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7 Critical Conditions to Change Your Thoughts

You know that changing thoughts is a must to be happy. But sometimes it does not work. Meet the 7 conditions that must be met to implement the change efficiently.

your thoughts are like bytes of a hard drive


Why Have I Decided to Write about Changing Thoughts?

It is not the first time I am writing about changing thoughts. Unfortunately, talking to my friends and clients, I noticed that it is very challenging to change thoughts. You may know the technique and try to use it.

But without a plan, and a good strategy for the change, your thoughts will remain the same or the process of changing them will be hard and discouraging. The quote below has inspired me to write a post that will solve the problem of difficulties in changing your thoughts.

Before you change your thinking, you must change what is going to your mind - Zig Ziglar

7 Conditions for Changing Your Thoughts

I will present you with seven indispensable conditions that have to be met to change your thoughts (and anything else) in your life.

1. You Have to Want to Change Your Thoughts

Desire... Nothing will happen if you do not want it. There must be a burning urge that drives you to change your thoughts. Below, I will write about finding the reasons backing up your desire. However, first, be sure that you do want to change your thinking.

2. Find Your "Why"

This is the leverage of the desire to change thoughts. You can be motivated by cajoling or punishment. Unfortunately, most people prepare the stick rather than the carrot and decide to change their thinking during a severe crisis.

And sometimes it is their last resort to improve their situation. Cancer, bankruptcy, and hitting the bottom while drinking or taking drugs, to mention only the worst cases. Does it have to go so far? No.

Now imagine a better scenario. Work on some important but not urgent goals. Do you want more money? No problem. Start from visualisation and affirmations projecting wealth. at the same time, eliminate any sabotaging language or thinking.

Then take some action and start saving or/and earning more. The same rule applies to happy relationships, a healthy body or self-satisfaction from work and mental stimulation (i.e. learning new things, reading books etc.).

Make a written list of your whys and read it every day, before going to bed and after getting up. and also do not forget to write this list in a journal or diary so that this important document will not be lost.

thoughts are like grass - they have to be mowed

3. Verify Your Inner and Outer Environment

Changing thoughts is a great idea. However, you can fail because your environment will sabotage your hard efforts. I will only mention three factors that are the most destructive to your goal but there are probably more. They are inner and outer ones.

Inner Environment

I mean your subconscious mind and beliefs here. Also, your language, the utterance of your thoughts, is included here. Before you start changing thoughts, check where they come from. Examine why you think negatively. Is it trauma, or fear?

Are there some experiences from past incarnations? Write down the given thoughts and then all other reasons: why am I thinking this way? The answers will help you to create a realistic, tailored, plan.

Outer Environment - People

Negative people will not help you with changing your thoughts. For example, you want to change your financial situation and have decided to think about abundance instead of scarcity.

However, your spouse likes complaining about finances. Another example: you want to be more positive about your life (health, job, relationships) but your mother or brother grumbles and plays the victim. Do you still intend to change your thinking?

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Inner Environment - Food for Your Thoughts

Apart from people, there are also other sources inducing negative thoughts. What do you usually read, or listen to? If there are a lot of negativities there, chances are that your thoughts will be infected and they will become negative. Turn off your TV, stop reading newspapers and do anything that sabotages your goals.

Beware of mind control - a deliberate way of capturing your mind and shaping it according to the entity's needs. Some methods of mind control, called social engineering can be met in shopping centres, commercials or even education systems (giving grades for following the curriculum, not necessarily being the truth).

Knowing how your environment can impede your efforts, setting realistic goals, and preparing tools that help you to overcome these obstacles. For example, find positive people who support your intentions despite your grumbling husband or discouraging mother. Plan to work on your beliefs, liberating from mind control and energetic hooks.

4. Make a Plan of Changing Your Thoughts

Not knowing where to go and not having a map means failure. If you want to change your thinking, set goals and make a plan. I have written some articles about setting goals (more coming soon), where detailed techniques of how to set and achieve goals are described. However, let me give you some general guidance here.

Follow the steps described here:

  • Check your soul plan

  • Check your mission statement

  • Log which thoughts sabotage you the most often - and what kind of them

  • Set achievable goals

  • take action

some thoughts are flowers and some weeds

Check Your Soul Plan

Sometimes your thinking is defined by your soul plan. Someone who has decided to try the values of the dark side (e.g. killing someone), will have destructive thoughts.

You can also feel overwhelmed by your soul plan or contract. Suicidal and depressive thoughts are very common. In these cases, plan how to gradually change your thoughts.

