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28 Holistic Manifestations You Should Use to Improve Your Mental Health

Can manifestations heal a mental health condition? Some scientists say yes and some say no. Where is the truth? Discover it now.

your mind is like an ocean full of hidden secrets

Can Manifestations Help with Mental Health Problems?

Manifestations? According to academic medicine only medication, case management, hospitalization, support group and optionally counselling therapy can help. Some also allow alternative medicine (e.g. acupuncture), self-help support and peer support.

Is It All?

However, they often forget that everything starts with thoughts and it is especially true in the case of mental health conditions. So, you manifest health or illness through your thoughts, words and deeds. For example, you can actually make yourself depressed or paranoid by dwelling on some kind of problems and dangers. Why?

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” - Lao Tzu

Because thought induces the production of some chemicals responsible for particular emotional states in your body, e.g., adrenaline responsible for stress. If you constantly dwell on the same negative thoughts, the brain becomes addicted to these chemicals.

The Spiritual Aspect of Mental Health

Moreover, academic medicine does not recognise the spiritual aspect of humanity and its impact on the human mind. I mean negative beings that hook up to your aura and mental subtle body. They can induce negative thoughts, voices and other messages that cause mental health conditions. You can actually become possessed by negativity.

Also, your dominant thoughts create thought forms and in the case of negative thoughts, these forms will also be destructive. More about thought forms.

Are Manifestations Effective in the Case of Mental Health?

Self-help as such is approved by academic medicine and can work in the case of mental health problems. Here is one piece of evidence:

Dr. Fredrickson has spent years researching and publishing the physical and emotional benefits of positivity, including faster recovery from cardiovascular stress, better sleep, fewer colds, and a greater sense of overall happiness. The good news is not only that positive attitudes—such as playfulness, gratitude, awe, love, interest, serenity, and feeling connected to others—have a direct impact on health and wellbeing, but that we can develop them ourselves with practice.

But self-help as such lacks the spiritual aspect of healing, although it is changing now. Using manifestations activates all levels of healing. However, still manifestations are accepted provided that they are supported by scientific evidence. Some articles obviously distinguish between "good" and "bad" methods of manifestation.

I can say that manifestations can work but some conditions have to be met. For example:

  • a clear goal (like particular mental health conditions)

  • the belief that they work

  • positive attitude while doing exercises

  • systematic work to create new habits in the brain

  • diligence in doing exercises

  • using versatile holistic tools (e.g., journaling, mirror work, meditation)

Later, in this article, you will learn how to practise manifestations.

watch your thoughts

28 Holistic Manifestations That Treat mental Health Conditions

I name them holistic because we will be using the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of healing. First, let's meet the example of 28 mental health conditions. I have not listed more as it would be very daunting and overwhelming.

Let the Silver Divine Light dissolve disappointment, suppressed anger and resentment. Let it heal my trait to blame others for all the wrongs done to me. Let me stay more motivated and inspired and let it happen here and now.

2. Crying

Let the Pink Divine Light help me wash away all my tension and old stress. Let me learn to see the world from a different perspective. Let it happen here and now.

3. Postnatal Depression

Let the Pink Divine Light heal the feelings of separation, loneliness, abandonment and emptiness. Let it help me cope with extra responsibilities and self-destructive thoughts. Let it alleviate the feelings of not trusting my strength and greatness. Let it happen here and now.

4. Paranoia

Let the Silver Divine Light dissolve any thoughts of being unsafe and insecure. Let it teach me to trust the process of life. Let it happen here and now.

5. Insanity

Let the Blue Divine Light help me stop feeling that everyone drives me crazy, my helplessness and emotional breakdown. Let me stop being pushed and introduce my boundaries. Let this light show me the way to escape from abuse and violence. Let it happen here and now.

6. Nervous Breakdown

Let the Orange Divine Light dissolve the feeling of being overwhelmed, strained and hopeless. let it stop me from feeling like a failure and being disappointed in self-giving. let it happen here and now.

7. Nightmares

let the Silver Divine Light dissolve all stress and anxiety that disturbed my sleep. Let the Higher beings of Light give me some cues on how to overcome my life challenges. Let it happen here and now.

8. Bipolar Disorder

Let the Pink Divine Light heal my imbalance, stress, shock and trauma from childhood. Let it bring me peace of mind and let it all happen here and now.

Let the Silver Divine Light wash away my pain, stress and anxiety as well as the feeling of not being good enough. Let it give me the courage to cope with the challenges happening in my life. Let me love and approve of myself. Let it all happen here and now.

10. Alcoholism

Let the Silver Divine Light heal my depression, boredom and self-punishment. Let it clear my mind from overthinking and help me stop avoidance and procrastination. Let it happen here and now.

11. Drug Taking

Let the Silver Divine Light help me take the pain and fear of the unknown. Let it give me the courage to stand up for the occasion and deal with the challenges brought by life. Let it happen here and now.

12. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Let the Orange Divine Light dissolve my need to control, my fear of change, self-blame and the feeling of insecurity. Let it help me believe that I can always cope with life. Let it happen here and now.

13. Trauma (emotional)

Let the Pink Divine Light help me cope with feeling fragile and weak due to betrayal and disappointment. Let it help me believe that there is always care and support from the Universe. Let me be open to my guidance and higher purpose. let it happen here and now.

