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5 Ways to Overcome Challenges During Holistic Meditation

Some months ago, I started regular Saturday meditation, gathering people on Facebook. They asked me what to do in five challenging moments during holistic meditation. Here are the tips.

Meditation on the beach


Internal Challenges During Holistic Meditation

Before jumping to the challenges happening during holistic meditation, let's list the 12 mistakes that can happen during this process. Today I will write about the first five ones, the rest will be discussed in the next article.

12 Mistakes During Meditation

1. Analysing what has been projected,

2. Solving "problems",

3. The darkness during holistic meditation,

4. Expectations to see, hear (e.g., Jesus, UFO),

5. The program "You Cannot Control Your Mind",

6. Reckoning that it is just imagination,

7. Beating up yourself,

8. Negative beliefs about mediation (e.g., it is inefficient, evil forces practise it),

9. Judgement - good or bad meditation,

10. Thinking that God does not exist,

11. I do not understand what I am meeting,

12. Meeting other civilisations - I am a sceptic.

5 Challenges During Holistic Meditation and How to Fix Them

Now that you know what mistakes can be made during holistic mediation, check what else can impede the benefits of meditating. There are more than five cases but those described here are the most frequent and serious in consequences if not handled correctly.

1. Train of Thought

Most of us are not fully conscious, living in the present moment. People usually think of something in the background. Imagine that you are watching a sunset but at the same time plan your work.

Will you really enjoy the miracle of Mother Earth? Of course not. You will be at work, with your kids, at the bank - wherever, depending on the train of thought.

How To Fix It

In the case of watching the sunset, say

"STOP, I am watching the sunset. I am by the lake/sea not at work or with my kids. My dear mind, please, stop drifting away".

Then focus on what you can see, feel, and hear now. Involve all your senses. Read more about how to transform your mind

2. Negative Beliefs About Holistic Meditation

Some of them have already been listed above. Bear in mind that you will not transform your life or help other beings if there are some beliefs that impede your efforts. Here are some examples

  • It's impossible,

  • I cannot do it,

  • I do not believe it works,

  • I do not deserve (wealth, health, or love).

All, and more, these beliefs come from your current and past lives. They might have worked in some cases but now the time has come to say goodbye to thinking according to these beliefs.

How To Fix Negative Beliefs

Remember that the beliefs impeding your holistic meditation also exist as thoughts. And you know that you can tackle and transform your thoughts. Check this article:

How To Put Your Thoughts to the Bin - while using automatic writing.

To tackle your beliefs, which are often stronger than thoughts, you can use the tips described in some of my articles. Read about the three methods of tackling your beliefs.

As an example, let's question the beliefs listed above. Here are some examples of how to challenge limiting beliefs that impede holistic meditation:

  • It's impossible - Who has told you this? Have you tried and checked how it works? What exactly is "impossible" - closing your eyes, being relaxed, visualising the waterfall? What does it mean by "impossible?

  • I cannot do it - what cannot you do it - close your eyes, visualise, relax...? Have you ever tried? When exactly can't you meditate? Who has told you that you cannot do it - has this person tried?

  • I do not believe it works - Why do you think so? How true is it? Have you ever tried to check if it works? What's the evidence it does not work?

  • I do not deserve (health, wealth, happiness, or love) - Who has told you that? What exactly (in terms of health, and wealth) don't you deserve?

Meditation is like walking through the park

3. Difficulty Visualise During Holistic Meditation

It is not a disaster but for the beginner difficulties in using visualisation during holistic meditation may be frustrating and discouraging. He or she may stop meditating or never do it again, without experiencing the positive effects. Is there any solution to overcome the challenge?

How To Fix Difficulty With Visualisation

As I wrote in my last article, some individuals cannot visualise their journey during meditation. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. Try naming all that you are experiencing or at least some of the things.

You do not need to say it aloud, just do it in your mind. Let me write examples of what to say during some crucial elements of holistic meditation:

I am at the beautiful beach/ in a forest/on the meadow where I feel safe, relaxed and happy. I am under the waterfall. My body, heart and soul are being cleansed from all the negative energy right now.

I am lying on the grass, healing my body (or a particular organ), mind and soul.
I am... doing something - depending on what the holistic mediation is about (dissolving negative energy from my town/ workplace, bringing the energy of peace to the country x, raising the vibrations of a given place/our planet, liberating the place y from mind control... )
I am lying on the beach, charging my body, mind and soul with the Sun, water, wind and earth. - Awaken Happy Life

4. Negative Entities

Negative entities can also hamper your holistic mediation. They might manifest as black patterns during visualisation, voices you can hear and even things or beings (ghosts) which you can see. Some people may even be able to taste or smell unusual things.

