How to Fix 5 Worst Energy Leaks In Life

Everything is energy according to quantum physic and spiritual teachers. However, we usually waste energy which impedes a happy holistic life. When does it happen and how to solve the problem?


What Is Energy

Let's learn what exactly quantum energy is. According to ThoughtCo. you can find two definitions of energy on this website:

  • In chemistry and physics, quantum refers to a single packet of matter or energy.
  • In practical use, it refers to the minimum amount of energy required for a change or the minimum value of any physical property in an interaction.

Take note that quantum is the singular form of the word. Quanta is the plural form of the term. The word quantum comes from the Latin word quantum, which means "how great." In the future, I will publish a post about the quantum mind.

Apart from the theory of quantum physic, you can notice that energy is used during the day. We are like batteries that need to be charged. Think of your mental capacity or physical fitness during doing exercises. How long can you do the same movement or keep the same body position? What about learning a foreign language or being focused during a lecture?

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Energy Investment And Leaks

It works similar to money although not being a currency, at least yet. You can accumulate energy to use it for the creation and all that serves you or follow the wasters which use it in a worthless way. We also create debts, like the sleep one when you stay asleep for too few hours or even have none of it.

You can invest your energy on four levels

  • Physical - exercising, sleeping, dancing, physical work,
  • Mental - learning, studying, thinking, analysing, solving problems
  • Emotional - interpersonal relations, solving problems on an emotional level, empathy,
  • Etheric - telepathy, meditation, hypnosis.

According to Vendian books, "the lioness' milk is so powerful that only pure gold can store it. However, if the container is dirty, milk will leak." In terms of yoga which have got two dimensions - the energetic and spiritual one - too many energetic holes will undo the effort made during exercises.

After starting spiritual practices, you might think that your holistic life will change immediately and permanently. For example, you attended a spiritual seminar, yoga classes or a workshop with meditation. Brilliant people, inspiring and marvellous time, promising future.

However, the truth is that after some time, when the euphory and good mood vanish, you come back to your typical level of mood and attitude. It happens because your energy has leaked. You have not stored your energy properly and have not secured the holes, e.g. in your aura.

Understand how energy leaks work - when it happens the most often, what triggers the leakage and how we store this precious fuel. Here are the most common energetic leaks:

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1. Fatigue Due To Overworking

John Medina has shown that multitasking decreases the productivity of each of them. If your life is overloaded with duties and chores, there is no time for relaxation and fun. You actually cannot recharge your batteries which is necessary for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Then other leakages appear more easily. Even if your ego will tell you that you cannot do less - believe me, you can.

How To Fix It

According to yogic tradition, we need a minimum of one hour of free time, once per week and one weekend per month to recharge. It means six whole days per month. Free time also means not thinking about work, checking emails, answering phones or working on your to-do list. it is the time without rush, chores, planning. Instead, you pamper yourself, play, enjoy walking, charging with Mother Earth and positive self-talk.

Include each day and hour of recharge down to your calendar, hang the notes on the wall in the visible place. If it is challenging to find spare time for energy recharging, look at your or your friends' children. A child will not make an appointment with you, he/she is not able to listen to you and play at the same time, they focus on one task at a time. We, adults, need children's curiosity, creativity and openness to feel alive and multiply our energy.

2. Diseases And Addictions

Being notoriously overworked puts you at risk of catching an illness as your immune system becomes deficient. The body is calling for rest and having a break. Each disease sends you the message: SLOW DOWN, GET MORE REST. Even chronic illnesses worsen during the time of stress and being overloaded with work.

Your physical, mental and emotional body are weak so that energy leaks easily. Firstly, it is harder to work when you are tired and ill, secondly, you invest all your energy in thinking about the illness.


I do not only mean drinking, smoking or using drugs here. Too much coffee or other stimulants can do the same damage. Firstly, your body needs more energy to dissolve the active agents, often poisonous or irritating to our body. Secondly, you are more susceptible to energetic vampires and negative attacks of entities.

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How To Fix It

This time I will not give you one magic pill because the problem of addictions and illnesses can be complex. However, you can do a couple of things here:

  • limit stimulants,
  • stop addictions,
  • take care of your aura,
  • supplement your body with vitamins and supplements,
  • eat healthy food,
  • focus on being healthy, not ill,
  • strengthen your immune system,
  • charge with the energy of Mother Earth,
  • overcome negative thoughts about your illness (e.g. worry, fear).

