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4 Examples of Soul Plans: Are They Yours?

We come to the Earth with soul plans. There are many of them. Today I will present the four most frequent ones which you can meet in your life.

Soul plans can be thorny like roses

Examples Of Soul Plans

Firstly, soul plans are not the same as soul contracts. The first ones are blueprints in some fields of our lives, the second ones define the terms on which these blueprints are implemented. Let's check what Corbie Melteid is writing about soul plans:

What Are Soul Plans

Your Soul Plan is the blueprint you decide on in your pre-birth planning sessions. Before you incarnate at any given time, you decide — in company with your guides, angels, and the other souls you will encounter — what your challenges, you’re learning opportunities, and your contracts will be while you are on the Earth plane in a particular body and timeline. - Corbie Melteid

The Most Common Soul Plans

Now I will describe to you the most common soul plans that can be met on Earth. In most cases, we have more than one in our lives, especially as old souls. Here these plans are:

1. Healing

Few know that healing is a word that has a thousand shades of meaning. Having a cut shows the simple process of healing.

Let's say that you fall, your hand knocks against a sharp edge and your palm has a gash that bleeds. Hence you disinfect it, put a bandage on it, and observe a crust for a few days. Afterwards, your hand looks like it has never happened. We say, “The cut was healed.”

However, in the case of major illnesses, emotions, situations, and even karma, healing has a much different, more complex meaning. In this case, healing may be secondary to the original occurrence.

An illness is a life challenge where healing and experiencing happen, where you learn acceptance and understanding. It is also an opportunity to heal emotional wounds, e.g. guilt (e.g. while being in a wheelchair because of an accident caused by speeding.)

soul plan

2. Service

Service is one of the biggest karmic “lessons” that people put in their pre-birth plan. There is one reason for that: there are different forms in which service can be done. It looks like Lightworkers on the surface.

Their lives are primarily about service, both inwardly and in their observable actions – are at the “clearest” end of that part of the karmic spectrum. It happens because souls choose different experiences in their lives - emotional roller-coasters, poverty, addiction, trauma – they, too, can be fulfilling karma of service.

Service to others is a fundamental part of who we are as full souls for one reason If we are all One (as we are) and want the best and highest for all of our fellow fractions of the One, then how better to ensure that than to be of assistance in some form? - Corbie Meltaid

Service, in its simplest form, can help individuals in a way that is clear to perceive. Here are some examples:

  • A group leader for troubled teens,

  • A worker in environmental conservation,

  • A teacher,

  • A doctor.

3. Contrast

According to Corbie Melteid's teachings, souls who choose Contrast as a major objective in their Soul Plan, usually do a Great Study (sometimes called a Grand Cycle). What is it? Let us assume that the Soul wants to study compassion. Here are the plans to work with:

  • The soul may go through a series of lives where its life is full of love and compassion, both given and received. It may be a happy relationship or childhood, for example.

  • Then the soul may go through lives where very little compassion is available to it from others so it must make its way in the world without the kindness and stability compassion brings. Such a soul will need to learn how to deal with anger for those who are not compassionate or lack acceptance that the world has so little compassion for him or her.

  • Then the soul decides to take the third level, choosing a series of lives where he or she has very little compassion for other beings or circumstances, to study how that affects their own life situations. This soul creates negative karma and in the next life will have to work on its consequences, again having little compassion for other beings.

The same rule can be applied to studying love, and happiness. However, it also concerns the negative emotions of values, like fear, anger, and cruelty.

Recommended reading:

4. The Soulmate

Soulmate Partnerships are central to the most common soul plan challenges that get brought up for examination.

It can be manifested as a difficult parent-child bond, a dysfunctional marriage, or even an inability to work well with people in general.

In these and many other cases, while facing so many challenges, you are asking constant questions such as:

  • “Did I really decide to come in with this?

  • “Did I ask for this type of relationship?

  • "What the heck am I thinking?"

You also meet Soulmates in your life. A soulmate is part of our Core Team (i.e. the group of souls learning the same lesson.) However, it is not necessarily your Twin Flame (though Twin Flames are indeed soulmates).

Your soulmate does not have to be your parent, child, or partner. We met mentors, teachers, helpful people, and those who were unkind and cruel. Each of them is a kind of soulmate, even for a while.

It happens because soulmates are willing to play other parts in our incarnations, bringing up different feelings. We study much more than love, for example, trust, cooperation, comfort, support, understanding, honesty, non-judgment, independence, and courage.

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In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt the four most frequent soul plans for a human being. They include contrast, relationships, service and healing. Check which of the plans belongs to you and have the courage to face it. Good luck. With lots of love and light,



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