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How to Heal Your Guilt and Grow: 8 Effective Steps to Apply

Have you ever struggled to cope with guilt? Is it your constant challenge? Discover the healing tools.

how to overcome guilt

I am aware that there are hundreds of articles and books about guilt. This level of consciousness is also present in most religions known worldwide.

This article will focus on healing guilt, transforming it into higher vibes, holistically. First, you will discover if guilt is your challenge. later, I will explain how to transform guilt into acceptance, love and joy. Are you ready to change your life?

Guilt... What Is It? Test Yourself

Take a short test. Below, there are some situations that you can meet every day. How would you react?

  • Not inviting some family members to your wedding.

  • Not sticking to workout plans.

  • Rushing through projects at work (cutting corners).

  • Faking sickness for your partner to do chores for you.

  • You are forgetting to buy your mum a birthday present.

  • Befriending your acquaintance who supports a different political party.

  • Name-calling at your child.

  • Criticising your partner's body.

  • Swearing during an important public speech.

  • Procrastination.

If your answer is 'I feel guilty', keep reading.

How Does Guilt Manifest in Your Life?

In general, you will feel stress and discomfort on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. Why? Because you know something is wrong.

In particular, obsessive thoughts will rattle in your mind, impeding your sleep. You can also feel anger at yourself, which can easily be vented on others. As that result of poor sleep, your efficiency and effectiveness at work plummets

Guilt can also trigger binge eating, seeking a one-night stand opportunity, or just excessive spending your money. You can also procrastinate, playing computer games or watching TV for hours.

All these kinds of behaviour aim at soothing your pain. But does it help indeed? Short-term - yes but the long-term consequences can be severe, not only for you but also for your family and friends.

Plus, guilt will take its toll on your health. it is the simplest way to cancer and coronary disease.

Guilt Will Also Kill Your Happiness in the Future

If you ruminate on what happened, how much someone suffers and how bad you are, beware. You are just about to create a new thinking pattern, which will trigger more guilt in the future. Why?

Firstly, your thoughts and body reactions will be triggered faster and easier. Guilt will work on autopilot. Secondly, you start creating more situations where guilt will be triggered, attracting similar people and circumstances, you will create guilt.

All guilt programs close the door to a happy relationship or a profitable business because you simply believe in not deserving a new, better life. Fear is also present because you are afraid of making the same mistakes again (see the cases listed above)

Guilt generates low self-esteem and self-confidence because of justified criticism of your work or behaviour when you try to compensate for the pain.

Is Guilt So Bad Then?

Each state of consciousness, manifested by thoughts, emotions and behaviour typical for it, has two poles: light and darkness. So guilt can also be a valuable lesson, provided that you do the homework

However, most people do not do the homework as it can also trigger pain (e.g. apologising for name-calling can be uncomfortable and stressful). Long-term consequences of guilt also cause pain, e.g. lost job, relationship or money.

Therefore, learn how to handle guilt healthily, without suppressing it but transforming it into something positive.

how to cope with guilt

How to Heal Guilt and Grow by It

Guilt can be transformed into any of the values of light. Some of them will be discussed below. You can also change the level of your consciousness, e.g. into love or peace. Let's start the process of transformation and growth then:

1. Understand Your Guilt Patterns

You have partially done this task, taking the test presented above. However, I encourage you to dig deeper. Take a diary and answer these questions in writing:

  • How high is your self-esteem - at work, in business, in your intimate relationship, among your family (parents, aunt/snties, im-laws)? If you were to say 'no' to them, would it be easy?

  • Are you avoiding some emotions, seeing them as impure?

  • How often do you put others before yourself - in business and your private life? When was the last time you tried to please someone at the expense of your own needs?

  • How often were you overwhelmed by possibly making the wrong decision?

  • Are you sensitive to your actions, and words, e.g. being afraid that your remark will hurt someone?

2. Accept Spiritual Laws

Acceptance is indispensable to healing guilt. It is much higher on the ladder of consciousness. What is necessary to accept?

  • The fact that everything is in the right place and at the right time. You meet the right people when it is the right moment for it to happen. Everything starts and ends at the right time.

  • The fact that you have chosen the right life lessons before descending to earth. You make the right decisions at a given moment, with the level of consciousness that you have then.

3. Forgive Yourself and Thank for The Courage and Strength

You may feel guilty about decisions made in the past. Stop it. Love will forgive all. You are constantly growing and your level of consciousness and knowledge was different at the moment your decision was made than now.

Also, you would not learn anything if only the right decisions were made, without touching any darkness. It would be too boring and there would be no opportunity to row.

Instead of beating yourself up for the mistakes made, try the mirror technique. Say to yourself aloud, at any time you go to the toilet:

I create my life according to what I know and can do right now. I thank myself for the courage and strength to choose a given piece of experience. Thank you, my soul, for enabling me that lesson. I apologise the Universe and anyone who has been hurt for havin gone ... ( the thing that makes you guilty). Since now I will create a different life, based on the values of light and high vibrations Let it be.

