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9 Proven Steps for Transforming Ancestral Karma

Ancestral karma can be very challenging and not many people know how to deal with it. Discover some proven steps for closing ancestral karma.

tribal karma is like plants

The ways I will describe are proven and tested by masters of spiritual growth. I have also tested them myself and can confirm their effectiveness. Whichever way you will choose, your life will become happier, and full of miracles.

What Is Ancestral Karma

Ancestral karma is nothing more than a set of recurring schemes of thinking, self-talk and behaviour, or values to be worked through - Aron

In the shortest, ancestral karma is a collection of behaviours manifested by your ancestors. They are replicated in your DNA plus you have observed them so far in your family, i.e., some common character traits, illnesses, and life paths.

This karma is also made up of your ancestors' habits and beliefs, wrongdoings and right-doings, and middle-of-the-road actions. Examples:

  • Cancer or/and cardiac illness in your family.

  • The loneliness of women - they raise children alone, stay single or are widows for a long time.

  • Poverty

  • Workaholism

How to Close Ancestral Karma

Your ancestral karma is not a sentence set in stone. You can close it and start a new chapter of your life. How?

1. Identify Your Ancestral Karma

Take a diary/journal and do this exercise: Create four lists:

  • List one: all kinds of illnesses that are common in your family lasting through at least three generations.

  • List two: what are similar patterns in the relationships of your parents, grandparents, their siblings?

  • List three: all patterns that are repeated concerning work and finances.

  • List four: their attitudes towards money, relationships, health, and fun.

If you are not sure about these patterns occurring in your mother's and father's tribes ask your loved ones from the level of an observer what was repeated. Then add the missing information to your lists.

Now reflect honestly on your obstacles and understand where your problem lies. Journal on the question:

  • When and how did this all start in my life?

Getting to the root of ancestral karma is the first step to untangling yourself from your karmic knots and advancing toward your true potential.

2. Check Your Space for Dead Ancestors

In addition, there are dead ancestors who are between the worlds or stayed here on Earth. These souls who have done misdeeds on the Earth during their life, now are afraid of their examination of conscience and the consequences.

Knowing, how devastating these consequences may be, they want to protect other members of their family from duplication of these souls' malevolent acts.

So these would not incarnate gain but want to be guardians, asking the next generation to close that bad karma.

Hence, they do not want to go through their conscience examination and are afraid of hell/purgatory so they prefer to stay here, among us.

Then their behaviour remains in the family. They manifest themselves in it through their presence as spirits, so that we can work for them the ancestral karma. Why?

3. Forgive

No karma can be closed without forgiveness. This concerns self-forgiveness and forgiving all your wrongdoers, including your ancestors.

Start with seeking forgiveness. Find those you have wronged in ways both large and small and work for forgiveness. Make up what you owe, and be genuine in your contrition. Even if it may be a bit uncomfortable. The act of truly being sorry for what you have done frees up a burden, even if they do not forgive you.

Then forgive those who have done wrong to you. Holding on to anger and grudges creates a festering psychic wound. This isn’t a matter of just saying “it’s okay”–it is internal, and it is about letting go.

Last but not least, forgive yourself. Everything. List all events, decisions, and deeds that you have to forgive yourself. The prayer I will present below will help you let go of all that burdens your body, mind and soul.

More about forgiveness:

forgive your ancestors

The Ritual of Forgiveness

You actually experience a state of grace and peace with this ancestor, which is achieved when you truly forgive. Do not proceed if you are not ready to forgive. Honour that until the day when you are ready to move on.

Set two chairs which will face each other at a comfortable distance. Sit in one. Close your eyes and take five deep breaths as you call in your helping spirits.

While inhaling, absorb the energy of the beings of Light and while exhaling release all grudges, anger, doubts and fear. Pay close attention to your breathing throughout, and if you find difficulty breathing, begin breathing slowly and regularly again.

Now invite the ancestor to sit in the chair opposite you. You may feel, see, and/or hear this ancestor’s presence. Express whatever you want to him or her. Ask any questions you may have. Let your ancestor know how you feel right now, how you feel about the wounding. Say whatever you want but say it in three to five minutes. - Mind Body Green

You can decide to do this ritual for one ancestor only and then do another round with a different person, or you can invite all your ancestors in one go.