3. Emotional Response To Stress

Losing control with emotional self, yourself and the now, you ruminate over each problem, disappointment and failure. Instead of noticing some positive aspects of your challenges or learning the lesson, you can see only minuses, which are exaggerated. You involve emotionally in your thoughts and thought-forms created by your ego.

Moreover, you react as a hurt inner child, using the mechanisms worked out in the past and failed expectations. Unconscious emotional power induces energy ejection. often directed to someone else. During the tantrum, you shout something hurtful in anger and break the glass, or slam the door. These are only a couple of examples of uncontrolled emotional reactions.

How To Fix It

However, there is another way of handling negative emotions. Calm down, find a place when no one disturbs you and then you observe your emotions, without discussing or judging them. Then you connect with the infinite field of eternal now. Emotions have the opportunity to be expressed without hurting other beings and your wounds healed my mindfulness. Your inner energy is not only kept but multiplied by the growth of your awareness.

You can also use your voice, hands, teeth and legs to channel, g.e., anger. I do not mean shouting at someone or beating him/her. Find a space where you can shout, practise boxing, bite a steak or play football. Throw pillows on the bed or just do some vigorous exercise, involving legs and arms.

4. Lack of Boundaries And Unclear Relationships

It is very important to be able to set boundaries in your relationships. You need to talk openly about your feelings and needs. Otherwise, they will induce energetic leaks.

Sometimes the life paths of two people diverge, their feelings are not compatible anymore and the best way is to end the relationship. However, these people are still stuck in their relationship because of their comfort zone and habits. It also creates an energetic leak and to stop it, the relationship has to end so that it is not fed by your precious fuel.

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How To Fix It

What is the base of creating a healthy relationship? Discuss clear boundaries, define your needs clearly. Always communicate your feelings openly, naming the facts by their real name, even if it causes some discomfort.

5. Lack Of Flexibility Judging And Gossiping

Being too attached to your views, you cannot accept that other people have different opinions about the same situation. You are stubborn or even obdurate, trying to convince these individuals to your only righteous point of view. It is a huge energy leak, wasted for fixing something that cannot be fixed.

You need to understand that the world is much more complex than you think, that the shoes worn by someone else do not fit your legs. The reality may be different, depending on a given individual. Just think that everyone is unique so there is no point judging.

How To Fix It

On the contrary, when you stop sticking to your views, empathy, understanding and openness emerges and you stop wasting your energy


Gossiping also creates energetic leaks. It is very common and accepted by society as an innocent part of socialising. Unfortunately, talking about others, often behind their back, is a waste of energy.

Notice that yoga teachers talk little and slowly. They cumulate their energy within and are picking up their words carefully. Words have big power, create our reality and karma. By saying negative things about people you attract negativity and unfriendly people, who also cost you energy.

Practise Meditation

Meditating tightens your aura and cures energy leaks. After cleansing your subtle bodies under the waterfall all etheric cords are cut and gently removed from your aura. You can also dissolve any kind of negative energy during meditation. Close your eyes, travel to your peaceful place in the Universe and start your work. Also, when at the end of meditation you recharge your batteries on the beach, your energy level will be unstoppable.

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  • Other Energy Leaks

    By practising mindfulness and observing your energy leaks you can take action to stop them. Apart from the five main reasons for leaks, there are some, more subtle, ways:

    • too long surfing the Internet, especially social media (where the risk of losing boundaries, gossiping and judging is also high). You can also find negative information there, e.g. daunting conspiracy theories.
    • overeating,
    • wrong sexual energy management - by playing the field, cheating on your partner, pornography,
    • lack of self-confidence and faith in your personal strength - by practising astrology, seeking fairies' advice,
    • TV time wasters, the books that do not bring anything positive to your life,
    • bad diet, with lots of junk food,
    • negative thoughts.

    In A Nutshell

    Today you have learnt the five major and some additional reasons for energy leaks. Each of them drains your vibrations and decreases your productivity, making you more vulnerable to hooks up, energetic vampires and other negative forces.

    The main energy leaks include illness, overworking, addictions, gossiping, judging, having no boundaries in a relationship, emotional response to stress. You can also waste your energy by unhealthy diet,  watching junk programs on TV and reading books containing lots of negativity (e.g. horrors, criminals). Discover the leaks and do your best to minimise them. Good luck. With love,