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Check the 5 Simple Ways to Use the Mirror Rule in Your Life

The universal Law of Correspondence has a big influence on us. Can you use the mirror of life to create happiness? Learn it today.

Everything reflects in your life like in the water or mirror


What Is the Law of Mirror

The Law of Mirror is another name for the universal Law of Correspondence. Let's learn what it means:

The Law of Correspondence basically says that our current reality is a mirror of what is going on inside us. Our reality is a result of our innermost dominant thought. If our life is filled with unhappiness, and chaos or is just straight-up unfulfilling, it is because of our state inside. - The Secret Ritual

In psychology, the Law of Correspondence is called the rule of the mirror. Let's learn more about it.

The Rule of the Mirror

Basically, the Rule of Mirror states that your life shows all that is inside you. The mirror is to show you what you lack. Here are some examples:

No self-love inside. you manifest with hurting your aura, by other beings. Allowing other beings to live your life implies that there are no boundaries.

Let's say that your safety depends on other people's opinions. This case simply means the problem with self-acceptance. Your hangman or torturer is just all that you need to change in yourself.

So the main rule of the mirror is:

Tell me what you see in people, and I will tell you what is inside.

You are the wisdom yourself. Your soul knows what is needed for making positive changes in your life. Just what you must change to improve the situation.

Furthermore, the Law of Attraction states that you attract those people with who you resonate, namely the people who help you to achieve your vibrational goals somehow.

Case Study: Domestic Abuse And The Law Of Mirror

It happens very often in families and other kinds of relationships. If you cannot ask for help, the Universe can create a situation when you have to do it. A man who uses physical abuse on women will not stay with a strong, knowing her worthiness and assertive one.

He knows that she will not let him hurt her. He will pick up the women who allow him to beat them up. Fate puts various beings in your way, but only those for whom you are ready to become available.

If you do not love yourself, a person who does you wrong will be attracted. You will let him for such treatment. In the name of love which you want, for which you will give a lot, maybe even all yourself.

When eventually you grasp the painful truth that it is the wrong way to happiness and self-fulfilment, you will have to love yourself first in order to give your love to someone new.

What To Do

In the case of a lack of self-love, start loving yourself and set firm boundaries. Then no one will hurt you and if it does happen, your firm reaction will stop them from further attempts.

Your boundaries will help you to notice when someone wants to break them. Become strong inside.

Find your strength within to have the power for stopping your hangman's hand. All that you need is within you. just become aware of the necessity of self-love.

And have the willingness to change your life if there is little or no self-love. No one will do it for you or has the appropriate strength to do so.

How To Make The Most Of The Mirror

How can you define your readiness for changing the quality of your mirror? Take some steps which will help you to achieve this goal.

1. Check Your Thoughts and Beliefs

Not far ago I published an article about beliefs and how to work with them. In the case of eliminating negative thoughts, just put them in the bin.

Now take a thick diary or journal and write down all negative thoughts concerning the following situations:

  • the relationship with your partner,

  • the relationships with the rest of your clan,

  • the relationships at work,

  • your finance,

  • your health.

For example:

  • I am a jerk because I cannot satisfy my partner.

  • Love is something I do not deserve because ...

  • I feel unwanted because ...

  • I am stupid/an idiot because ...

  • Being ill is my natural state.

  • I am not good at work because...

  • There will always be better co-workers/men/women than me.

Having logged your thoughts and/or beliefs, put your negative thoughts in the bin and burn them with the white, Divine Light. In the case of beliefs, find their payoffs and the leverage for them, analyse the evidence, and finally challenge them by asking probing questions.

Learn more about working with your mind - the article continues below:

2. Describe What You Lack And What You Are Grateful For

Look at the areas of life mentioned above (health, relationships, finance, work) and list all that you lack (e.g., love, funds, things x/y/z). Once you have the list, make another one, this time of what you are grateful for.

Repeat this exercise every day for a week and soon your life will be happier and more harmonious.

Never focus on the things you lack too much and too often. instead, write a gratitude journal regularly or at least read aloud the list of blessings.

3. Transform Lack into Abundance

Start projecting that your life is abundant and full of love and health. See yourself fulfilled and happy, right now, with all that you have now. It will help you to change the mirror to a more auspicious one.

Use the following techniques to create abundance in your lie:

4. Manifest Abundance, Health and Love

Have you ever heard "fakie 'til you make it"? You do not only need to use thoughts or affirmations to start creating your new reality, full of abundance.

Look at your everyday language, especially your self-talk. What is the dominant tone? Do you speak about abundance or scarcity more often? Make a log of your language, for one day writing down the issues discussed in your mind. You can also record yourself for, let's say, an hour and listen to the monologue.

Many books about how to be a millionaire say that you also need to behave like a millionaire. The same rule applies to a happy relationship - love yourself and others, care for yourself and others - as if you are already created that relationship.

Date yourself first, and prepare some space in your home for the new partner. These are only a couple of examples.

In the case of health - change your habits, e.g., eating, sleep, and stress management (again we come back to thoughts). Talk to your body, thank it for serving you so long.

Meditate To Activate the Law Of Correspondence

Meditation is a perfect way of speeding up the creation of your new reality. Here is a short guideline on how to do it:

  • Find yourself a peaceful place where you remain undisturbed.

  • Turn off your mobile phone and any distractors. Close your eyes.

  • Move, visualising, to a starting place (e.g., the beach, meadow, forest) where you feel happy and relaxed.

  • Continue visualising. Go under the waterfall or the beam of Divine Light to cleanse your energy - aura, chakras, subtle bodies

  • With your eyes closed, go to the meadow, lie down, and recharge your body with the healing green energy. Here, you can create your health and regeneration

  • Then go to another place, e.g., a garden where you will create your dreams. Experience, by all senses, how your health, happy relationship, and anything that you desire to emerge in your life. Remember this image. Ask God for help and blessing.

  • Go to the seaside, lie on the beach and recharge with the four energies of the Earth (the sun, water, earth, and wind).

Let's meditate together

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

More about meditation

In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt how to use the Law of Correspondence. Make the most of the mirror, transforming scarcity, and any kind of lack into love, happiness, wealth and health. Good luck. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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