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Vicky is a talented writer, a holistic mentor that has expertise in spirituality, self-help and psychology. Her mission is to help those facing life challenges on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels to create a happy life. Her love of writing and other kinds of helping people can be seen in all that she does.


  • To give you the tools for transforming your life in a holistic way,
  • To inspire and help you with personal and spiritual growth,
  • To connect together during meditation.

Vicky's Journey

My road to spiritual awakening started 20 years ago when she read the first self-help book. For many years, I have tested these ideas, learning them from the most famous gurus, sharing my expertise with many people and helping them.

I have learned these lessons the hard way, struggling to cope with the most painful season of my life - lack of friends, abuse in my family and relationships, an illness, financial instability and more.  Within last three years,  my two dear souls passed away.

After 15 years of sticking to self-help, I realised that happiness was not possible without holistic growth and spiritual awakening. No big goals can be achieved in the long run because something will still be missing. Without knowing your soul plan, living the values of Light, proper energy investment and keeping high vibrations it is hard to be truly happy.

Being awakened I have been testing the new knowledge in my life. Now I can share this experience with you and transform the world by meditation.

My growth is a never-ending journey. I am humble enough not to put all the certificates I have obtained within the last 25 years as time obsolates skills rapidly and everything is changing rapidly. Let the wisdom that my articles have got convince you to connect with me.

What I Believe

In the shortest, to be happy you need to make other people happy and follow some universal laws. This includes kindness and doing good deeds, you need to know your soul plan, follow it to make the most of your current life.

Happiness is a process, neverending and sometimes surprising but very rewarding. Be brave to start it today. Join the latest event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would You Accept To Be My Guest In My Program?

In the future I will consider this option. For more details contact me.

How Long Does it The to Be Spiritually Awakened?

It usually comes out of the blue. Some life events teach you that life is different than it has seemed to be so far. Then you need to decide what to do and there are some options: rebellion, ignorance or change and entering to the path of growth and evolution.

What Was Your Biggest Challenge after Becoming Awakened?

I think forgiveness and letting go, not coming back to the past wrongs nymore, under any circumstances. You also have to complete your trauma, often hidden and still having an impact on your life.

How Can I Contact You?

Check the Contact page on this website. You can also connect on social media.

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