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10 Effective Stress Killers Hidden in Your Body

Many people are struggling with chronic muscle pain and other body ailments based on negative emotions. Learn the truth about hidden stress and ways to deal with it.

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Our body is a treasure trove of knowledge about ourselves Every trauma and blocked emotion that we experienced has been deposited in the form of tensions in our physical body.

This was confirmed by the research of Alexander Lowen, a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, the creator of bioenergetics, according to which all our experienced emotions are reflected as stress in our body.

Most of all as carry sadness and anger, accumulated during childhood, where we were punished, rejected by parents, or rebuked for their manifestation.

6 Causes of Muscular Stress

Many articles and books have been written about the ways of handling stress. However, not each of them reaches the causes of this phenomenon, Let me write about 5 major reasons inducing stress:

1. Your Thoughts

Learn the truth: if our thoughts are fearful, negative, filled with sadness, anger, hate, grudge, resentment, irritation, jealousy or envy and you allow them to persist for a long time, they also accumulate in our body.

Of course, various thoughts flow through you – when we let go of them slowly, they do not harm you, but if you attach yourself to those loaded with negative emotions, stress eventually bind your body.

Further reading on thoughts – the article continues below:

2. Habits and the Influence of the Environment

Let me mention only a couple of them: an unhealthy lifestyle, including, highly processed food, stimulants, too little sleep and movement, incorrect body posture, lack of physical exercise.

These factors also induce chronic muscle tension; the same way, living in frequent stress, high intensity of urban noise, rush, travelling in traffic jams, nervous atmosphere at work.

The list is long, but it is up to us whether you agree to such conditions and how we deal with them.

3. Negative Energy in Aura, Chakras and Biofield

Not all people believe in the importance of energy flow their subtle bodies. However, it does not change the fact that energy flow has an impact on your life.

For example, blocked chakras cause stress because of negative entities attacks create severe pain in muscles and you can think that it is just pain.

More reading about negative energy – the article continues below:

4. Social Conditions

Suppose that during childhood you could hear that tears are for mollies, loud laughing is mad, and anger is not suitable for well-behaved girls.

In this way, you have learned to restrain anger and tears, to smile forcefully, to respond with the learned "everything is fine", and even to suppress our own emotions so as not to hurt them with the expression of the other side. This is the highway to the hell of muscular pain.

5. Trauma Experience

This type of stress can be triggered by an accident or natural disaster, as well as intentionally induced by rape, physical violence, or assault. You can also store memories from childhood, such as aggressive attacks of a drunken father, spanking, witnessing a traumatic situation, etc.

If you have not consciously worked through these experiences, they have accumulated in our body in the form of tense muscles; they can also lead to mental illness, digestive disorders and even cancer.

The Consequences of Constant Muscular Stress

Unfortunately, chronic muscle tension induced by stress also has its further consequences. Let me list some of them:

• Sleep problems/insomnia,

• Headaches and migraines,

• Irritable bowel syndrome,

• Anxiety and depressive states,

• Nausea, digestive problems,

• Disorders of sexual function, such as premature ejaculation, painful intercourse,

• Feeling of chronic fatigue,

• Low immunity of the body,

• Worse mood,

• Low motivation and energy to act,

• Asthma and hay fever,

• Skin problems such as acne, psoriasis,

• Problems with menstruation,

• Increased susceptibility to addiction.


Where Is Stress Accumulated in Your Body?

Scientists claim that as many as 2/3 of adults around the world suffer from pain and in some countries, it is even 93% of the population (e.g., in Poland). This is a gigantic number of people in chronic suffering! Each of us is different, your body is an individual puzzle to solve. However, there are 9 places where trapped emotions are most often deposited. I have listed them according to the frequency of occurrence and severity of symptoms:

1. Neck

This is the top part of the body here. Your stress, the problem with trust, but also fear and anxiety caused by the physical reaction to danger. They are deposited in the neck. The neck is also associated with an unsuitableness for clear and open communication, free expression of oneself and being authentic, which indicate a blocked throat chakra.

2. Upper Back

Grief and sadness are stored there, including those related to the loss of a loved one, a sense of loss in general or a broken heart. If you block the natural manifestation of sadness, do not communicate it and do not express it in any way, this emotion will accumulate in your upper back.

3. Middle Back

This part of your body accumulates insecurity, helplessness, and lack of support from others. According to Inna Segal, the author of “The Secret Language of Your Body”, each vertebra carries the message of what kind of stress and negative emotions you subdue. For example, the first three thoracic vertebrae indicate feeling overwhelmed, shut down and scared.

4. Lower Back

Pain in this part of the back is associated with a lack of self-acceptance, low self-esteem, but also such emotions as shame, guilt. Also, the problems related to the sexual zone and even sexual traumas accumulate there.

5. Shoulders

It is said that you carry the burden of life on your shoulders – your own and others' burden. You accumulate in it the stress by the pain of other people that you empathize as well as the duties, with social and emotional responsibility. Many healers, empaths, caregivers, therapists struggle with tension in this part of the body. Hence, health and safety during energy work is a must.

