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Hearing Voices in Your Head: Is It a Taboo and Disaster?

Hearing voices in your head: is it a mental illness or something else? Discover the brutal truth today.

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Attention: This article may be controversial and difficult to accept by academic medicine. Do not read further if you consider voices in someone's head as a mental illness.

I will be writing about hearing voices from a spiritual point of view. It is still taboo, though. Many people are silent and do not tell the truth about this problem to the doctor - the GP and later the psychiatrist until the voices control their lives.

Voices in the Head According to Psychiatry

Modern psychiatry regards talking about extraterrestrial begins and any voices in your head as an illness.

Usually, the most iconic question that characterizes the psychiatric examination is the question “Do you hear voices?” By asking their patients this question at almost every intake, the psychiatrist intends to ensure that their patients are not suffering from auditory hallucinations.

Psychiatrists understand that not considering voices in the patient's head leads to inaccurate diagnosis and treatment. However, it is equally critical that psychiatrists should consider not fully hearing the real voices of their patients as the cause of inaccurate diagnosis, treatment, and management.

Auditory verbal hallucinations (AVHs) i.e., hearing voices in the absence of a speaker) are a common symptom of psychosis that affect approximately 75 % of people with schizophrenia. They are also seen in a range of other psychiatric disorders. such as bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and anorexia disorder) and are experienced by a minority of the non-clinical population. - Bauer, Johns, Nayani and David

In the shortest, from a medical perspective, hearing voices is perceived as a symptom of mental illness and their content is largely irrelevant. The effectiveness of antipsychotic medication has made it central to the treatment of psychosis. However pharmacological treatment alone is rarely sufficient for this disabling condition.

Psychology and Hearing Voices

Psychotherapy does not give you a real opportunity to talk about everything, either. Some of your beliefs and thoughts can and often are, considered imaginary and if you insist that they are true, the counsellor or psychologist can send you to a psychiatrist, at least in the Republic of Ireland.

Just try talking about voices freely during your next session and check what will happen. Your beliefs will be named strange in the most optimistic scenario. More often, you will end up with a label of schizophrenic and have to take medications, even in the form of compulsory injections.

Why Can You Hear Voices?

Now let's look at hearing voices holistically and examine their origin. Some reasons can only be understood by a spiritually conscious person. I also need to point out that your voices may mean more than one dimension (e.g., spiritual, mental, physical and emotional).

1. Physical Reasons

Brain damage or toxic chemicals causing hallucinations can lead to hearing voices. For example, after having a minor stroke some neurons, responsible for auditory perception may conduct the impulses in the wrong way. Also, genetic actors can be present here.

According to Cleveland Clinic, hearing voices can be caused by " spontaneous activation of the auditory network in your brain, which consists of the left superior temporal gyrus, transverse temporal gyri (Heschl's gyri) and the left temporal lobe and an imbalance of dopamine and serotonin, which are neurotransmitters."

Voices in your head may also happen as you fall asleep or wake up as your brain is still partly in a dreaming state. Also, sleep deprivation can generate hallucinations.

Moreover, food deprivation manifested as Thunder can also induce voices. The same applies to alcohol or narcotics. Also, withdrawing prescribed medications or their side effects can also cause auditory hallucinations.

Somatic illness can also take its toll here, for example, in the case of a very high temperature you may hear voices or see things that other people can't.

2. Mental and Emotional Reasons

The major factors that contribute to hearing voices are stress, anxiety, depression, and traumatic experiences. You can still hear the echo of an accident, your relative's agony or hospital clamour.

During bereavement, after having lost someone recently, you may hear them talking to you or feel that they are with you. This experience is very common and some people find it comforting.

In the case of abuse or bullying, abusers' voices can be heard. they will be full of violence and threats, causing fear and anxiety.

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is another cause of hearing voices. it is not frequent for this condition but can happen, together with tinnitus. According to the Medical Library of Medicine, "Among combat veterans with PTSD, 30% to 40% report auditory or visual hallucinations and/or delusions."

the nature kills voices in head

3. Spiritual Beings

Firstly, who can talk to your head? Demon, of course (if it is an intrusive, frightening voice). Some extraterrestrial beings similarly do this, although they want your energy, not death. Later in this article, I will examine why demons and some beings talk to your head.

Of course, positive beings also talk to you but hearing voices is not a problem because these voices are helpful and uplifting.

4. Mind Control

This is the main domain of negative entities involved in the Matrix. All technology puts you at risk of mind control and, therefore, hearing voices. It is up to you how well you manage your energy protection and how high vibrations you emanate. The higher the vibrations and energetic shield, the less vulnerable you are to mind control.

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How Can You Trigger Voices In Your Head - Spiritual Approach

There is a lot of information about hearing voices from the viewpoint of mental health, especially psychiatry. But what about the spiritual aspect?

As I wrote above, demons and other negative beings can talk to your head. How does it start? Why do you allow these beings to take gradual control over your life?