14. PTSD

Let the Orange Divine Light liberate me from guilt, regret, self-sabotage and insecurity. Let it help me love myself and dare to ask for help when I need it. Let it happen here and now.

Let the Silver Divine Light dissolve destructive emotions that push me down covering my messages from the body and my feelings. Let me stop being afraid of allowing myself to feel joy, love and other positive feelings. Let me never be afraid of failure. Let it happen here and now.

16. Anorexia

Let the Pik Divine Light heal my need to control my life by denying myself nourishment and feeling extreme range, hatred and reaction of self. Let it learn me to communicate my feelings to my family and friends. Let it happen here and now.

17. Bulimia

Le the Pink Divine Light help me receive love and dissolve the feelings of guilt, self-sabotage and self-criticism. Let me let go of control situation by using food to push the problems away. Let me find the courage to face and overcome my challenges. let it happen here and now.

I am at peace

18. Autism

Let the Silver Divine Light liberate me from the prison inside me and let it dissolve the fear of being humiliated and cast out. Let me stop being shut out and looked down. Let me awaken my creativity and genius. Let it happen here and now.

19. Asperger Syndrome

let the Silver Divine Light help me feel that I am understood and related to society. Let it alleviate my loneliness and separation, the fear of not being accepted. Let this Divine Light teach me how to communicate my feelings without being aggressive or forceful. Let it happen here and now.

20. ADHD

Let the White Divine Light help me concentrate on the task I am doing. Let it dissolve my frustration and aggression because of not knowing how to communicate my feelings. Let me never be trapped to do things that I do not want to do. Let it all happen here and now.

21. Panic Attack

Let the Silver Divine Light dissolve anger, sadness and fear of past traumas. let it make me feel stronger and fuller of energy and always believe in my creative and divine power. Let it stop me think that life is full of suffering. let it all happen here and now.

Let the Pink and White Divine Light dissolve the disbelief in the flow of life and the feelings of being unsupported and helpless to change my situation. Let it help me stop me being the victim and wallowing in fear. let it happen here and now.

23. Social Phobia

Let the Silver and Pink Divine Light dissolve my need for approval and love. Let people's anger and reaction never intimidate me. Let this Light stop me from feeling rejected, abandoned and isolated here. Let it happen here and now.

24. Claustrophobia

Let the Silver Divine Light dissolve my anxiety and obsession with being imprisoned in my reality. Let it dissolve my need to control everyone and everything. Let my suppressed anger and disappointment be transformed into joy and hope. Let it happen here and now.

25. Agoraphobia

Let the White Divine Light liberate me from all fears of flying, travelling and staying in open spaces. Let it show me that exposition at such places is safe and secure. Let it happen here and now.

26. Nervousness

Let the White and Pink divine Light heal the breakdown in communicating my messages and the fear of not being listened to. Let it connect all broken parts of myself and transform my fear of judgement into love and acceptance. Let it happen here and now.

How to Apply These Manifestations

I have already written a blueprint on how to work with manifestations. However, if you want some signposts now, here they are:

1. Choose and Define What You Want

Too many manifestations, like too many goals, will not help you with the effective achievement of them. Pick up one issue and focus on what to diminish and what to enlarge in that case.

2: Overcome the Obstacles Standing in Your Way

Firstly, overcome your mindset: thoughts, beliefs and automatic patterns creating your habits. Secondly, stop using negative language. Thirdly, avoid and cut off toxic people. Also, do not forget to remove all distractions while doing the exercises.

3. Create an Action Plan

Decide where, when and for how long you are going to practise manifestations. Select a method 9e.g. journaling, visualisation, 369, pillow method, meditation) and the frequency of repetitions. 28 or even 60 days are recommended times of regular exercise to achieve the desired result.

4. Take Action

Combine a couple of methods while working with manifestations. If you use journaling, write them down regularly, either according to the 369 methods or differently. At the same time, listen to some healing music (432 Hz 528 Hz and solfeggio frequencies are recommended).

Later, meditate and give God your challenges, asking for help and cleansing your subtle bodies. Then, while going to sleep, put the written manifestation on the piece of paper under your pillow. Before you fall asleep, visualise the Divine Light dissolving your challenges and amplifying you with trust, serenity and safety.

Appreciate everything that you have in life, even if it is a small thing. Just changing your attitude will help you dissolve the negative feelings and traits concerning your mental health.

Hence, after having finished writing manifestations, add 5 things for which you are grateful.

6. Acknowledge Signs from the Universe

Your improvement will initially happen through some subtle signposts given to you by the Universe. It may be something you will see, hear, or read, concerning the issue you are working with. Suddenly there will be a solution to your problem or you will realise the strength that you have to solve this problem.

7. Trust the Process

Do not speed up the healing process. It may last a while before you fully recover. Appreciate any little step forward.

Further reading on how to practise manifestations:

Bonus Tip: Meditate

Practising meditation can speed up the process of changing your thoughts. You can do it while cleansing your mind with White, Silver or Orange Divine Light or under the waterfall.

Find yourself in an undisturbed place, close your eyes and bring back a memory of a place where you felt happy and safe. Then go under a waterfall, take your mind out of your head, and just wash in the water. More details about holistic meditation are here.

Let's meditate together

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our collective energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

More about meditation

In a Nutshell

Mental health conditions can be alleviated by using the power of manifestations. Today I have given you 28 examples of manifestations and pointed out what conditions have to be met to make these manifestations work. Good luck with transforming your life. With lots of love and light,


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