6. Head

Tension in this part of the body translates into frequent headaches and migraines. This pain is associated with the fear of losing control, excessive thinking, and severe stress. When you want to be in control from the mind level and can't give in to life and the body, this is where you accumulate tension.

7. Stomach and Abdomen

This is where our inability to process emotions is postponed – you may not be able to cope with their current emotional regulation, including the regulation of positive emotions so that then they accumulate in our belly. Being tense in this place can also mean refusing to deal with something very important.

relieve stress in your body

8. Thighs

The tense inner side of the thighs occurs during social anxiety, fear of other people and the fear of one's own vulnerability. The outer side of the thighs stores frustrated energy, impatience, which is increased by the fast pace of life without mindfulness. Most often, our relationships with others and professional work contribute to the postponement of tensions in this place.

9. Buttocks

Anger and repressed rage are stored here. At the earliest opportunity, observe if your buttocks also tense up when emotions boil in you.

10 Ways to Release Stress from the Body

There are many ways to release stress from your body. However, I will list just ten basic tools, effective and proven. Try at least one of them to notice considerable improvement. And remember to use these tools regularly for full benefit.

1. Feel Your Emotions and Let Them Go

No healing will happen if you don't allow yourself to genuinely feel your emotions. Instead, judgment, calling them negative/positive, no guilt and shame, self-censorship will keep them in yourself again and cause tension. Only letting go will do the trick. Try answering these questions:

• Are there any emotions that need an outlet?

• What's important about your life today and how do you feel about that situation/person/message/task you meet?

Every evening, monitor your emotional state and let go of unexpressed emotions using the tools described below. Remember that the emotions you feel dodo not define you, they are just a form of energy that flows through you – don't stop it.

More reading about emotions:

2. Practise Journaling

Every day, regardless of motivation, mood – write down everything you feel. Be gentle with yourself in this, otherwise muscle tension deepens the internal criticism and vulnerability.

Write and treat yourself like your best friend. Use affirmations, manifestations, or creative writing. You can go back to what you wrote, but preferably only after some time, or not at all. Then you can ceremonially burn saved cards.

Further reading on affirmations – the article continues below:

3. Art Therapy

Find your favorite form of self-expression through art and practice it as often as possible. It can be painting, drawing, singing, dancing, writing poems / songs / stories, playing instruments, sculpting, handicrafts. All these activities trigger creativity, they also trigger the process of playing, focus on the present and allow for the free expression of emotions, values, attitudes, and thoughts.

More about living in the present – the article continues below:

4. Go for a Massage to a Professional

This massage will allow you to reduce tension in the body, relax, release blocked emotions. It will also be a beautiful self-care practice and a sign of self-love. You can also use tennis balls for self-massage and an acupressure mat to deeply relax the muscles and nervous system on daily basis.

5. Practice Yoga and Stretching

It is proved that stretching exercises can be beneficial for tensions in your body because regular practice can work wonders and expand the range of motion of your body. Peace in the muscles will translate into peace in the mind and heart.

6. Dance

Dancing naturally releases endorphins in us, activates various parts of the muscles, allows for free expression, activates various parts of the muscles, touches the sensitive strings in ourselves, relaxes the body.

You can use intuitive dance, Biodanza ,5 Rhythms, Movement Medicine, but you might as well just turn on your favourite music and move to its rhythm.

7. Sing

In this case you activate your Throat Chakra, so often blocked. Play your favourite music and sing karaoke. You can also improvise, write your own lyrics and perform them. Join the local music group and express your emotions during singing or playing an instrument.

8. Exercise

Apart from better fitness and slimmer body, you will also alleviate stress by doing exercises. Start from something you like and do it in moderation as too exhaustive trainings will discourage you.

If you cannot go to the gym, install a mobile app, e.g., FitHer for women, which will help you with stress relief.

9. Connect with Mother Earth

Walk in forests, meadows, mountains, along the sea and other natural reservoirs. Breathe deeply regardless of the place and situation. The more oxygen in the body, the greater the relaxation of the muscles and peace in the mind.

Mother Earth inhibits the rush of thought, soothes our nervous system, also relaxes our muscles, fills us with gratitude, delight, love.

When you are out, I recommend walking barefoot, cuddling up to the trees, admiring the views, taking photos of them, inhaling the juicy air full of aromas and feel the flow of life in yourself and around you.

10. Meditate

During meditation you do not only calm down your mind but also release tension from your body. Lie down in a peaceful, undisturbed place. Turn off all distractions and close your eyes. Visualise the place where you feel peaceful, safe, relaxed.

Then cleanse your aura, chakras, and each part of the body with Divine White Light, contemplating on each chakra and part of the body, starting from your toes. During purification, you can say the affirmation

I let go of the stress accumulated in ………. (part of the body).

Let's meditate together

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our collective energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

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In a Nutshell

Today I have given you an outline of the problem of stress. You have learned why stress is so deleterious to your health and the 10 ways of eliminating it. Use one or more of these tools combined. Good luck with creating a happy, harmonious life. With lots of light and love,


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