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Are You Radiating High Vibrations? Test Yourself

High vibrations are very important in our lives, but it is not easy to keep. Learn how to detect elevated frequencies of your body, mind, and soul.

Plants radiate high vibratations


How To Detect High Vibrations

Your body and mind are the most obvious things other people see. The quality of your thinking and your physical fitness are noticed instantly. Other people can tell you if your face looks tired, you have put on weight or grown older.

The same applies to your mind. It is easily noticed how fast your reaction time is or when you are lucid or when drowsy. To be happy around other people, find out what it means that your body and mind have high vibrations.

Emotions can also be noticed easily, although sometimes we can subdue them and show indifference. But very few of us are so equable that nothing moves us. In most cases, we are spontaneous, especially children, and it is easy to detect anger or enrapture.

Spiritual vibes are more subtle, and it is often misconstrued. Depression is the negative state of your mind and emotions but it also indicates a weak aura, with hooks and even worse kinds of negative beings’ influence on you.

Now I will describe thirteen symptoms indicating high vibrations. They are grouped into four categories: body, mind, emotions, and soul.

When Does Your Body Vibrate At a High Level?

Your body is a very precious asset. You are not able to achieve your goals and make your dreams true without a healthy body and physical fitness.

1. Being In-Tune Your Body And Its Needs

It simply means that you listen to your body and act according to its urges. You go to the toilet when your body tells you so, eat when hungry, and drink when thirsty.

No eating between meals. Sleep is also very important, so you go to bed and get up at the same time each day, preferably because you are an early bird. Naps are your daily routine.

Also, your sex life is tuned so that you have a gorgeous partner or can cope with your needs yourself.

Learn more about nourishing your body - today's article continues below:

2. You Nurture Yourself Often

I do not only mean having vitamins and supplements. You also pamper yourself by going to the sauna, steam room, and jacuzzi, having a swim in the sea or a bath in Epsom salts. You take care of your senses, too, burning incense and candles, and setting a nice table for your meals.

You also make the most of Mother Nature, going out to enjoy the sunshine, admiring the Moon, touching the trees around you, and staying in the wind. In the summer you swim in the sea, lake or river.

3. Your Body Feels Strong And Healthy

In other words, you feel physically fit. There is no problem walking upstairs, bending, or carrying shopping. You take care of your spine and posture while working and at home. You also keep an eye on your weight and nutrition.

4. You Eat Raw, Unprocessed Food

We are flooded with junk food, processed items which are packed with chemicals and toxic preservatives; tonnes of sugar can be found even in meat, e.g., the chicken or turkey used for making sandwiches.

On the other hand, you can find only about 10% or even fewer raw food items in supermarkets and the grocers' unless it is the greengrocer's and the butcher's shop (although in the second case, you HAVE TO process the meat unless it's smoked or already preserved in another way.)

Yet even having so small a choice of raw, unprocessed food you CAN find healthy options to prepare healthy meals.

When Does Your Mind Radiate High Vibrations?

It simply means that you are conscious of what you are saying, doing, thinking and feeling, as well as their impact on other beings.

Because your mind is the computer controlling the body and producing thoughts which materialise, the quality of your thoughts can denote your level of vibrations. Radiating the elevated frequencies, you can awesomely use the computer.

5. You Can Delay Pleasure If It Does Not Serve You

People having high vibrations can delay pleasure if it does not serve them. For example, you can abstain from an affair while being in a committed relationship or waste your time on non-productive things when important deadlines are ahead.

You can program your mind in a way that no distractions and temptations will mess up your daily routine.

6. You Live In the Present More Than the Past Or Future

iI is obvious for that person having high vibrations that they enjoy the present moment. You cannot change the past and the future is unknown so ruminating or worrying just can't work.

Only the NOW matters as it is only the present moment when you are creating your thoughts, acting or speaking and they WILL create your future.

Spending less time ruminating or worrying you have more energy to create the future you want.

7. You Feel Self-Confident

Nothing can break you and even if it happens sometimes, only for a while. Your divine power, the spark of the Source of Life is something you strongly believe in, no matter what life brings.

You have excellent intuition, help from other beings of the Light and helpful people whom you have attracted by thinking positive thoughts before.

When Does Your Heart Radiate High Vibrations?

Emotions can empower and destroy you. They relate to your body and mind. Any negative emotion lowers your vibrations and induces illnesses, physical and mental ones. Here are the symptoms denoting high vibrations:

8. You Can Forgive

There are no high vibes without forgiveness and letting things go. Therefore, I have published a couple of posts about how to forgive yourself and other people. When you let go of all the grudges, stings and insults, your life becomes light and stress-free.

9. You Are Grateful and Love

Love and gratitude are the most elevated positive emotions. To raise your vibrations, these emotions are a must. In the case of love, not only other beings are important but also yourself. Then, appreciate all that you have been given. This is gratitude.

10. You Feel No Negative Emotions

Only positive emotions can create high vibrations. Hence, do your best to vent negativity whenever it appears. As soon as you realise that there is anger, jealousy, shame, guilt, frustration, and any other negative emotions, say


You can also say it more succinctly: TO THE FIRE, TO THE FIRE TO THE FIRE.

When Does Your Aura Radiate High Vibrations?

Your aura consists of all the aspects: mental, physical, emotional and the four other subtle bodies which I will describe in some of my next articles. A healthy aura means that no energetic hooks, vampires, or other forms of negative energy have access to it. Here are some symptoms denoting that your aura radiates with high vibrations:

11. You Are Immune to Negative Energy Attacks

Negative energy can have many forms, as I mentioned above. However, a strong aura and high vibrations protect you from negativity.

Beings with low vibrations will not approach the area where high vibrations are present as they rather seek the prayer at similar, i.e. low, frequencies. Hence, the higher the vibrations you have, the lower the chance of negativity attacks.

12. You Attract Positive Beings

The opposite is also true. Angels, positive extra-terrestrial beings (e.g., the Dragons, Dragons and many others), Jesus, and Mary will be visible during meditation and you will be able to communicate with them.

13. You Develop Paranormal Potential

Raising vibrations is a must to develop potentials such as clairvoyance, telepathy or working with energy.

Then you intend to share and give which means elevated frequencies. It sometimes happens that someone uses these gifts for malignant purposes but then karma will be hard in the next incarnations, and it means that these paranormal gifts have been given by evil.

Check how to work with energy using your body - today's article continues below:

Practise Meditation

To raise your vibrations in your spiritual realm, start meditating. It will guarantee that your aura is strong, and you can metaphysically help other beings.

Let's meditate together

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

More about meditation

In a Nutshell

High vibrations are a must to help other beings and create a positive, happy life. You can radiate elevated frequencies on four levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. They are interconnected and none can exist alone. Always do your best to keep your vibrations high and be happy. Good luck.



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach who inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


The content of Awaken Happy Life is published for educational and informative purposes only. It does not substitute medical or any other professional advice. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition. The author of Awaken Happy Life is not liable for any consequences of applying any piece of advice published on this website by the reader.‍


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