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The Healing Power of Rainbow Colours - Holistic Approach

Colours can be used for many purposes: decoration or dressing. However, can they heal and how? Discover it now.

Colours can heal

Why Can Colours Heal?

Every disease in the body gives off a vibration having a given colour. But by using a different, healing colour, you can cure disease because the vibration of this colour dominates your body.

There are many benefits of working with colours. I will mention only some of these benefits:

· Experience more peace or relaxation

· Feel more love or open your heart more

· Have more energy

· Increase your confidence

· Improve your sleep

· Attract wealth and prosperity

The Colours of the Rainbow

Today I will present to you how the seven colours can help improve your physical, mental, and spiritual life. You may ask “Why only seven colours?” That is the beginning. I will write about more colours in my next article. Today just start.

Working with even one colour can be engaging enough to apply the knowledge. Moreover, the Rainbow Colours can help you heal your chakras at the same time, so you kill two birds with one stone.

There are many other articles which can describe the meaning of each colour. I would rather focus on its healing properties, on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels. You also need to know what happens when there is too much of a given colour. So, let’s start.


Physical health: Firstly, red treats blood disorders, anaemia, bronchitis, and colds, and improves circulation. Secondly, it helps to lose weight and rejuvenate.

Thirdly, you can improve your sight, hearing, smell, or taste. Red also relaxes tense muscles and clears mucus and congestion from the body. However, avoid red in the case of stress, heart conditions or hypertension.

Spiritual health: excellent for grounding and connection with Mother Earth. Red is also important for healing your Root Chakra. But this colour of the rainbow is not recommended in the case of emotional disturbance or anxiety.

In turn, too much red causes frustration, violence, anxiety, and irritation. Use red rays with the shade of orange or blue.


Mental health: it heals unhealthy emotions. loneliness and depression, together with mental exhaustion. Orange also improves immunity and treats inflammation, asthma, bronchitis, and rheumatism.

This colour also strengthens the pancreas and spleen, heals kidneys, and decreases tumours. Also, orange is used to balance your fertility and hormones.

Ideal for working with the Sacral Chakra, orange brings wisdom and intuition. It empowers with the Water Element. However, too much orange can induce mental health problems, like anxiety, and worry, and keep you stuck in the past.


This colour is useful for the treatment of mental health problems, helping let go of negative patterns from the past, and improving self-esteem. Yellow also helps resolve deep-seated issues, dissolves pessimism and reduces stress.

In the case of physical health: yellow helps to repair damaged cells, purifies blood, stimulates the lymphatic system, and clears congestion.

This colour soothes inflammation and assists with weight loss and cellulite removal. It also treats diabetes, menopausal flushes, and menstrual pain.

Helpful with treating paralysis, indigestion, and problems, yellow can also help with the ears, liver, skin, kidneys, gallbladder, and spleen. If you have worms and parasites, use more yellow. Moreover, it boosts memory.

Spiritual health: You become more self-confident and clearer about your spiritual pathway. Also, yellow is a great source of Fire Element. But too much yellow induces overstimulation, depression and exhaustion.

Green heals and relaxes


Green is also very helpful for treating mental health problems. Firstly, it heals depression, and emotions like fear, frustration, and anger. Use this colour in the case of unhealthy dwelling on the past, lack of forgiveness and letting go of negative beliefs.

Secondly, green is also a great tool for healing a broken heart or turbulent relationship. This colour also helps to relax. However, too much green causes envy and jealousy.

Green has a tremendously high healing power, thus it is used in phantom operations and meditation. It rejuvenates. Moreover, green will also enhance your meditation practice and you will become more relaxed by using green. Green empowers with the Air Element.


In the case of improving your mental health, blue induces serenity, tranquillity, and peace. You can also develop acceptance, patience, faith, and forgiveness. It also calms nerves.

Spiritual health: blue enables deep purifying of your physical body on the astral level, plus astral protection.

Use blue in the case of epilepsy, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhoea, sunstroke, or laryngitis. This colour can treat high blood pressure, tooth issues, varicose veins, painful periods, and heart palpitations. In the case of skin problems, burns, or severe bleeding pick some blue.

Build vitality while using this colour and increase metabolism. But too much blue makes you cold, do not use it in the case of chest infections, asthma, or paralysis. Also, losing weight will be more difficult then, even if blue increases metabolism.


It is a perfect colour to treat any illness affecting the ears, eyes, head, and nose. Indigo purifies the blood and reduces excessive bleeding, acting as a painkiller.

You can also heal back pain, bone problems, sciatica, migraines, overactive thyroid, and inflammation. However, too much indigo may you feel ungrounded, overwhelmed, and overstimulated, the feeling of disappointment and failure.

On the other hand, indigo stimulates your intuition, activates your wisdom, encourages spiritual expansion, and stimulates the Third Eye Chakra.


This colour is an excellent tool for healing mental disorders, e.g., schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Violet calms anger and rage. But too much violet induces irresponsibility, unreliability, and arrogance.

Moreover, violet regenerates the nervous system and treats epilepsy and neuralgia. Use violet to treat kidney problems, tumours, and rheumatism. This colour reprograms DNA.

The colour of the Crown Chakra releases karma, and you liberate yourself from the issues affecting you in the past. An ideal colour for those who are open spiritually.

Learn at which stage of spiritual growth you are – the article continues below:


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Other Colours

The topic of healing by colours is very broad so I have decided to publish three articles. Also, working with colours can be very complex and having too many of them will make this work much more difficult.

Hence, start from the basic seven colours, corresponding to each chakra and then we will move to more examples. I will write in more detail about how to work with colours next week.

But for a start, notice first which of the colours you use the most often and which are deficient. Then analyse your health problems and spiritual challenges. Net, check this article for advice and start using the colour which solves your problems.

So, for example in the case of cardiovascular problems, avoid red and add more blue. In turn, if you have just broken up, start wearing green clothes or use a green duvet cover.

These are only examples, and you will find more useful information in my next posts.

In a Nutshell

Healing by colours is not a new thing. I have presented you with a holistic view of this issue, giving tips on using the seven basic rainbow colours. The rest of them will be discussed in the next article. But you can start using the healing power of colours right now. Good luck with creating a love full of happiness, abundance, health and love. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach who inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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