Negative entities can also work through your mind. intrusive thoughts are very common then. For those who stopped some addictions, there might be thoughts about e.g. drinking or smoking. You can be followed, threatened or even suffocated by your thoughts.

Some people have pledged to serve the dark forces. Unfortunately, before they start meditating on their own, the help of a spiritual professional may be needed as the willingness to stop serving evil entities.

How To Fix the Presence of Negative Entities

As aforementioned, sometimes you may need to seek a spiritual professional who will cleanse your space and dissolve the ties connecting you with the negative entity. During collective holistic meditation, we can also help you.

However, in the case you are pledge-free, simpler methods may be enough to overcome the challenges coming from negative entities:

  • Consider yourself as a Being of Light - say with faith I AM THE LIGHT AND THERE IS NOTHING ABOVE MY LIGHT.

  • Use some tools which raise vibrations: music, sea salt bath, candles, smudging with the white sage,

  • Visualise big scissors which cut off all the ties between you and the negative entity. For more ideas check the article about removing energetic hooks.

  • Call the Beings of Light, e.g. Jesus, Mary, Buddha, and angels (Micheal in particular) - ask them for help. You can also ask God directly (with faith) GOD, PLEASE LIBERATE ME FROM THE ENTITY STANDING BY MY SIDE.


5. External Factors

The four reasons listed above concern you personally. Train of thought, negative beings, lack of visualisation or negative beliefs are present regardless of whether you are on your own or with other people.

However, there are many external factors that may impede your holistic meditation, even if you are negative thoughts- or entities-free, can visualise and believe that mediating works. I will describe to you only three, of the most common external factors but believe me, the list may be long, depending on your personal situation.


Time Pressure

We are a very busy society. Now it looks a bit different for some of us because of the coronavirus, and staying at home, without commuting to work, for example. Life has slowed down a bit.

However, not all can enjoy this benefit and priorities exist regardless of how much time you have. You can have enough time, but holistic meditation may not be your priority, something or someone is more important.

Also, in the beginning, you need to polish the habit of regular meditation because otherwise, your old routine will destroy the new habit.


The incessant noise of the city, for example, may be very annoying. But you do not need to live in London or New York. Just think of someone hoovering the room or watching TV nearby. Cutting the grass, loud conversations... What about children, playing, shouting?

Other People

Interruptions are the most common challenges during meditation. An unexpected telephone call or WhatsApp message, someone from your family knocking on the door. These happen around the time of holistic meditation.

However, beforehand, someone may discourage you from meditation, wanting something to be done around that time, often in a persuasive way. You may also face a negative attitude toward your new practice and your self-confidence may plummet. The group pressure may also work and discourage you.

How To Fix the Problems with e and Te Pressure

If you struggle with lack of time:

  • define a fixed time during the day (and a given day during a week, minimum once at the start) and stick to it. Inform all your family and friends that you will be busy then.

  • write down a declaration that you commit to practising holistic meditation (even if it will be five minutes in the beginning),

  • write it down in your diary or notebook which you check often

  • set an alarm clock so that you will always be reminded before your meditation time

In the case of noise:

  • turn off your phone and anything that can distract you acoustically,

  • close the windows and doors,

  • pick up the time when there is no noise or on a minimal level,

  • wear earplugs and listen to some background music. For those who feel really distracted, here is a piece that will help:

In the case of other people's influence:

  • be assertive and firm - communicate when you expect no disturbing and ask for respect,

  • stick to your commitment and say "no" more often, especially to those who spontaneously want something from you,

  • learn how to overcome persuasion techniques,

  • practise self-confidence - other people's rejection does not mean the end of the world, you are the wonder, the beloved child of the Universe. Always remember about it.

Let's Meditate Together

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

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In A Nutshell

Today you have learned about the five most common challenges during meditation. There are external and internal obstacles that may impede holistic meditation: train of thought, negative thoughts and beliefs, difficulty visualising, and negative entities. External factors may include interruptions, noise, lack of time and people's interference. Follow the tips to fix each obstacle during holistic meditation and enjoy the fruits of meditating. Good luck.



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach who inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


The content of Awaken Happy Life is published for educational and informative purposes only. It does not substitute medical or any other professional advice. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition. The author of Awaken Happy Life is not liable for any consequences of applying any piece of advice published on this website by the reader.


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