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Your Proven Tips on Feeling Safe in Today’s World

Are you feeling safe? Climate changes, economic crisis, war… all this demolishes our feeling of safety, being a huge generator of destructive energy. Is there any way to stop uncertainty and fear? Check today’s post.

feel safe in the world

I will not be writing about governments, banks etc. I would rather show you how big impact on the reality you have yourself. But let’s start from the beginning.

We do not appreciate our strength and believe that everything else determines our destiny. The system has taught us that we depend on the economy or religion.

However, you probably know that there were – and are still – the people who, by their inner strength, were able to change this world.

Also, there are cases of miraculous healing from an illness, and survival of calamity Was it a coincidence or has something else determined these events?

The truth is that we, by thoughts, words, and deeds, create our reality. But let’s start with the word go.

What Does It Mean to Feel Safe?

Each of you, reading this article, will define “security” as something different. For some, it can be having money, a place to live, and a car, for others – being in a relationship or being healthy.


Do it in writing. Take a diary or a journal and define what security means for you. Do it now.

Once you have finished, look at your list. What is there? All your fears and concerns. Can you overcome them? Yes. Will they determine your future? Yes. How?

The Universal Las and Feeling Safe

I have written at least two articles about Universal Laws. I have also mentioned that you are the creator of your reality but according to these laws. Whenever you act consciously or leave your fate to other beings, you manifest the “I do not care” attitude.

For those who want to b take responsibility and create their life themselves, let me remind some of the Universal Laws:

“Your inner world manifests in your outer world”.

Hence, if you are always afraid of war, disaster, or any other calamity, they will eventually happen.

Think how many times you have committed this “sin” in your relationship (he’ll cheat on me… and he has done it) or work (my boss will fire me… and he has done it eventually, health (I’ll break my leg… and it has happened). These are only three examples.

“What you sow you will reap.”

So, the act of unfaithfulness, dismissal or injury mentioned above results from something and is the consequence of your thoughts, words, and deeds. You have attracted these events.

3. The Law of Change

“Nothing is constant, except change in this world”.

And it simply means that nothing will last forever, in the same form, throughout all your life. Hence, be prepared for changes, sometimes in the form of temporary loss.

“You attract both positive and negative things, people, and events by your thoughts, words and deeds.”

The Law of Cause and Effect defines the consequences, while the Law of attraction – is the process of creating them.


Think about HOW you talk to yourself and other people, WHAT you are thinking about the most often, and how you TREAT animals, objects, people, and your body. If there is any destruction here, do not be surprised that your life is collapsing. Write your answers in a diary or journal.

Beware of universal laws

How to Feel Safe Today?

The answer is simple: create positivity in your life and have the courage to take and pass the tests sent to you by the Universe. Simple? Probably, but not easy. Why? Let’s look at a couple of obstacles:

1. Do Homework for the Loss Lesson

You will not avoid “bad” events in your life because your soul plan has included a lesson called “loss proviso” in your soul plan. What does it mean?

Brutally, there will be some loss in your life because you want to test yourself and your soul wants to gather new experiences.

So, what lessons can you learn, losing all your house, or car, being stolen, losing your dear ones in an accident, or being killed.? What about losing health?


A. Again, take your diary and list everything and everyone that you are afraid to lose. What would you feel then? Why are you afraid of loss?

B. Then, list whom/what you have lost so far in your life. Have you survived it? How? What lessons have you learnt? Can you accept these events?

Now you may say” Wait… you have written that I am the creator of my life?” Yes, you are. Before descending to the Earth, you have created your soul plan. And these events are just the lessons.

But… you can still influence HOW and often WHEN these lessons take place and HOW you will do the homework.

You are the creator of your reality, but the Universe will test you from time to time and the ‘loss proviso’ will be one of them. However, the more positive energy you create you your thoughts, words and deeds, the less often “disasters’ will occur.

3. Master the Values of Light

Moreover, by doing your homework (i.e., learning the values of light, such as acceptance, understanding, sometimes forgiveness, being humble, generosity, assertiveness, patience, and kindness), there will be no need to repeat these lessons in the future. And having high vibrations, it will be easier to pass these tests.

What does it mean? Perceive the world in the categories of love, acceptance or understanding, “disasters” are not disasters anymore. And you also believe that whatever happens, the Universe will help you.

