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Are You an Empath? Use These 8 Shields to Protect

Being an empath can be a very challenging role. How to manage it? Today I will give you answers to the most frequent questions concerning the best activities for empaths.

An empath is very sensitive to nature


Who Is an Empath?

In general, an empathic person is a person highly attuned to the feelings and emotions of those around them. But what does it mean in particular? Check these traits:

  • Closeness and intimacy can overwhelm you.

  • You do not do well in crowded places.

  • It is tough for you to cope with sensory and emotional overload.

  • People tend to tell you, their problems.

  • You are gifted with good intuition.

  • Setting boundaries is a hard task for you.

  • You see the world in unique ways.

  • You have a high sensitivity to sounds, smells, or sensations.

  • Caring for others is second nature.

  • You need time to recharge.

  • You tend to isolate.

  • Nature helps to recharge and balance you.

  • Feeling of inadequacy.

What Else Do You Have to Know about an Empath?

As an empath, you might put a lot of faith in your instincts when making decisions. Although it may be considered impulsive, you are actually trusting your intuition to guide you to the choice that feels right for you. If you are an emphatic person, remember these facts:

1. Avoid Overwhelming Care

Caring about the suffering of others can be a good or bad thing but your concern for another’s difficulties can overshadow your care for yourself. This can lead to burnout. Hence, you need more time to recharge your batteries.

2. Beware of Energy Depletion

Empaths are exposed to many kinds of emotions every day. With such an extraordinary emotional sensitivity, being happy may seem impossible to achieve. Each of us is different, we all vary in personality types, interests, and temperaments. All this makes us unique.

However, some of us may feel much more and it concerns empaths. Such an individual easily feels and perceives the emotions of people and even places. But it consumes a lot of energy from everywhere while feeding on the moods of others.

Aura Protection

Contact with many people on a very emotional level can be exhausting. It is also dangerous for the strength of your aura as the more people you contact the more you are exposed to negative energy attacks. Protection is crucial for an empath then.

Further reading about aura:

What Are the Most Suitable Activities for Empaths?

Not every activity is suitable for these people, for example, being more sensitive to cruelty disqualifies any shooting and hunting.

Also, cinema-going may be risky because of some episodes in movies. Avoid places generating negative energy, like shopping centres or mass gatherings (festivals, concerts, sports events).

However, there is a list of hobbies suitable for empaths. I have chosen the seven ideal interests for empathy that will help you eliminate accumulated feelings and allow you to express yourself:

1. How Can You Take Advantage of Learning Languages?

There are many benefits you can gain by deciding to spend some time learning a new language. For example, you will improve your memory, and travelling alone can become much easier.

Also, learning languages can be beneficial for your career. And most importantly, if you are empathetic, learning a new language can improve your overall emotional state and well-being.

This will give you a better insight into other people's lives, being able to look at things from a different perspective, which in turn will make it better for you to understand the surrounding world.

One word of caution: avoid learning offensive slang and the people who use it. Start learning from positive phrases emphasising your strength (e.g. I can, it's possible, I will handle it). More examples are in one of my next articles.

2. How Writing Helps an Empath?

Writing can be one of the best ways to escape emotions that we do not want to reveal to anyone. No matter if you are an amateur or professional writer, this technique is proven to work.

The greatest thing is that during creating your work there are no certain rules to observe. Just write a journal, poetry, create stories, as well as novels.

Whatever you pour on the piece of paper, always remember that your thoughts flow freely, without limitations and excessive thinking. As we write, contact the intimate parts of yourself, and reveal hidden parts of yourself that you may not have been aware of.

Learn more about journalling - the article continues below:

an epmath likes nature

3. What benefits Has an Empath Got from Gardening?

This activity is excellent physical work that reduces stress levels and prevents depression. At the same time, it improves your mental well-being as well as cleanses the mind. However, the real benefit of gardening is the connection that is established with nature and the environment.

By doing so, you will begin to appreciate and perceive plants as living beings who need our attention and care. Empaths will easily find peace and serenity by walking through the garden. For them, gardening is something that can calm down, cure an emotional essence, and give a sense of connection with the healing benefits of Mother Earth.

And gardening is an excellent opportunity to balance your chakras with most, if not all, the necessary elements (i.e., earth while digging, wind blowing, water during rain and sunshine). If you play uplifting music at the same time and connect your intention with the Source, the upper chakras will also be balanced.

4. How Does Physical Exercise Help an Empath?

You know that exercise is excellent for your body, and it also improves your mental health. For best results, it is recommended to practise workouts and play. You can attend dance classes, go for long walks, do yoga, cycle, practise mountain climbing or swim in the pool.

Although there are plenty of opportunities in this regard, it is important that this activity brings us solace, satisfaction, and pleasure. But beware.

No rat-race sports activities are allowed for an empathic individual (e.g., playing in professional soccer as you will be under pressure of scoring as many goals as possible or, as a team, winning all the time.

Emotions are moving energies, and a great way to deal with them is to release them through physical activity. But unhealthy competition generates jealousy, disappointment, and hostility., plus it exploits your body instead of recharging it.

5. What Is the Benefit of Cooking?

Although preparing meals is an activity that is necessary, there is a difference between simply cooking to do something to eat and the real joy of creating delicious meals. The process of cooking or baking makes you more creative, calm, and happy.

Focusing on the process of preparing a dish greatly distracts from the problems of everyday life and negative thoughts. Cooking gives a sense of fulfilment and emotional satisfaction because we subconsciously confirm that we can create unusual and tasty dishes from ordinary ingredients.

6. How Can Play a Musical Instrument Help an Empath?

Playing musical instruments provides many health benefits, from sharpening your senses, alleviating stress, and improving memory, to bringing joy on sad and gloomy days. Relieving stress by playing an instrument and increasing the level of joy during this activity are the main benefits that can help sensitive souls heal themselves from emotional burnout.

While playing, you can also create your own songs, and write lyrics, liberating yourself from the weight collected during the day. And when you combine singing with playing a musical instrument, it quickly removes negative energy accumulated in your body and mind.

7. How Can an Empath Stimulate His/her Mind?

It is worth challenging your mind by playing puzzle games from time to time. They are a very good way to spend a long, rainy evening.

By focusing on finding a solution, your mind does not revolve around the feelings and thoughts of others, you deal with an activity that brings a challenge and offers satisfaction.

Having many possibilities to relax in this way, you can arrange puzzles, solve crosswords, play cards, as well as all sorts of board games (e.g., chess).

All this increases the neuroplasticity of our brain and allows it to reorganize and create new neural pathways. This increases the ability to see things from a different perspective so that we will respond better to emerging challenges and emotions in life.

It is worth trying all the possibilities offered to us by the modern world. We have a choice of which interests will suit us best choosing the ones that in our case will bring the best results in combating accumulated energy and feelings.

8. Can Meditation Help an Empath?

Empathic people need recharging, physical, mental, and spiritual. Meditation is an excellent way to find balance and a new boost of energy. Find some time every day to practise meditating.

Let's meditate together

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More about meditation

In A Nutshell

Today you have learnt how to recognise an empath and some important notes of caution. I have also described eight activities suitable for empathic people. Some of them include playing a musical instrument, cooking, gardening, meditation, mental stimulation, and writing. Try them yourself and leave a comment on how you are getting on. Good luck. With lots of love and light,



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