Sometimes guilt can be overwhelming, e.g. due to infidelity or murder. Practise affirming this:

I forgive myself for what I have done. I apologise to the person I have hurt and ask for forgiveness. Since then I will do my best to create a life based on reality, full of love, happiness, and joy. I will also eradicate the words 'betrayal" and 'sin' from my language. Let it be.

You can also ask God and Higher Beings for help. More about tit below.

4. Transform Guilt Into the Things That You Want to Create

Create a burning desire to be a compassionate person. In this way, you will attract similar people so guilt will not be necessary. If any thoughts concerning the past emerge, transform them into the ideal scenario. Learn more about the law of assumption.

Beware of anxiety and fear, they are the siblings of guilt and will sabotage your new identity. Every time that you start to be afraid of something, use the tools to transform it into a higher-vibrational state of consciousness, e.g. love.

More reading about the mind and thoughts:

5. Thank Yourself For the Courage and Strength

Whatever happened, it was indispensable for your growth. Even if you had to hurt someone. Not every soul dared to include it in their soul plans. Therefore, say aloud, with faith and self-confidence, in front of the mirror:

I have done what I have done and I thank myself for having the courage to do it, no matter how wrong it was. I will face the music and since then I will live according to the values of light, creating health, love, joy and abundance in my life.

Bear in mind that words create your new reality and you can reprogram your subconscious mind. By repeating the affirmation you have just read, guilt will be eradicated. However, I do not encourage you to do more evil in your life.

6. Use Uplifting Language

Words can transform. Instead of 'feeling guilty' say 'I have learned the lesson'. Never call yourself an idiot, jerk etc. just because you have done something wrong. Avoid the words 'danger', 'disaster', 'problem' or 'trouble'. Replace them with 'challenge', 'lesson' or, 'test'.

Discover more about the power of positive language

You can also practise this affirmation below. Repeat these words with certainty, every morning and evening and at any time your mind tells you the opposite.

I am a responsible, wonderful, beautiful being who wonderfully creates a positive change in myself and transforms my raality into the one full of love, acceptance, understanding and respect. My new relationship will... (desrribe how you see your new relationship, based on your new identity).

7. Test Your Strength in a New Relationship

If you are in a relationship and have hurt someone, first apologise and heal the wound. But then never come back to the issue - neither talking about nor thinking about it. It is the past and now you are living a new life.

However, a relationship is a mutual partnership and both partners have to make some effort to make it viable and happy.

In the case you start a new relationship, assume that a different scenario will happen this time, i.e. you will not do wrong to this new person. Be disciplined with your thinking and speaking to create a different scenario. Otherwise, the challenges will return until you learn the lesson.

Practise Sincere Communication

Therefore, if the other party hurts you as revenge, sit together and talk, establishing new rules and boundaries in the relationship. Learn more about communication in the relationship.

Be Assertive

Moreover, practise assertiveness. Set up your boundaries and tell what kind of behaviour you do not accept and will not tolerate. You can do it in writing or during a conversation.

When your boundaries are breached, be firm and use assertive communication: inform about the problem, tell how you are feeling and then what you expect from the other party.

Have the courage to make changes when necessary and when they do not observe your boundaries, take some action to either change your attitude or move on.

Sometimes cutting off toxic people is the best option. There are enough people on the Earth that can create happy relationships with you.

heal your guilt

Heal Your Fears

Moreover, be aware of any kind of insecurities and heal them whenever they emerge. You can heal the following fears:

Stop Judging

It may seem natural. We have learnt the habit of judging from our parents, in our religious community and at school, observing teachers' behaviour. Later it was common at work. But does judging work indeed?

So you may even think that if creation is your right, the same applies to judging/ However, then you create... the judgment of yourself. Other people and beings label you as good, bad, right, wrong...

Plus, playing referee is also costly in terms of energy investment. You attract negative beings plus it takes a lot of effort to defend from those who have been judged by you. Then, fixing the problems of energetic hooks or energy leaks can also exhaust you.

Check this article:

8. Never Do Evil Deliberately

Sometimes you may think: If I can forgive myself for any deed I have done, why not create something hurtful deliberately, as revenge for bad treatment by others?

Stop it. The consequences of your intention will be disastrous... but for you and only for you. Being conscious spiritually and knowing the laws of the Universe, the consequences will be more severe than in the case of someone unaware of these laws.

Other people will suffer but your karma will be very challenging and it will have to be made up in more than one future life. Plus, you will meet the same people then, hurting you this time.

Moreover, you will be struck in the most sore spot, at the most unexpected time. For example, in the case of deliberate cheating on your partner, someone will cheat you at work and your assets are lost.


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In a Nutshell

Healing guilt can help you achieve your goals and create a happy life. Meet the monster, accept its nature, forgive yourself and others and improve your relationships. Turn to Higher Spirits for help. Test your strength and never give up. Good luck. With love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach who inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


The content of Awaken Happy Life is published for educational and informative purposes only. It does not substitute medical or any other professional advice. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition. The author of Awaken Happy Life is not liable for any consequences of applying any piece of advice published on this website by the reader.


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