4. Thank Your Ancestors and Practise Gratitude

Make a list of all you are grateful for, even if it is some challenging karma. Then use the two-chairs technique again, this time to thank your ancestors. After breathing introduction, take your diary/notebook and read the first thing you are grateful for. Feel the gratitude in your heart. Never do it mechanically. Next, take another item and repeat the process. Continue until you exhaust the list.

More about Gratitude

6. Do the Ritual of Closing Ancestral Karma

Try a ritual which will help you close ancestral karma. Here is what you can do:

Talk to your family about your concerns. Even if they are on a different level of spiritual awareness or disagree with your attitude to spirituality, e.g., being involved in a given religion.

Explain to them, using analogies appropriate to their religion, that it would be good to gather together and pray for the dead and alive. Then you can light a candle and read the prayer, created by Aron Clairvoyant, asking for forgiveness and closing your ancestral karma.

The prayer has to be said with faith. Even if only you say it, in the case of a too-challenging situation in your family, the prayer will work.

You will make up the karma and become free from its burden while the rest of your family, i.e., those who deny the prayer, will bear the consequences of their ancestor's deeds, words and thoughts.

how to make up ancestral karma

The Prayer of Closing Ancestral Karma by Forgiveness

God, You created us and gave us love and faith in You. Please, help us now so that we want to redeem the wrongs that we have done to ourselves andthe wrongs that we have done to our loved ones, and our ancestors. We want to be your children again and go only according to your will. We offer you ourselves and our souls to pour love and hope for a better life with your blessing. We apologize for all the evil we have done and that our loved ones have done. We forgive all those who have wronged us and ask for everyone's forgiveness and we forgive ourselves. I ask that our actions, thoughts and words can now show that we have chosen the only way that will close the old time and open up the new time, with light in our hearts and Your blessing. - Aron

The Prayer of Forgiveness

This prayer also removes all hexes, curses, maledictions and charms. You also need to apologise for your ancestors' wrongdoing. Here is what you as ay, with faith and humility:

God, thank you for allowing me to enjoy the new way with your other children. Please, help those who, through the lives of my relatives, and ancestors, have become lost in this world and have departed from us and from faith in You. Let them find themselves, so that they will find the way to You. Please, illuminate their pathway in the darkness and give them the strength to return to you and understand that you always forgive them. Let, by your forgiveness, our family become one. I apologise on behalf om my ancestors for the fact that their choices were not always benevolent. I also forgive them these misdeeds.

Lead Your Dead Ancestors to the Light

Some souls of your ancestors may not be willing to go to the portal of light. Firstly, because they are afraid of the consequences of their deeds and secondly, they want o protect us from doing similar misdeeds now. Ask God for help:

God, please escort these stray souls of my ancestores to the Light. Let they understand that we are able to live a benevolent life now.

7. Create a New Timeline

After the ritual, you need to change your behaviour, thoughts, and language. Once you have forgiven yourself, promise to start a new chapter in your life. You can say this prayer:

God, thank you for forgiveness and now I am starting a new life path, based on the values of light: acceptance, understanding, love, kindness, honesty, nobility, generosity, patience and assertiveness. Please, help me to stay on that path so that my thoughts, acts and deeds will show the change. Thank you.

Here is what else you can do to prove that you have changed your life path to the values of light:

  • Contribute good thoughts, words and deeds. Make a list of something you can do every day to bring a little more happiness to the planet.

  • Explore Your Intentions. Dive deep within yourself to find out why you do what you do. Is volunteering selfless, or do you just want to keep up with the Joneses?

8. Take Action in the Case of Bad Consequences of Ancestral Karma

The ritual is helpful but you must also bear with the consequences of your ancestral karma. if you have already come down with an illness, heal it. You can do it through academic medicine but also by proper diet, exercise, and alternative healing methods (e.g. phantom operations).

Learn more about alternative healing methods:

9. Meditate

Apart from prayers, you can also meditate to close and transform ancestral karma. Cleanse your life, together with the four spheres of life (i.e., relationships, work, health and fun), by Divine White Light or under the waterfall. Then ask for a new book of life, a clean chapter which you will write from now on. And ask for help with this task. More about how to meditate.

Let's Meditate Together

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

More about meditation

In a Nutshell

You can close ancestral karma by any later generation. However, apart from prayer, meditation and the ritual, you need to forgive yourself, and the tribe and start a new chapter in your life. It may be also necessary to lead the stray souls to the portal of light.

Good luck with closing ancestral karma. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach who inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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