Assertiveness can be a challenge


Apart from forgiveness and acceptance, this may be the hardest lesson to learn from the ‘loss proviso’ experience. Why? Because you must be a very assertive person to mark the boundaries in which you want to feel safe.

The same applies to work, and finances (think of running a business or the relationships with your co-workers). For example, if you cannot say ‘no’ to abuse, cheating, or malevolent practice of your business partner or co-worker, chances are that you will lose something.

Acceptance will give you peace of mind because you know that you will recover, even after the loss of your net of kin. Forgiveness may concern the thief, cunning business partner /co-worker/boss, family member or murderer.

Moreover, never complain about your current job, income level or business. You will only generate negative energy, bringing more ‘loss provisos" and less security for yourself. Rather, try to find what you could learn from the current situation and if you are unhappy – find an alternative.

And finally, money can help you feel safe because you can afford to pay bills so that you have a roof over your head. However, even then you will not feel secure if your mind still sends you worrying and fearful thoughts.


· Take your diary/journal and think about whom you have to forgive when the ‘loss proviso’ happens.

· How did assertiveness help you with avoiding/ diminishing the consequences of the loss that had happened? Or did you freak out in the past? What could you do better now should the ‘loss proviso’ happen?

· Whom do you have to forgive? When will you do it?

Now I will give you some examples of how your thoughts, words, emotions, and deeds can create or destroy safety in your life. You may not be aware of how often you commit ‘sins’ in this area.

· You are jealous and envious. This is negative energy, leading to destruction. Focus on gratitude instead.

· You dislike your house, car, or job. Stop complaining about your home or anything else, like your car or else - the universe will take it away. Appreciate what you have or create a better job, house etc. But never complain and play the victim.

· You are not happy with your gain. Once your dream comes true and you can afford to buy it, never change your mind. Also, after having bought something that you wanted – never regret the purchase, just because someone else has got it, too or he/she has got something better. Never compare with other people.

· You fan the flames of arguments, conflicts, and aggression. Again, this is negative energy that will lead to destruction – unless you learn to tame your emotions and solve problems peacefully.

Are You Safe During Climate Changes?

Yes and no. Mother Earth must teach people to respect her and stop consumerism, pollution, and exploitation of national resources. People must learn that food, water, and shelter are the most important things. Hence natural disasters are very common now.

Why does it happen? Less consumerism is a faster way to relaxation, and pleasure in life. Anyone who goes into consumerism will either lose their sense of security or pass away.

Therefore, some events must come, like during the Flood times. But we still have time to change. It simply means buying fewer unnecessary things, investing in environmental protection and being kind to other people.

But you may say ‘Wait, you are writing about creation, that I influence my reality? And now something/someone will decide about my fate?’

Well, sometimes we must pass tests. I wrote about a couple of them above. It all depends on the energy you produce. A sense of self-security is determined by the energy you sow because in most cases, even during the worst climatic turmoil, you can survive and often save your belongings.

Remember that the universe always wants the best for you. But people do not understand this, and the universe arranges your reality according to your thoughts, words and deeds. When there are obstacles to buying something, getting promoted, etc., ask:

What good do you have for me?

climate changes

How to Protect Your House

Because your words, thoughts and actions have a huge impact on your reality, even during a natural disaster you can ask Mother Earth for ‘mercy’. At the moment when there is turmoil here, e.g., a storm, visualize the protective ball of Divine Light around your space and say:

I am asking that everything that is dissterous and uncomfortable bounce off this protective sphere Let every storm/flood/draught/earthquake be gone. I am asking the weather to spare the turmoil in this space. - Aron

You can also use the following prayer:

Dear Mother Earth, I am asking for the protection and care of my home, let everything that is here untouched by your destructive force, and let there be the pleasure of existence here and now. I accept climate change, and I accept what you do, but I am asking you to spare my home. - Aron

Use Meditation

Meditation will also help you find peace of mind during turbulent times. Moreover, while meditation you can ask God and Higher Beings of Light for help and protection.

Let’s meditate together:

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

More about meditation

In a Nutshell

You must watch your thoughts, words, emotions, and deeds to create a safe world.

Moreover, be prepared for the “loss provisos” written in your soul plan and have the courage to face them.

During severe weather conditions, you can always ask Mother Earth to save your house, workplace etc.

With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


The content of Awaken Happy Life is published for educational and informative purposes only. It does not substitute medical or any other professional advice. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition. The author of Awaken Happy Life is not liable for any consequences of applying any piece of advice published on this website by the reader.


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