoughts.

  • Calculating (Maths, budget, accountancy).

  • Conversation - the mental aspect, when you think about what to say.

  • Cleaning - the mental aspect, when you think about what to do.


  • Communication (emotional involvement) in a relationship.

  • Contact with toxic people (abusers) especially long-term ones, then becomes a big energy leak, too.

  • Contact with victims, bellyachers - as above, plus your involvement to help them will also exhaust you.

  • Being abused and used - low-vibrational emotions that occur then will exhaust you.

  • Quarrels, disputes - as above, they also generate negative energy afterwards

  • Feeling draining, negative emotions (anger, sadness, fear, jealousy, envy) - low vibrations always drain energy of any kind.

  • Lack of forgiveness, being revengeful.

  • Dwelling on the past - you waste your precious energy on something that you cannot change (unless you use the Law of assumption).

  • Worrying about the future - as above.

  • Self-criticism - you eat yourself up from the inside.


  • Be too exacting to yourself in pursuing spiritual goals

  • Rat race - compared to others in your spiritual growth

  • Taking too many and too hard life tests

How Can You Recharge and Boost Energy

Once you know how you lose your energy, use some ways to recharge and boost it.


  • Drink 8 - 10 glasses of water.

  • Eat healthy, unprocessed food.

  • Sleep 7-8 hours a day.

  • Have a nap/coffee nap.

  • Rest after physical activity.

  • Do a detox.

  • Have a massage, or go to a spa.

  • Walk barefoot on the grass /beach.

  • Clear the clutter.


  • Sleep, proper nutrition, drinking enough water, naps.

  • Working in the Pomodoro system.

  • Time management and prioritising while planning meetings with other people.

  • Have systems of working with goals, clutter clearing

  • Creating habits so that you do not need to think about how to do something

  • Cutting off or limiting contact with toxic people (abusers and victims)

  • Doing mental activities that you like doing (e.g. while learning something)


  • Cutting off or limiting contact with toxic people (abusers and victims).

  • Having time for yourself, space.

  • Contact with positive and uplifting people.

  • Cultivating love and gratitude.

  • Having fun - singing, dancing.

  • Venting negative emotions (crying, playing sports).

  • Journaling.

  • Meditation.


  • Praying.

  • Meditation.

  • Being self-compassionate with yourself.

  • Rituals (with candles, taking a sea salt bath/ shower with the intention of cleansing your mind and aura).

  • Fruitful talks with people having a similar level of awareness.

master your energy

How Can You Fix Energy Leaks

Apart from working on energy itself, do your best to eliminate or at least diminish the leaks. Here is an interesting method described in one of my previous articles:

According to yogic tradition, we need a minimum of one hour of free time, once per week and one weekend per month to recharge. It means six whole days per month. Free time also means not thinking about work, checking emails, answering phones, or working on your to-do list. it is the time without rush, chores, and planning. Instead, you pamper yourself, play, enjoy walking, charging with Mother Earth and positive self-talk. - Awaken Happy Life

More ways of how to fix energy leaks are in this article.

Moreover, I learned how to work with energy, especially spiritual and mental ones. You will find more details here:


As I mentioned above, meditation can help you recharge energy on all four levels and also fix energy leaks. You do it by cleansing your mind and aura under a waterfall and later by lying on the grass/cuddling a gree to recharge with the energy of Mother Earth. You can also use the 4 Forces of Nature on the beach. More about how to meditate is here.

Let's Meditate Together

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm BST. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

More about meditation

In a Nutshell

Working with energy can be exhaustive and it happens quicker if there are physical emotional, mental and spiritual leaks. There are many things that drain your energy, so learn how to save and boost your precious fuel. Good luck. With lots of love and light,


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