Check Your Mission Statement

What kind of thoughts is the most destructive in your life? Look at your mission statement and evaluate which of these thoughts sabotage your self-fulfilment, e.g. helping other people. Now, list ten worst thoughts during your fears or doing things that you would rather avoid.

Check Your Thoughts

Observe what negative patterns pop up in your head the most often. For a day or better a couple of days, log your dominant thoughts, e.g., every 15 minutes. use your journal or diary for this purpose.

Write down the circumstances of your thinking - when and why they happened. Check all the cases of avoidance or fears (i.e. the thoughts beneath). Examples? Fear of criticism, fear of vulnerability, and self-criticism to mention a few.

Set Achievable Goals

It is a must to do this exercise in writing and a diary or journal are the best options here. Having defined your thoughts and their context, set your goals: long-term, medium-term and short-term ones. let's say that the long-term goal will comprise a year, and the short-term a week. Define the most harmful negative thought, answering the question:

Which of my negative thoughts causes the most damage to my life?

Once you have chosen this one, the most destructive thought, set achievable goals. Define:

  • What will make pursuing this goal more difficult (e.g., people, news)?

  • The level of your motivation.

  • What will make the change easier (mental tools, friends)?

Be sure that your goals meet the following conditions:


  • You have set a lifebuoy goal (i.e. a minimum that must be met to consider the goal as achieved)

  • Your goals meet other important criteria (check this article)

  • Once you have set the goal, make a resolution which will help you to start a new, more positive habit.

For example, your weekly goal may be I stop using "You are an idiot" at work. The resolution for this goal might sound as Whenever I say or think "I'm an idiot" I cancel this thought/words by saying "To the fire, it's not mine, I'm a wonder."

you are the gardener of your thoughts

5. Take Care of Your Body

Your thoughts induce the way of treating your body. Let's mention the temptation to eat junk food for comfort. But your ill body will also generate negative thoughts,

· worries (e.g., I will die. Who will take care of my family?)

· denial (in the case of cancer - Why has it happened to me???).

Pain and dependency on other people (e.g., after breaking a leg or a stroke) can be also demeaning to some people.

The solution? Apart from changing your thoughts, take care of your diet, sleep, physical activity, and exposition to sunshine - to mention a few. Also, start thinking about health, youth, and regeneration instead of illnesses. Consider an illness as a lesson, a kind of transformation.

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Tame Your Subconscious Mind

Subconsciousness generates most of the thoughts, not only yours (because thoughts can be sent to you by telepathy or malediction). Also, your past lives imprint fears (e.g., if you were drowned or burnt at the stake). Not healing your unconsciousness will be like tilting at windmills. Pacify the source of negative thoughts at the same time as eradicating negative thoughts. Transform your subconscious mind through prayer.

Tame Your Emotions

As I wrote above, changing your thoughts only will not work. You also have to address the underlying emotions because they also generate thoughts. Let's look at anger. answer these questions:

  • What has triggered it?

  • What are you thinking at that time? What other emotion is underlying anger?

  • What trauma does it show?

  • How can I Release these emotions and underlying trauma in a constructive way?

6. Take Care of Your Aura

An unhealthy aura will attract negative beings which will infect your mind with their messages., worse than mind control. Strange souls that have not moved to the spiritual realm, negative entities and thought forms will have an impact on your subtle bodies and chakras.

Recommended reading about aura:

7. Act

Nothing will change without acting. Every day, or even every minute, watch your thoughts for negativity and have your goal in mind. Practise these tools to transform your mind:

  • Affirmations

  • Automatic writing

  • Journalling

  • Using snippets

  • Mirror work

  • Listening to the music raises vibrations.


Practising meditation can speed up the process of changing your thoughts. You can do it while cleansing your mind with White Divine Light or under the waterfall.

Find yourself in an undisturbed place, close your eyes and bring back a memory of a place where you felt happy and safe. Then go under a waterfall, take your mind out of your head, and just wash in the water.

Let's meditate together

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

More about meditation

aspire to have only positive thoughts

In a Nutshell

There might be more than seven conditions that have to be met to make your mind transform. However, nothing will change without the desire for change, having the "whys", the awareness of the obstacles and taking action.

Plus always remember to take care of ALL your subtle bodies, aura, and chakras - on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Good luck with transforming your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and language. With love,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach who inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


The content of Awaken Happy Life is published for educational and informative purposes only. It does not substitute medical or any other professional advice. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition. The author of Awaken Happy Life is not liable for any consequences of applying any piece of advice published on this website by the reader.‍


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