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8 Cases When Holistic Meditation Is a Must

Many people ask me: "When can holistic meditation change my life and transform the world?" Let's examine some cases.

Meditation can be nice while looking at the trees


8 Cases When Holistic Meditation Is a Must

I have divided the reasons why holistic meditation is a must into two groups of cases: four cases that concern yourself and four concerning the world. Why?

Because if you want to help others, first you need to stand on your feet firmly and be able to carry the weight of the task. So the question is: when do you need to use holistic meditation to become strong spiritually, mentally and physically?

Helping Yourself by Practising Holistic Meditation

If you follow my blog, you know that there are many challenges you might need help with. otherwise, I would not have written articles. However, sometimes you need to use holistic meditation to solve the problem.

High vibrations are a must on the way to an efficient and happy holistic life. We are always facing energetic vampires (not only people) plus the influence of negative energy overall.

For example, now at the times of the lockdown (but it may concern any similar event in the future, too), we are soaked in the cocktail of low vibrations.

Whenever you feel drained and irritated, do not wait but lie down or sit and practise holistic meditation. To make it more efficient, join my Facebook events.

My last post has given you an idea of how to connect to the green energy of Mother Earth in order to improve your health during holistic meditation. But it is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so-called phantom operations that can be performed during holistic meditation. But for the beginner, full of faith, even a bath in a green pond or lying in a meadow will work.

meditation at the sunrise

3. Overcoming Depression And Other Mental Illnesses through Holistic Meditation

Mental health issues are very common now due to people's helplessness, and medical propaganda (many labels of so-called mental illnesses, not known 50 or 100 years ago have been created to administer more and more drugs with more and more side effects).

Moreover, individuals are overwhelmed with negative energy and often conspiracy theories (e.g., that we will be chipped, depopulated etc.)

However, in the shortest, mental health problems are not about depression or schizophrenia, these are just symptoms of a deeper problem.

What the doctors often do not want to consider is that these people rather have low vibrations, and maybe need some nutrients and the removal of energetic hook-ups than another medication.

If you face depression or bipolar disorder, or any other similar medical condition, start holistic meditation.

4. Cleansing Your Space By Holistic Meditation

Clearing the clutter and using white magic is one thing but sometimes you need something stronger and working instantly. Then try holistic mediation.

Lighten up all your challenges with the White Divine Light. You can also visualise (or say to yourself) the process of healing your space - using salt, candles, and white sage. These items can be used physically while you are meditating (although be careful with candles because you may fall asleep).

Helping Others by Practising Holistic Meditation

Once you are strong enough, start helping other beings on the planet. You might be unaware of the strength possessed and how it can be used in order to transform the world. Here are four (but not all) cases when holistic mediation will help:

5. Cleansing the Surroundings

And I do not mean your temple - house with surroundings but all the places you can have contact with. You can dissolve the negative energy of each building, street, whole town/city/village. Your intervention can even reach a country/continent.

What can you do apart from dissolving negativity?

  • bring the energy of peace - if there is the risk of war or other conflicts,

  • influence the people deciding on our lives (the authorities, judges, doctors, bankers, lawyers...) so that they will make better decisions, more favourable for you,

  • create unity on the planet.

6. Helping Mother Earth

We all know that Mother Earth has a big impact on our lives and, unfortunately, people pollute and do harm to her.

Hence, natural disasters, extinction of flora and fauna, and fewer and fewer green areas where you can charge with the 4 forces of life: fire, earth, wind, and rain. Apart from the physical cleaning of our planet (and COVID-19 has done a big job here), let's use holistic meditation to empower the effects.

What, can you meditate about helping Mother Earth?

  • stopping natural disasters - volcano eruptions, tornadoes, floods etc, at least on a local scale or at least to be safe should they happen,

  • empowering all the beings which are working for the Light and protect our planet,

  • strengthening protection against the negative beings which could come out and make a lot of damage.

7. Transforming Minds By Practising Holistic Meditation

You have probably heard about egregores, i.e. the collective mind. When more people or other beings gather together and have the same idea (regardless of a positive or negative one), their minds unite and have a huge impact on the planet and everything around them.

Thus, holistic meditation creates a positive egregor, while all the people sitting at home and dissatisfied with the current situation will produce collective negativity. Here is what is possible during practising holistic meditation:

  • cleansing the planet from the negative energy of hate, anger, malediction, fighting, war (whatever it means), panic (like now),

  • liberating bigger areas from mind control (i.e., countries, continents, all the planet),

  • dissolving the diseases caused by conspiracy theories (mental and sometimes even physical health - after suicide),

  • influencing the politicians to make peace rather than war,

  • and many more.

protect Mother Earth during meditation

8. Helping Other People

You can help the whole community but also an individual as well. It all depends on the needs, your and their faith plus the energy involved. I must point out that holistic meditation is not a magic wand to solve all the problems (read about the 4 Hindu spiritual laws in the Universe).

Sometimes God knows better if a given "wish" should manifest or not. However, you can always meditate to find the clues from your soul - for you and other people. Here are the cases when helping other people can work:

  • health,

  • emotional troubles,

  • relationships,

  • self-esteem,

  • wealth,

  • family,

  • something important for the community, e.g., funds,

  • meditating while being with someone - your presence also helps,

  • and many more.

A Word of Caution

I do not write that holistic meditation is a panacea to all your and the world's problems. Sometimes you need to face karma or just lack of faith hampers the beneficial influence of mediation.

In the case of the world, not all people are susceptible to transformations, still many are obstinate or even obdurate, denying the new reality. Do not worry, if you have helped at least some of the beings in the Universe and there is at least one miracle in your life, holistic meditation is worth the trouble.

Sometimes more than one meditation may be necessary to transform the world or even someone. You have a limited amount of energy, like a battery, accumulated in your body, mind and soul so connect with other individuals to make holistic mediation more efficient.

However, I can assure you, that holistic meditation works. Just think this way: one person meditating wherever in the world has an impact on 5 million individuals, let's say the whole Republic of Ireland.

In the case of the USA, about 40-45 people are enough. The more people will unite and meditate, the quicker the Golden Age will come, people will be happier, and the current transformation will be less painful.

In a Nutshell

Now I am sure that you will find some time to practise holistic meditation, at least once per week with me on Facebook. Remember that you can make a lot of good and transform not only yourself but also the world, helping others and growing spiritually. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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