Check How Healthy Is Your Aura: The Most Reliable Test

A healthy aura is necessary in today’s world more than before. But how to check the health of the aura? Here is a simple and reliable test and some tips on improving the health of any kind of aura.


How Your Biofield Is Built

Your energetic centres are closely related to your auric shield, called biofield. You already know that each chakra has got a given colour, taste, natural force, music sound and frequency. Chakras communicate with your aura which is also influenced by colours, music, and other factors. Hence your energetic shield consists of all the colours, frequencies etc. However, there are always some domineering colours which indicate the health of your biofield and aura. People who develop spiritually have got saturated colours of their chakras and aura.

Learn more about chakras – the article continues below:

Two Kinds of Energy

Moreover, people have got masculine and feminine kinds of energy, located at two poles. For example, the root chakra relates to the masculine centre and the sacral one with the feminine one. These energies should be in harmony but there are few individuals who can manifest it.

Not only chakras have two poles, also your energetic shield. Your head consists of the positive pole and your feet the negative one. The positive pole is charged by the energy of Space and the negative by the energy of the Earth. Hence you are often tired and exhausted when deficient with feminine (i.e., the Earth’s). It is very frequent in the case of spending too much time inside buildings and working with electronic equipment. When the masculine energy is deficient, you experience a spiritual collapse.

Human body is surrounded by the shield of over 70 various layers and colours. There are three major ones, called protective mantles, connecting the rest of layers. They should stay in harmony and be balanced. If the mantles are not balanced, they look like a coat with holes.

Three Protective Mantles of Aura

Now let’s learn more about these three main protective mantles:

• The Defensive Layer – located externally. It has a direct contact with cosmic energy which is infiltrated to the next layer.

• The Filter – the middle layer, responsible for boosting and harmonising the energy of body and soul. It filters the energy from the first layer, allowing part of it to be reach your meridians, chakras and internal organs.

• The Internal Layer – located inside your body. It is the result of combined energy from the two previous layers. It is called Deo.

Take a Test

The time has come to take a test which will define your aura’s health. For each of the statements below, mark then add up all points to gain your score. I am robust and healthy.

• I am spiritually balanced.

• I fall asleep with ese.

• I usually sleep peacefully through all night.

• I don’t feel any pain after waking up.

• I recharge my batteries very fast.

Give yourself 2 points for “yes”, 1 point for “sometimes” and 0 points for “no”. Now answer these questions:

• I am often stressed out.

• I am surrounded by envious and jealous people.

• I meet hostile people.

• I am often tired while travelling by bus, tram, or tube.

• I am irritated very easily.

• I feel exhausted all the time.

• My internal organs are weakened.

• I suffer allergies and my immune system is not working properly – I often get colds.

• I am weak very often.

• I feel joint pain from time to time.

• I suffer neuralgia periodically.

• I have cancer, Parkinson disease SM etc.

• I have high blood pressure.

• No doctor or healer can help me anymore.

This set of statements will be assessed scored differently: 2 points for “no”, 1 point for “sometimes” and 0 points for “yes”:

Recharge your energy in the forest, not only during autumn

How Healthy Is Your Aura? – Face the Truth

Now learn the brutal truth:

• 50 – 45 points - Stage 1

• 44 – 38 points - Stage 2

• 37 – 30 points - Stage 3

• 29 – 22points - Stage 4

• 21 – 15 points - Stage 5

• 15 - 8 points - Stage 6

• 7 – 0 points - Stage 7

Stage One

You have a strong, balanced aura which enables physical and spiritual stability. Having so healthy aura, you receive enough energy from the Space, and all this is being absorbed. Stage one is typical for healthy children up to twelve years old. They have got dense and properly shaped aura. Its range is 2.5 metre and the colour layers are thick enough.

Stage Two

Then the external layer of your biofield is thinner than the middle one. It is typical for a nervous person. The external layer becomes compressed by stress and environment. This state is also caused by contact with hostile people and with interaction with large groups of people. Usually, sleep restores the balance of biofield quickly here. Stage two is typical for the people between thirteen and twenty-four years old. Their aura range is 2 metres aid its colour layers are thick enough

Stage Three

Here, not only the external but also the middle layer of biofield is weakened, typical for “exhausted” people. They lack energy permanently, are overtired, melancholic, suffer depression, denial syndrome. All these symptoms are the result of prolonged stress. Their bioenergy level plummet. Stage three is typical for the people between twenty-five and thirty-six years old.

Stage Four

It indicates an illness of your biofield. All the external, middle and internal layers have been reduced. Individuals do not receive enough energy from the Space, and they are not protected enough from negativity. The energy accumulated in the body gradually weakens. First chronic diseases emerge. For example, an individual suffers elevated cholesterol level, hypertension and even diabetes. Stage Four is typical for the people between thirty-seven and forty-eight years old as during this age most of your vital energy is depleted. Their aura range reaches 1.5 metre and colours are a bit weakened.

It is said that “the nature makes us beautiful at youth, then you have to take cultivate it yourself.” Your plastic body created by nature is healthy up to forty-two years old without any effort, later you need to work hard, not only with your aura.

Stage Five

In this case, abnormal processes happen not only in the body but also in aura. Chronic diseases continually weaken the organism and take their toll. For example, diabetes leads to periodontitis and retinopathy. Insomnia induces any disease, including obesity. High blood pressure worsens, arthralgia and other kinds of chronic pain emerges, nerve inflammation leading to sciatica is very common. Aura leaks more and more, having big and small holes. This stage of biofield health is typical for the people between forty-nine and sixty years of age. Their aura reaches only one metre and its colour layers are very weakened. Take immediate action.

Stage six

This stage happens when many blockages are created in the body. They affect not one organ system but become complex and co-dependent. Hence advancing civilization diseases, more and more tablets taken become a norm. Aura holes are bigger and bigger; therefore, most of the energy is wasted every day. Stage Six is typical for the population aged between sixty-one and seventy-two. Aura colours are nearly transparent at this, and the next stage and aura reaches only half a metre. It is critical to take action to survive here!

Stage Seven

All the energy from the Space and Mother Earth is leaking through holes in the aura. It is the last stage before death. Breaching the laws of nature, constant stress and even magic can lead to this state. People aged seventy-three and above can fall into this phase involuntarily if they take no action to heal their biofield.

Should you be afraid? Of course not. Even though ageing is a natural process, you can slow it down by taking some action, especially after your 42nd birthday. These techniques can help you to improve the health of your aura – use them all simultaneously:

Think positive

Keep high vibrations of your space

• Keep high personal vibrations

Vent your emotions wisely

• Take care of your physical health

• Have goals and pursue them

• Improve your relationships


Meditating can also improve the quality of your aura. Just cleansing it with White Divine Light or under the waterfall will help you to alleviate stress. Then heal your aura lying on the grass or basking in Green Divine Light. Charge your batteries with the four Forces of Nature, too. More information about meditation under this article,


I will not give you a detailed test to check which stage you are in. However, stress, insomnia and any chronic illness indicate that your aura is weakened and unhealthy. Add to this menopause and andropause, middle life crisis, the death of your beloved ones (parents, spouse) and it is easy to go downhill. Act today and maintain high aura health for many years after your 42nd birthday. Good luck. With lots of love and light,