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How to Use the 22 Laws of Creation to Get What You Want

Can you create and live the life you want – full of happiness, health, love and abundance? Check how you can.

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It is debatable whether we are creators of our life or not. Some religions deny this theory, saying it is God’s domain. But we all have the Divine element within – our soul. So, can you have an impact on the events of your life or not?

22 Laws of Creation

Let’s start with some Universal Laws:

1. “Everything you sow comes back.”

This is the Law of Cause and Effect. Hence, be careful with your thoughts words and deeds.

Do the experiment: for the next couple of days think only positive thoughts, speak avoiding offensive language and give some things to charity, with the true intention of helping others. Observe what will happen.

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2. “Positive thinking brings positive results.”

This is the Law of Expectation, but also an example of the Law of Cause and Effect. If you tried the experiment described above, there are probably some new, more positive events in your life.

If you still cannot believe me, check the life of your friends who play the victim and speak about negative things: how happy are they? How positive is their life?

3. “Change is the only constant in the universe, so your life also changes.”

The Law of Change is often denied by people who cannot accept growing older and losing their relatives or property. Instead of moaning and groaning. List 20 positive outcomes of recent changes in your life.

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4. “Your world will be like you.”

This is the Law of Reflection. Try another experiment: say a compliment to everybody you meet during the day, thinking nicely about this person. Even if it is your toxic boss or parent. Continue the experiment for a couple of days or better – per week.

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5. “Be the captain of your ship.”

The truth is that if you give your fate into the hands of the universe (i.e., other people, circumstances) it will come back to you manifested according to their goals, not necessarily yours.

Do you want a happy life? Take the wheel of your car and drive it instead of back seating.

Check how many times you must follow other people’s goals, orders, and plans (I do not talk about your job here) but also your thoughts, habits and fears. And what happened when you pursued your own goals?

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6. “Creation is thinking about the future... in the present.”

You cannot change the past so there is no point dwelling on it, thinking about who hurt you or what you lost. You can learn the lesson from the past but to be happy in the future, start positive thinking, speaking and doing decent acts now.

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7 “Appreciate your life.”

Out of all possibilities, you have chosen this body and this family, and this way so do not reject your choice. You would not be here, reading my article, on this computer, from a given browser.

All that has happened in your life up to now was indispensable and necessary to grow and evolve. Only this way, you have been able to learn the lessons planned by your soul and do their homework.

Bear in mind that many people have got a harder life. Accept their past smile at her and forgive yourself and everyone else.

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8 “Nothing will change without changes made by you.”

If you expect changes from the world by doing the same thing during the day, then there may be no life to change. However, changes in life will force you to make changes. So, make changes yourself instead of waiting for changes.

9. “Never put your fate in the hands of other people.”

The brutal truth is that if you put your fate in the hands of other people, you will get what they think will be good for them, not necessarily for you

Therefore, you need to take responsibility for your life. Otherwise, karma will come back to you so that you learn to manage your life.

10. “If you broaden your horizons, more opportunities will emerge.”

This simply means to open your mind to more possibilities than you normally see. Assume that there is something more than your little world, your comfort zone.

Also, notice that your life will be wider, and you will work on more challenging values of light when your awareness becomes at a higher level than now.

11 “Surprising events and tests in life happen.”

On one hand, you can create a positive life through your thoughts, words, and deeds. However, you must also learn the lessons set you your soul before descending to the Earth.

Hence, there will be tests, checking your assertiveness, kindness, generosity, or non-judgement. You might face name-calling, living with an abuser, being ridiculed, losing your job or house…

Whatever your challenge will appear in your life if you learn the lesson, e.g., accept the event and smile at it, without anger, irritation, jealousy, envy or vengeful feelings, your life will be full of blessings in the long run.

12. “Everyone has to work through the value for which they have valued.”

