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12 Symptoms You Are Awakened Spiritually

Being awakened has become very popular today. Many people start looking at the world differently than some years ago. But what does it exactly mean?

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What Are the Symptoms of Being Awakened

I mean your soul's waking up here. Later it spreads to your mind when you integrate it with your soul. There are some specific symptoms you can encounter during this process. For example, you may feel guilty that their life is so by their deeds, words, and thoughts.

General Picture of Being Awakened

Individuals may feel confused, not knowing how to react and what to do to live in the values of Light. People start asking questions which may be politically incorrect, and talk about issues which are "strange, not normal".

Others might consider the awakened individuals as mentally ill, sometimes even sending them to psychiatric wards and putting them on antipsychotics.

When people's souls wake up, they still do not understand some things, asking many questions, and trying to find answers. These individuals start feeling strange, see various objects and sometimes manifest more fear.

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Energy Matters for Awakened Beings

Various kinds of energy are involved in the process of your awakening. They inflict your energetic fields from the outside and wake up the Kundalini energy in your body rapidly. You can notice clearly that something great is happening in your body.

After the first dramatic events, when you tame the feelings that have never been known before, you liberate and start a new life. These feelings and perceptions may include:

  • experiences from your past incarnations,

  • the deepest secrete of your soul is revealed,

  • you might be gifted with potential, e.g. seeing auras or clairvoyance,

  • you meet your spiritual guardians.

Then you enter the profound transformation process, lasting many years and even more than one life. You will be amazed by new events and discoveries constantly.

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When Are You Awakened?

Saint Germain has described some symptoms of your soul's awakening. Let's describe them in more detail:

1. Pains in Your Body

These symptoms are very common and happen in your back and neck. It is the result of some intense changes at your DNA level.

2. Deep Internal Sadness

It happens without a good reason. You just become sad out of the blue. This symptom indicates that you are liberating your past - from this life and the previous ones.

You can compare it to moving out, changing the place of your living. Then the pain of loss and the awareness that old energies and experiences are left behind in the old place. This state will also pass.

3. Crying

It also liberates the past from your current and past lives. In this case, you also feel pain because of a kind of loss and farewell. However, it is beneficial when you let tears flow freely. Crying makes your soul more awakened and all old energies are liberated. It is also a temporary process.

4. Sudden Change of Career Path

It is a very common symptom. When your soul awakens, things also change around you. The ideal job is not important, all can be very smooth. During the transformation time, you can often change the kind of work done before finding something which will resonate with your passion.

5. Withdrawal from Family Affairs

You relate to your old family with old karma. Ending a karmic cycle, the ties become liberated. You may become distant from your family and relatives, let it happen. At the right time, you will develop a new, healthier relationship with them., based on New Energy, without karma.

6. Unusual Sleep Patterns

It is very probable that you will wake up many times during the night, especially between 2 and 4 a.m. When your soul is awakening, many energetic changes happen and you stop sleeping to rest for a while. Never worry about it. If you are not able to sleep, get up and do something.

7. Intense Dreams

These can be dreams about wars and combats, where someone is chasing you or about monsters. In this way, you literally liberate old negative energies from the past accumulated in your aura.

spiritually awakened like flowers

8. Physical Disorientation

You may feel poor grounding, feeling dizzy, as if you cannot put your foot on the ground, walking between two worlds. When your soul awakes, your body might not follow it. Spend more time around the four forces of nature, charging with the energy of Mother Earth.

9. More Intense Self-Talk

You discover more frequently talking to yourself than before. A new level of communication emerges in your life, and you just experience the tip of an iceberg of what is happening, through self-talk. These conversations will occur more often, and they will be clearer, more coherent and give the right observations. You will not lose your mind, just your soul is awakening.

10. Loneliness

You may feel lonely even around other people. On the other hand, you may want to avoid groups and mobs because of independence. It may cause uneasiness, but at a time of change entering into interpersonal relationships is very hard.

You may also feel that your spiritual guardians have left you behind or become withdrawn, leaving you a space to be filled with Divinity. It is also temporary as the emptiness felt inside will be filled with love and the energy of your own awareness.

11. Lack of Passion

You may feel a lack of passion, with little or no willingness to do anything. It is okay because it is part of the process. Take advantage of the not-doing time. Never fight with yourself. It is just a computer reset. You need to turn it off for a while to load new, better software or the new Energy of Divine Grain here.

12. Deep Longing for Coming Back Home

This symptom is the most difficult and carries the biggest challenges. You might feel the urge of leaving this planet and coming back to your real home. These are not suicidal thoughts. They also do not come from frustration or anger. You will also not do a big drama with your family and friends.

It is just a part of yourself which wants to come back home. And the main reason is clear: you have finished the karma cycles, and have filled the soul contract. You might recall how it is on the other side.

However, are you ready to take part in the next period of the mission on Earth? Are you ready to take on the challenges of transformation to new Energy? Of course, you could come home now.

But you have achieved so far after so many, many lives that it would be a pity to know how your film will end. The Spirit needs you here, now so that you can help other beings.

People need guides, your experiences and advice, the new Divine Men. And even if your life path may be lonely and dark, remember you are not alone.

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

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In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt what happens when your soul is awakened. These symptoms are temporary but may cause discomfort. Some of them include sadness, the urge to come home, more frequent self-talk, loneliness, intense dreams, sleep disturbances, dizziness, and physical pains. Good luck on the way with your transformation.



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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