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How To Work with Energy Efficiently Using Your Body

Have you ever wondered what power your body has? We are beautiful wonders, but often unaware of our strengths. Discover this truth and make the most of it today.

energy is present in every plant on the land and in the water

The Power Of Your Body

I do not mean physical strength only, although it is important, e.g. in self-defence or sometimes in life while lifting and carrying something heavy. I will be mainly talking about the strength of your palms and feet, plus you will also learn some facts about psychic gifts.

The Power of Your Palms

Your palms, together with all hands, are energy transmitters. They work similarly to a magnet. There are important chakras in the middle of each of your palms. You, together with other individuals, can heal other beings (not only people), send and be charged with the energy of the Universe.

These are a couple of talents you can have. There are also supernatural skills, active in some individuals. They can be awakened and developed by meditations, special exercises, and practical use of them.

All these skills are written in your DNA and your soul. Each soul has got a given percentage of masculine and feminine energy, regardless of their actual sex in this life. We can use this energy for our own and other beings' good.

The Power In Your Palms

There are specific kinds of energy in your palms, important parts of your body, depending on which hand is your dominant one.

Dominant Right Hand

Your right hand is positively charged and sends energy. You emit the "I make things happen" energy. Your left hand is negatively charged and receives energy. It emits the " I allow things to happen.

Dominant Left Hand

In this case, it works in the opposite way. Your left hand is positively charged and sends energy. You emit the "I make things happen" energy. Your right hand is negatively charged and receives energy. It emits the " I allow things to happen.

The Power of Your Feet

There are two important chakras, connecting us with Mother Earth in the middle of your feet. Therefore, walk barefoot whenever it is possible, meditate, activate, and tune these chakras.

Then your energy, your "chi" will be stronger and more effective.

You will also enjoy longevity which depends directly on your synchronisation with Mother Earth and the positive energy of other people.

As in the case of palms, the right-foot and left-foot toes do represent different aspects of one’s story. Hence the right foot will store the past and how one perceives the world.

On the contrary, the left foot stores more of the internal or self-representation because it contains the vital energy for moral and spiritual growth and understanding.

However, in some minor cases, the functions of feet are opposite - the left one stores the past and the right one the internal self-representation.

A Word of Caution

No potential or spiritual gifts, healing will take place if you do not care about your body. I mean proper nutrition, sleep, and sunshine exposure. Also, do not forget about positive thinking. and cleansing your aura.

Further reading about physical health:

Psychic Skills of Our Body

Apart from conventional skills, our body offers us some more subtle ones, coming from our soul. They are usually questioned by traditional science and religions, but it does not mean that these skills do not exist.

Let's meet some of them, giving you strength not only in the spiritual world.

Astral Projection

You have probably heard about mental projection which is a supposed or experienced form of consciousness/spirit/intelligence projection from the emotional/astral plane to the mental plane.

In the shortest, the mental plane is the world of thought while the astral plane concerns the world of the celestial spheres, crossed by the soul in its astral body on the way to being born and after death. It is generally believed to be populated by angels, spirits or other immaterial beings.

Astral projection is the ability to free the projection of your astral body which can detach from your physical body at times, especially during meditation and after death.

Aura Reading

You may be able to perceive, feel and recognise auras of people, animals and even things, I will write more articles about aura shortly. In the shortest, to read your aura you need to notice the energy from the periphery, start to practise it on yourself and notice the colour.


It is the ability to send and receive thoughts in a supernatural way. learn how to send love by telepathy.

Healing By Energy

Energy healing becomes more and more popular in recent times. It is a traditional healing system that restores the balance and flow of energy throughout the body, mind, and soul.

This technique works directly with the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of well-being. Energy healing is used to treat various medical conditions, especially ailments related to mental health.

There are at least five ways of energy healing:

  • Reiki healing - In this therapy 'ki' or the energy is used to help others. The practitioners use lots of hand movement techniques and specific symbols to channel the energy of the universe to heal the body. This technique can help to cure ailments like colds, flu, head, and stomach aches. It is also quite effective in serious illnesses such as heart disease,

  • Pranic healing - is about using the body’s life force to heal the body's energy. You work with the energy of the body or aura of a person, where this energy is used to clean the toxic from the body and aura, accelerating the healing physical process.

  • Crystal healing, Stones and crystals are used in this healing process to draw out impurities from the body.

  • Quantum healing - is based on the principle of resonance and entertainment. In this technique, the energy level in the body is escalated through breathing and visualization of energy flow. Quantum Healing, apart from the spiritual thing, also directs positive effects on the immune system.,

  • Qigong - Practitioners use it to regain the lost balance of the body. The therapy has its root in Chinese medicine and its masters say that it is great for balancing the positive energy of the body, which is required to stay healthy.


There are a couple of clair-skills that our body can perform. They all concern the ability to predict the future.

  • Clairaudience - the ability to seek and grasp information by paranormal auditory means,

  • Clairolfactance - the ability to access spiritual and mediumistic knowledge by smelling,

  • Clairgustance - the ability to taste without physical contact,

  • Claircognizance - the ability to elicit psychic knowledge through internal skills

  • Clairvoyance - this is the most known, but I left it to the end. It is the ability to perceive people, objects, localisations, or physical events by extrasensory perception.


As in the case of the clair-skills, we can also distinguish a couple of psycho-skills:

  • Psychokinesis or telekinesis - the ability to manipulate objects by your mind.

  • Psychoscopy - the ability to obtain information about yourself or an object by touch.

Other Parapsychic Skills

Let me list you the last of some parapsychic skills

  • Remote viewing- the ability to see a remote or invisible aim by extrasensory perception,

  • Retrocognition or post cognition - the ability to preternatural perceive past or future events,

  • Channelling - the ability to talk to ghosts,

  • Dowsing - using the pendulum to identify water veins,


Use meditation to connect with the Source, angels, and other positive beings. Ask God to help you with developing your spiritual gifs so that you will be able to heal or forebode the future.

Let's meditate together

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

More about meditation

In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt about the extraordinary power of your body. You can use your palms and feet to heal, transmute energy and remove negative influences from your aura. We also have many parapsychic skills, e.g., aura reading, clairvoyance, or channelling. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


The content of Awaken Happy Life is published for educational and informative purposes only. It does not substitute medical or any other professional advice. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition. The author of Awaken Happy Life is not liable for any consequences of applying any piece of advice published on this website by the reader.


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