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20 Ways You’ll Kill Relationships by Low Vibrations

Not many people know that some vibrations can kill your relationships. How to recognise them? How to heal them? Learn it today.

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20 Ways of Killing Your Relationships by Low Vibrations

They concern your inner self (emotions), close relationships and your environment.

1. You Ignite Arguments Easily

Being argumentative can have many reasons but usually is caused by low vibrations of suppressed negative emotions, grievances and grudges nourished for a long time. You might be also all out, under extreme pressure.

Then everything can irritate you. Just release negative emotions and find some rest to recover. A bath with salty water or a swim in the sea will make wonders.

2. Your Relationships Are Painful for You

You cannot be happy and radiate with high vibrations being around negative people - energetic vampires, complainers, or emotional blackmailers. However, it is up to you if you stay around such kinds of people. If you want to raise your vibrations, cut off or limit contact with them.

Remedy: leave a toxic relationship. Read more here:

3. You Moan and Groan

Complaining is a significant symptom of poor vibration in the field of relationships. When you complain, your attitude shows a victim who must burden other people with his or her problems.

People can listen to our problems, but then they will give you some advice and that's the end of complaining. Doing it again about the issue where you know the solution will mean a lack of self-responsibility.

Remedy: stop complaining. Read more here:

cultivate your relationship by walking in nature

4. Negative People Surround You

Negative people will always lower your vibrations and infect you with their negativity. Our co-workers, family members, and neighbours are the most frequent transmitters of negative energy. Do your best to protect against their negativity but cutting contact would work the best.

Remedy: protect your aura and avoid contact whenever possible. Check this article:

5. Excessive Cynicism and Scepticism

This symptom is common in the case when people have hurt or stung you too many times. Then you expect another incident of bad treatment, and your subconsciousness attracts you to more stingers and wrongdoers.

If you do not act, your vibrations will be full of anger, tension, resentment, and grudge, and you will never reach the frequency of love and happiness.

Remedy: work on your language. Read more here

6. Struggling to Feel Gratitude

It is hard to be grateful if there are many hurdles in your life. But what you focus on comes to you. So instead of thinking about the things you lack, or which are problems, start appreciating what you have, and what other people might not have. Writing the gratitude journal can be very therapeutic and raise your vibrations.

Remedy: Practice gratitude Learn more here:

7. Addictions

You are at risk of addiction or are already addicted. This is the sign that negative beings are hooked to your aura and like vampires are sucking your energy. You may feel fine for a while because of drinking or smoking, then being more exhausted than before.

Further reading on addictions:

8. Domestic Abuse

This one is obvious. I have mentioned toxic relationships and jobs. However, domestic abuse is an extreme kind of killing of any kind of positive emotion. And only when you start therapy or leave the abuser, it is possible to see the scale of abuse.

If you notice any signs of manipulation or physical or verbal abuse, act immediately. Do not hope that the other person will stop, and the situation will improve itself.

Talk to them and if there is no goodwill to change their behaviour, consider leaving the relationship.

9. You Manifest Emotional Distance

"Cold as ice" or "heart of stone" describes this symptom in the best way. You may be considered indifferent, totally engaged in the lives of other people.

You will show neither happiness and joy nor pain and sadness. It protects you from being hurt yet you lose many opportunities to find friends and help people.

Remedy: vent your emotions in a constructive way. Check this article:

relationship is like a plant

10. You Find It Hard to Forgive Yourself and Other People

Resentment is the opposite sister of forgiveness. it is only your business to let go of the negative energy of pain and all negative emotions triggered because you have been hurt.

When you hold a grudge, your emotional life becomes cold as ice and more symptoms of low vibrations are found in your life then. Lack of forgiveness makes you the prisoner of the wrongdoer's energy, you are bound by their energetic strings hooked up to your aura.

If your wrongdoer is a very negative person, with plenty of negative beings hooked up to him or her, you will be fed with negative energy even if you have cut physical contact. Their negative thoughts will be chasing your mind, sucking your energy and higher vibrations if you still have some.

