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11 Simple Ways You Should Use to Transform Negative Energy Into Light

One of my readers asked me how to transform negative energy into Light. Today I will describe the process, plus give you some less-known but useful facts about energy.

sunlight during sunset can transform negative energy


When your mood is low, your energy level is bad, and you feel negative vibrations around yourself. It just means that someone or something has attacked your aura and is sucking your energy. This energy likes holding you in its trap and is not easy to remove.

What Negative Energy Is

Energy is immaterial but you can feel its consequences rapidly. I will give you two perspectives on what energy is: from the physical and spiritual points of view.

The Physical Point of View

According to physics, energy is “the ability to do work, which is the ability to exert a force causing displacement of an object.” Despite this confusing definition, its meaning is very simple: energy is just the force that causes things to move.

Energy is divided into two types: potential and kinetic. The first one exists before taking an action while the second one - is during this action.

Moreover, energy comes from different sources:

  • Nuclear - released by atoms and converted to heat, then to electrical energy.

  • Mechanical energy, which is the moving force behind machinery

  • Chemical energy: the force derived from anything that undergoes chemical reactions to provide us with heat or sustenance, (e.g. wood, coal, oil, food).

  • Light: some organisms, mostly plants, derive their energy from the sun in photosynthesis.

  • Muscular energy is derived from the chemical energy of the food we eat.

  • Thermal energy - is converted from heat, such as the heat of exploding gases in a combustion engine.

  • Electrical energy: an electric charge associated with power, magnets, and electrical currents.

The Spiritual Aspect of Energy

All the forces work fine in the material world... but there is one. What is light, muscular, or mechanical energy? They are also driven by something. And this something is immaterial but working. Examples?

  • Thoughts - everything created by humans and other thinking beings is the force moving things and these beings around, by e.g. the Law of Attraction. We have also created objects sending a given kind of energy, e.g., an engine, nuclear weapon, and artificial chemicals. Also, spells and other kinds of curses are the results of someone's thoughts.

  • Words are the outer manifestation of thoughts, not only for humans but also for animals and other beings. Even the roaring of the sea means something.

  • Actions performed by people, animals, and other beings. We cry, and kill, the sea laps or crushes, animals roar or birds sing.

  • The vibration of things and living organisms created by the Universe (e.g., rocks, animals, plants, climate) They send e.g., muscular and thermal energy.


Energy works by frequencies. Even immaterial objects and animals emit them, e.g., a radio (not only audible sounds but bees are also attracted by flowers). These frequencies or, in physics, material forces, can have a positive or negative impact on a given object, or living being, including humans. We call these forces vibrations.

Most Common Sources of Negative Energy

Everything, material or immaterial, producing the energy of destruction can be considered negative. Let's check what has an impact on people:

  • Places where people can be exposed to mind control, there is the energy of anger, jealousy, sadness, and pain. Examples: shopping centres, cemeteries, hospitals, the houses of people who hate each other, argue or feud all the time.

  • Every being has negative intentions towards you or directly shows them by speaking, or deeds.

  • Every object is programmed to destroy, especially deliberately by a thinking being (not only people). Examples: gifts from negative people, weapons of the army and hunters.

11 Ways of Negative Energy Transformation

So what can you do to transform negative energy and enjoy peace and harmony? How can you change your vibrations and transform the negative energy? Try these eleven tools and see what will change around you:

1. Yawning

Do you know that yawning is a great tool for your body and mind cleansing? Ideally, set an intention during this activity. You do not have to wait for being tired, yawning is available at every moment.

Make the most of it. In this way, your aura will be negative energy-free and your own mind, and emotions secured from destructive forces.

2. Rhythmic Music

African music is best for transforming negative energy. You can listen to or make it, playing an instrument, maybe in a band. In this way, you will go to a different frequency which will change your vibrations for more positive ones. You can also listen to music with Solfeggio and 432 Hz frequencies.

