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Beware of Auric Flu: Use These 6 Tools to Cure

A friend of mine came to me yesterday crying. During the conversation, I diagnosed auric flu. Learn how to protect and overcome this illness.

Auric flu is less probable outside buildings


Flu... I will not be writing about covid-19. You will not find information about which vaccine is the best.

However, there is one kind of flu that was, is and will always be present. I am writing about the flu of subtle bodies, the auric one.

So you will learn about the flu concerning the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as a whole as they are co-dependent.

How We Become Infected With Auric Flu?

As you probably know, viruses can go to your body by orifices, like your mouth, skin or with food and drink. This is the physical level.

However, often before you do develop the flu on the physical level, something else happens: your other subtle bodies had been infected a long time before the volcano of standard flu was triggered to erupt.

How Auric Flu Infects Your Mental Body

It is simple. You think a negative thought. Think of all your minority complexes, stings and insults. Sometimes one thought of this kind can induce mental flu. And now think how many times you can ruminate this only thought.

My friend had just one last Tuesday: she was ugly because of her age and weight. This thought was sent by a negative being directly on the street when she heard 'She is ugly, fat with wrinkles' behind her back, passing two men. At that moment she did not bother with the thought.

However, the next day she suddenly started thinking 'I'm ugly.' This thought was like a mantra and later she started to feel bad. Her emotional body became infected as well.

In the meantime, while ruminating on the thought about ugliness, she started thinking angry thoughts about men and the dual morality and standards (e.g. a woman with grey hair is old while a man is wise).

Learn how to work with your mind - the article will continue below

When Your Emotional Body Catches Flu...

This subtle body becomes infected with the flu when your mind starts producing negative and harmful chemicals because of negative thoughts.

Hormones like adrenaline are released into the bloodstream generating stress: the fight-or-flight scenario.

My friend was more likely to fight, feeling insulted, angry, and frustrated. In the meantime, the infected mental body was still generating negative thoughts.

Eventually, she broke down, crying, feeling helpless and down in the dumps. Then she picked up the phone and called me, asking for help.

She was still crying and weeping, saying that the world is not fair and that it is a hex to be a woman. Really big frustrating.

How The Spiritual Body Is Infected With The Flu

Having so deep frustrative thoughts and later saying them loud, another body became infected - her heart chakra. She reckoned that men could not love and there was always a deal between the sexes, no honest empathy and cooperation.

Furthermore, she started to complain about how unfair life her soul had chosen, that even if it was an act of courage to come to Earth, too much pain and struggle had to be aced. She said she was tired of that life and obviously, she was full of anger at God and her soul. Here we reach the spiritual level of our flu.

She could talk and talk being more and more fired and wired by her thoughts, words, and emotions. Eventually, she said, 'I do not care and ordered a big pizza. She started a new train of thought, in which she did not care much about her health anymore... It was just a step before catching the real flu or any illness.

How Can You Cure Holistic Flu?

Then I said 'Enough! You're not going to act like that! Let's do something about your flu.'

1. Release Your Emotions

Although everything started with a mental attack, the emotional body can be the most destructive when infected with energetic flu. Hence, this subtle body needs to be pacified, like a crying baby.

I was compassionate and agree with my friend that she had a problem. later, I asked her to do emotional catharsis.

Here are some methods you can use:

  • Shouting and crying. In the pillow, in the forest.

  • Singing - karaoke or the lyrics created by you. You can also do opera singing.

  • Create a drama - act a character. Firstly, the victim and later the hero, someone who can overcome the flu.

  • Practise breath of fire ( i.e. a yoga technique or building up to rapid, forceful breaths in order to cleanse and calm).

2. Heal Your Mental Body by Writing

Writing is the best method for curing your mental body. You can also use your hands for emotional healing - scribbling, painting, creating caricatures of the people who have hurt you and then tearing them down, burning or shredding them.

As you notice that a given thought starts to infect your emotional subtle body, start writing immediately. this will prevent you from serious flu which my friend has caught.