Further reading about forgiveness:

11. Guilt Complex

This symptom emerges when you constantly feel guilty about something. Guilt is simply a lack of self-forgiveness. You cannot change the past but are still ruminating over it. The opposite extreme is when you justify your setbacks making other people guilty.

Instead of taking action to change the situation, you blame everything and everyone for your misfortune.

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12. Watching Violence on TV and Listening to Aggressive Music

Television programs are often filled with low vibrations - the daunting and frightening news, police reports, violent movies, and commercials. The same kind of low vibrations concerns the Internet, for example, YouTube and other portals where you can watch movies and other films.

Moreover, the Internet is full of pornography and offensive pictures, even if there is a parental filter.

In the case of music, it is proved that aggressive music like hard rock and heavy metal can create miserable structures on the water.

Concerts of these are full of negative vibrations, the lighting may be aggressive and even trigger an epileptic fit. Moreover, many songs have destructive lyrics, full of offensive words.

It is said that you become what you listen to regularly. The same applies to watching TV.

Remedy: limit listening to aggressive music and watching violent films on TV

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13. You Have a Toxic Job

Think about how effectively you can work having a toxic job. What does it mean?

Bering among toxic co-workers and the boss, doing things which you do not enjoy. Also, as I wrote above, your workplace is full of clutter, and you are not organized. Then never expect that your vibrations will be high.

Remedy: consider changing your job. Learn more about making changes

14. You React Too Emotionally

This is the opposite attitude to the previous symptom. Everything annoys you and when you show it your annoyance is not proportional to your situation, usually over-exaggerated.

You become too sensitive to criticism and stings, seeking revenge every time someone says something negative about you. Time has come to find the balance between being cold as ice and reactive.

15. You Have a Cluttered and Dirty Home

This is the shortest way to illnesses, depression, and irritation. As I wrote earlier, it is very frustrating when you cannot find something you need right now.

Lots of clutter discourage you even more from clearing the house up because of e.g., a huge heap of dishes needing washing up. Imagine how frustrating it is when you want to have your dinner and there is clutter on your dining table.

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16. You Are Keeping Broken Items at Your Home

Imagine that there are broken items in your rooms and kitchen, making you angry even when you just look at them. What kind of energy can you expect from them? How do you feel looking at them or trying to use them?

The answer is simple: bad. That’s why Feng Shui experts advise repairing or removing all the items that are broken or that you do not like anymore.

17. You Are Living in a Dodgy Place

I mean the place, which is not safe, which does not let you relax and enjoy your free time. According to Feng Shui, living near hospitals, cemeteries, and busy roads, at a junction of them is very inauspicious.

If the housing estate or flat complex is situated in a dangerous part of the city, consider moving out for your good sake.

Remedy: use protection shields and frequently cleanse the negative energy of your house. If possible, move out to a more auspicious place.

18. Your Feelings Are Suppressed

It usually concerns resentment and jealousy, but you can also meet angry people trying to hide their true feelings. But by acting this way you change into a time bomb.

The hidden emotions will kick out at the most unexpected moment, making damage to your personal life. This moment will be a great opportunity for negative beings to hook up to your aura, lowering your vibrations even more.

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19. Neediness or Demanding Things from Others

It is said that a friend in need is a friend indeed. However, many times we take it for granted that other people help us, and we become used to delegating nearly everything.

It is an even worse thing when asking for help or delegating things becomes a demand, not a request and when we do not accept other people's 'No'.

Also, in the case of emotional blackmail, the blackmailer makes a kind of balance sheet of how much they helped you in the past or who has helped more. Take responsibility for your life and ask for help only when you do need it, not to do things for you.

20. Apathy

According to David Hawkins, apathy is one of the lowest levels of vibrations. You just do not mind what will happen to your life. This is the quickest way to be hooked up by negative beings, extra-terrestrial and demonic ones.

Remember that if you do not paddle your boat the river will bring you somewhere else than you want. Move your four letters and take responsibility for your life.

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In A Nutshell

Today you have learnt 19 signs indicating that your relationships are struggling with low vibrations. Each of these challenges has also got a remedy which you can apply right now. Good luck with improving your situation. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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