It does not need to be a prayer known from your religious lessons. You can make a personalised prayer, with a pure intention to God or whichever way you call the Source. Here is an example:


You can also say:


4. Aromatherapy

Choose one of the essential oils. You can choose from orange, rose, sandalwood or ylang-ylang. Take an infuser, add water and some drops of the oil at the top and burn the tealight under.

Inhale the smell for at least one minute, visualising the white energy cleansing any negative vibrations. Feel how stress and tiredness go away and instead you are relaxed and happy.

5. Fake Smile and Laughing

If you feel that negativity surfaces because of low vibrations, force yourself to smile, even if it is fake. You can even strengthen the effect by fake laughing, the louder the better.

At first, it may sound unnatural, but your brain will be deceived quickly and reward you with endorphins and relaxation. Then low vibrations will go away.

6. Burning Candles

Burn a candle with the intention of transforming the negative vibrations into positive ones. You can use more than one candle, in various colours, although white is the best for energy cleansing. And it is advised to let the candle burn out without being put out earlier.

7. Sea Salt

A bit of sea salt can make wonders. Just add a pinch to your tea or coffee or half a glass to your bath and soak for half an hour. Whenever you treat your body with sea salt from outside or inside, the results will be stunning.

Your aura will cleanse and the salt will absorb all negativity. You can also clean your house with salt, adding a bit of water while washing the floor.

8. Grow a Plant

Plant a tree or a bush in the garden, or nurture flowers in your house. When you start feeling worse, attacked by negative energy, talk to the representative of flora and Mother Earth. Ask the flower to remove all the negativity from you, any vibrations lower than the vibration of love.

However, be careful with plants while having a pet, especially a dog or a cat. Some of these plants can be poisonous, e.g. a Ficus.

And what if you do not have a plant at hand? Go out for a walk and put your head on a tree trunk. Let them suck everything bad from you and send it to earth. Establish a relationship with plants so that they can come with help when you need it.

9. Get Shot Negative People from Your Life

Your body and mind create a temple, a divine space. Be careful who you invite to it. Respect yourself, your time, and your energy, and never let others poison your life.

You cannot afford constant recovery after meeting with toxic people and with emotional vampires in particular. Do not expose to such meetings. Be the most important for yourself, never clean your shoes with your own carpet.

10. Learn The Play of Ignorance

Do you know that parasites, to survive, need a feeder? When you take other people's words personally, become angry, or worried, or talk about a given negative person, you know what?

These people are being fed and are getting stronger, attacking you more in the future. They will grow and feed with your negative vibrations, deploying you from the peace of mind. Remember this truth:


If someone gives you something and you will not accept it, who does it belong to? The giver.

Be mindful and aware of everything that is around you, taking responsibility for your thoughts, words, and emotions. Feed the positive vibrations and eliminate the negative ones.

Be mindful - your mood and level of peace of mind depend on the decision you will make to stay in high or low vibrations.

If you learn how to transform the bad, negative, undesirable energy, stop taking it as a present, and mindfully reject it, you will see how your life will change dramatically.

When you stop being manipulated by negative vibrations, you mindfully begin to manage your incarnation and keep the positive direction.

There is nothing worse than swimming the way and direction others want from you. Having no plans and no vision of life, you follow the energy of low vibrations. Never put up with harm and lack of respect. Negative vibrations are never good for you.

Bonus Tip: Meditation

One stage of meditation includes cleansing under a waterfall or with White/Silver Divine Light. Try it yourself after a tiring day, talking to toxic people or staying in a negative place. Joint meditation works even better.

Let's meditate together

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

More about meditation

In a Nutshell

Today I have shown you how to transform negative energy and low vibrations. Using sea salt, burning candles, laughing, aromatherapy, meditating or living mindfully are only some examples. Try them in your own life. Good luck. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


The content of Awaken Happy Life is published for educational and informative purposes only. It does not substitute medical or any other professional advice. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition. The author of Awaken Happy Life is not liable for any consequences of applying any piece of advice published on this website by the reader.‍


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