Your writing will evolve. Your first pages may be angry, and full of the worst negativity. and I advise you to write it on loose pages which you can burn easily. Too much negativity is accumulated there to keep it for longer, Later, when you calm down a bit, take a notebook and write your reflections. adding a question:

How can I overcome it?

Read my article about automatic writing - the article continues below

My friend called me an hour later and her voice was calmer. It took her about an hour to vent all the negativity caused by emotional flu. I was happy to see her in a much better mood.

Apart from affirmations, you can write down all your negative thoughts, cross them out and burn the piece of paper on which you have done your writing. It has to be burnt but shredding can also be enough, provided that you will dump the shredded paper as soon as possible.

Check how to work with negative thoughts - the article continues below:

3. Cleanse Your Aura

it is not enough just to revert to your normal state of being a wonder. When you have the physical flu, after recovery you change the linen, and clean the flat thoroughly to eliminate the remaining germs. The same applies to your aura. Here are some ways you can apply to cleanse your aura

  • smudging with white sage - yourself and your space

  • rituals by lit candles

  • sea salt bath

  • prayers

  • meditation (see more below)

4. Practise Meditation and Reconnect With God

There are many meditations that you can find on the Internet. I suggest connecting to the Source/God, cleansing your aura under the waterfall, and then doing the same to your mind, removing all the programs - viruses that have caused mental flu.

The next step is to fill it in with the values of light - patience, acceptance, understanding, and generosity.

Then you can dump your negative emotions into the Divine bin and burn them with the Purple Light. The last stage is to enjoy happiness in the Garden of God.

5. Work with Your Physical Subtle Body

As your subtle bodies are connected and co-dependent, healing one will help to recover on the other level. I have already mentioned some ways of curing the emotional flu by catharsis. apart from progressive muscle relaxation, yoga and singing, you can do the following:

Doing Exercises

Any kind of workout is beneficial. You can start with 15 minutes of cardio, playing special music, used at the gym. This will also help you to remove negative emotions, especially if you use your arms and legs.

Do them at home but you can also try going to the gym, swimming, or exercising with a friend. Here are some examples of exercises you may use


Play your favourite music and dance. Imagine that you are at a disco or a rock concert. How would you feel then? Sing karaoke, jump, and clap your hands. Invent your own, unique way of expressing your emotions and venting negativity from your mind.

Then you can record yourself on the video and use the recording the next time (hopefully not) if the auric flu attacks.


It is a mixture of meditation, mindfulness and exercises, you focus on your body, releasing negativity at the present moment instead of ruminating and worrying.

6. Use Protection

I am not writing about a vaccine here, although slight exposure to negativity if you have a strong aura, can be considered a vaccine as such.

However, for most people with weak auras, even this can be dangerous. protection is one of the ways which you can use. I mean putting a shield on your aura whenever you have contact with negative energies.

How to do it:

Visualise a box or a capsule made from mirrors, with a small hole for Divine Light and the energy of Mother Earth.

In this way, your aura will be separated from the negative energy of any beings, places which can infect your subtle bodies with the flu. Their energy will be reflected and come back to the sender, multiplied.

Whenever you feel that someone scoffs, and makes fun of you, whenever you start feeling uncomfortable in each place, remind yourself that there is a shield and you are safe, detached from negativity.

Instead of mirrors, you can also put on some layers of uniform. The first is green and protects your aura from any tears, plus it heals the current ones.

Then put a white layer, protecting you from physical violence. The next layer is blue, which guards your astral body, and the last, but not least, protects you from emotional attacks. You can also put on another layer - a pink mirror, reflecting all malignance.

In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt the idea of auric flu and met 6 ways of healing it. Firstly, vent your negative emotions in a constructive way, then calm down your mind by writing. Thirdly, cleanse your aura and practise meditation. also, move your body by doing exercises. And finally - protect from the next infection. Good luck. With lots of love and light,


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