I have to point out here that these gateways to negative beings are interdependent and can cause one another. How can you start hearing voices?

1. Greed

For most of us, wanting more and more, the bigger and bigger abundance for someone else is not necessarily a priority... unless they make us richer. This is a concise way for negative beings, especially demons, to start taking over your life. Why?

Because greed is often connected with low self-esteem, jealousy, envy, conceit, and scorn for poorer individuals. More than that, greedy people may even use violence of any kind to obtain more wealth, at the cost of other people.

Being an egoist, a self-centred person is also common. Then the greed for power and control over others comes out. Evil forces will tempt you to serve them in exchange for fame, power or wealth. Later these forces will command you what to do, also against your will.

2. Low Self-Esteem

This can be an underlying reason for greed. But as such, it can also attract demons and other beings because it is easy to prey on your vulnerability - the need to be loved, liked, and accepted. Then that will lure you with promises of meeting your inner needs just to serve these beings.

3. Jealousy and Envy

Again, evil forces may tempt you to meet your urge to be better than someone. Of course, if you serve these beings. And it simply means that you let them do anything to your mind, body and soul, including sending voices

4. Lack of Forgiveness and Letting Go

Depression and holding grudges are the highways to evil beings. You need to remember that these beings will not help you but want your destruction (demons) and serve them or make you their slave who will produce energy for them (negative extraterrestrial beings). They will be talking to your head to command and blackmail you.

Demons have no ounce of light within, no love, compassion, co-existence or nobility. There is only selfishness and destruction, in disguise of your fulfilled dreams.

They will be also talking to you when you argue with God, not accepting your life plan, body, family etc. They will amplify your addictions and flaws (e.g. short-temper) sending tempting and intrusive thoughts, even if you have stopped e.g., drinking/smoking.

More than that, if you cannot forgive yourself or your wrongdoers, evil beings will amplify this process by sending voices and destroying you from the inside.

the world free from hearing negative voices

5. Arguing with God and Lack of Acceptance

At the moment when we are arguing with God, we create a program of self-destruction of our body and spirit. it happens when we will insist that we have been wronged and now the whole world is to compensate us for this harm and we will wait for this reward.

Then demons and other negative beings will amplify your grievance and anger. You will start thinking nasty thoughts and hearing intrusive voices, tempting you to give up your connection with God.

Every time you act at the level of low vibrations, manifested by anger, grief, shame, pride, irrigation, and desire (.e., your ego rules), evil forces may start sending you voices.

6. The Loss and Failure Program

This program is the lesson that everyone learns on Earth. However, many people cannot accept that their loss of money, property, or kin is part of this process. We are also perfectionists who always have to win and meet some standards at home or work.

Instead of learning the lesson, you see yourself as a failure and a loss, crying out to God, 'Why was I born in such a body, in this family??? Why did it happen to me???'And because you reject the fact that God is to help you become a happy and fulfilled person, negative begins have a great opportunity to tempt you with their voices.e

7. Do Evil Deliberately and Consciously

This is a more advanced state of being possessed by negative and demonic beings. Then you are not conscious of your evil act. something dictates you to behave that way and later, during a trial at the court, you can say ' I don't remember anything, I don't know why it happened.' Each act of evil will amplify the intensity of voices causing imprisonment or detention in the psychiatric ward.

8. Signing the Pact with Demonic beings

Doing evil consciously is the consequence of signing a pact with demonic beings. They give you something (e.g., fame, wealth) for serving them. it is an open highway to tempting voices in your head, to order you to do evil.

What Voices Can You Hear

They can vary from person to person but some are common for everyone. Notice that tempting starts with very subtle voices, for example.

  • It is normal to be depressed/angry/ disappointed.

  • Everyone feels like that.

Then they discourage you from taking action to think positively and change your reality. For example, you can hear:

  • You're not going to make it anyway.

  • It's no point trying.

More than that, voices will pray on your self-esteem and human needs, to isolate you from helping hands:

  • Dad/Mom/Your partner does not love you and will not help you.

  • God doesn't love you, because if He loved you, what happened to you wouldn't happen to you.

  • Nobody loves you.

  • You are worthless/a failure.

Demonic and other negative beings can also prey on fears, and insecurities, sending you voices that frighten and lead to paranoia. Your fears and insecurities will be amplified and can also lead to imprisonment or isolation in the psychiatric hospital.

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In a Nutshell

Hearing voices in your head can have many reasons and sometimes it does need medication or isolation. However, without a holistic approach to this challenge, the voices will persist. Next week you will learn how to cope with voices holistically.

In the meantime, good luck with combating any kind of voices that destroy your peace of mind. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach who inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


The content of Awaken Happy Life is published for educational and informative purposes only. It does not substitute medical or any other professional advice. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition. The author of Awaken Happy Life is not liable for any consequences of applying any piece of advice published on this website by the reader.


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