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9 Ways to Let Go of Your Past

We always carry a heavy load of the past in life. Learn how to let go of all the baggage and start a new, happy life.

after the sunset the day is the past

How To Let Go of Your Past

Now the time has come to give you some useful tips on how to let go of the past. I have chosen eight tools, yet when you dig deeper, there are probably a hundred or more of them. Let's try these described below:

1. Distance Yourself for a While

Take several steps back so that you will gain clarity on a situation. The best way to do this is to simply take a break and explore something else for a while.

What can it be? Go on holiday, to the forest, by the beach and focus only on nature, without thinking of what some time was ago or what has changed in your life recently. Then you can return to where you started and see things with a new set of eyes.

2. Accept the Truth And be Grateful

Letting go means being grateful for the experiences that made you laugh, made you cry, and helped you learn and grow. It is just the acceptance of everything you have, everything you had in the past, and the possibilities that lie ahead.

I have a gratitude journal where every day I write half of the A4 page. Just take your diary and list 5 things or people you are grateful for something daily. The benefit of being grateful for your past is that you will gain strength to:

learn as you go,

trust your intuition,

embrace life’s changes,

realize that every experience has value, and

continue taking positive steps forward.

Further reading about gratitude:

3. Fully Own And Control Your Life

No one else is responsible for you, for your happiness, relationships or financial status. I will soon write an article about taking responsibility for life. The truth is that you are in full control of your life so long as you claim it and own it.

Therefore, never blame your parents, your teachers, your mentors, the education system, the government, etc., but also never blame yourself. But always remember that if you want to make the change, if you want to move on with your life, you are the only person who can make it happen.

4. Focus Only On What Can Be Changed

... and leave the rest to the Universe. Realize that not everything in life is meant to be modified or perfectly understood. Never waste energy worrying about the things you cannot change because the truth is that


Focus exclusively on what you want to change. If you cannot change something you dislike, change the way you think about it. In this way, the Universe will attract the things and people you want.

let go of the past

5. Change the People Around You

You have rather poor chances of changing the people if they do not want it in case, you do not like their behaviour.

However, you can always choose who you spend your time with and which relationships to end or cut off. In a positive way, some people come into your life just to strengthen you.

Thus, you can move on without them as they are supposed to be part of your memory, not your destiny.

If you have too few supportive people, look around and use the Law of Attraction to create them in your life.

6. Focus Inwards Instead of the Past

It is important to make a difference in the world. However, to make it efficient, you need to look at yourself first. What is your life mission?

What do you want to give others? Don't think only about money and work, about the issues presented on TV. Look inside, what does your soul want?

Now stop and look inside yourself instead. Review who you already are, the lifestyle you are currently living, and what makes you feel alive. Only in this way, your help others will be efficient.

Remember to nurture the things which make you alive and make positive adjustments until your current life can no longer contain them. Grow and move beyond your current circumstances to give even more to the Universe.

7. Focus on Now, Not the Past

It is possible to decide right now that negative experiences from your past will not predict your future. Remember that according to universal laws, you can create everything, if not yourself, with the help of other beings, not only people.

Think for a while and define the next positive step, even though it is small or difficult. Next, take this step.

Move forward, the Universe will be with you. Take that leap without hesitation, without looking back. You will not change the past, it's done and closed now. Only the future that you are creating right now matters.

One known self-help guru said that there was a blessing in disguise. Hence, when life sets you up with a challenge, there is always a reason for it.

Usually in this way the obstacle is meant to test your courage and willingness to make a change and take a chance on something new.

Stop denying that things are different now or being fearful of the next step. You will not change the facts.

Remember that life only moves in one direction – forward. This setback is your chance to let go of the old and make way for the new. You do not need the past to make your life better and yourself happier.

use meditation to let go of the past

9. Use Meditation

Why not let go of the past during meditation? You can cleanse your aura and body with Divine light under the waterfall. Give all the baggage to God. Join all the people who meditate every Saturday.

Let's meditate together

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

More about meditation

In A Nutshell

Today I have described the eight ways how to close the past. They include acceptance and gratefulness, living in the present, focusing inwards, finding new, supportive people, and devoting your energy to the things you want. Good luck with making your life happier and more fulfilled. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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