It simply means that you will be tested by way of losing your material goods according to your soul plan. Bankruptcy, loss of a house, or a job, and theft will happen to teach you humility and acceptance of what you have.

Beware not to lose your life (e.g., by suicidal attempt) and humanity (becoming an unkind, stingy, and arrogant person, playing the victim).

Things to Do to Create the Life You Want

Knowing some Universal laws, act now to achieve your goals and create the life you want. What can you do?

13. Change the Sabotage of the Mind to Delete Negative Programs

It is never enough to mention the importance of positive thinking Today I will add something more to this theory: bear in mind that lots of our beliefs and thoughts are imposed by religion and science.

You usually do not question them, but the truth is that most religious dogmas and scientific truths that you learn at home or school are distorted, created by some elites for their own benefit, not all of the population (look at the truth created in medieval times).

But remember that you have the inner strength not to follow these lies.

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14. Start by Clearing the Negativity Clutter

Let’s continue the topic of sabotaging thoughts and beliefs. Answer the questions below in writing and you will notice what inhibits your growth and happiness:

• What are you afraid of doing and why?

• What do you usually avoid doing and why?

• What should/shouldn’t you do to be accepted by your community, or family?

When you have answers, answer these questions:

• What is the evidence supporting these answers?

• Who has taught me to think this way and is talking to me by these statements?

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15. Try the Opposite Trick

if all the thoughts and the words of the trial failed, it's time to do something that does not fit in your head the opposite of what you have done so far.

For example, if you have a toxic partner, instead of being submissive and fearful show assertiveness and courage. Make them know that you can do without them.

16. Being a Decent Person

Is the simplicity of smiling and loving yourself if you can't hug yourself start from point one read this instruction and change your behaviour in life.

You wish every being happiness, emanating with the values of light: forgiveness, understanding (i.e., no judgement), nobility, generosity? You stop using vulgar language, calling names, and putting others down.

17 Accept the Other People’s Life Path

You will never fully fit the other person’s shoes. No matter how much you try. Hence, judging other people on your own experience will not work. This practice will bring you easiness and peace of mind,

18. Understand Other People’s and Beings’ Free Will

Both the beings of light and the darkness have the right to evolve on Earth. Also, it is the planet of choice. Hence never judge someone who has followed the path of the darkness. You may not be aware of the purpose of this choice.

Also, you might have behaved similarly in some of your past lives but now it is erased in your memory. And finally: everyone has the right to live against the grain of social or religious dogmas, e.g., divorce.

19. Use the Words “Yes “and “No” to State Your Will

In this way, the people who create the burden in your life see the change in you. Be assertive and let others know what you want, tolerate and what things. Words you do not want It is especially important in relationships – your family, at your workplace, among your friends.

Animals mark their territory so do the same. But first, list the way in which you want to be treated and what your deal breakers are.

20. Understand That the Words YES and NO Determine Your Life

Assertiveness is not only about your rights, but also about respecting other people’s rights. You can expect respect, and freedom of choice but give the same right to someone else. Do not be afraid of stating what you tolerate and what is a no-no.

21. Focus on What You Want to Have in Life

The Law of Focus means that what you dwell on becomes your reality and there will be more of it. Therefore, focus on what you WANT in your life, and dwell on your dreams and goals.

On the other hand, demolish all negative thoughts of fear and worry. Focus on what you have control over, not of you cannot get. Do not chase what others have, and do not compare yourself to others because you will not be anyone else than you are.

22. Do not Value Your Life for Money or Things

Your life is priceless. The time of your life is also priceless., even if your soul has planned what amount of money, and what kind of wealth you may lose as a test of your humanity.

When you price your life on a car, a thing, a house, or some amount of money, this is how it will be treated by the universe and the environment – like a thing, property, or object.

Credits to Aron

In a Nutshell

Today I have explained to you 22 ways of creation, according to Universal Laws. If you follow these rules conscientiously, your life will begin to flourish. Good luck. Lots of love and light,



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