Quantum Mind: 5 Ways to Make The Most of It

There are many theories about the mind - in psychology, self-help and even religions. However, have you ever heard how to use the quantum mind for happiness? Learn today.


Traditional Meaning of Mind

Let's check one definition here:

The mind is the set of thinking faculties including cognitive aspects such as consciousness, imagination, perception, thinking, judgement, language and memory, as well as noncognitive aspects such as emotion. Under the scientific physicalist interpretation, the mind is housed at least in part in the brain. … There is a lengthy tradition in philosophy, religion, psychology, and cognitive science about what constitutes a mind and what are its distinguishing properties.


To make it simpler, the mind comprises many aspects, e.g. consciousness, emotions (which I do not agree with totally), perception, judgement ant the rest mentioned in the definition above.

Even on this blog, I often wrote about thoughts and their impact on your life, although through quantum and holistic meaning.

The Quantum Mind

To understand the article, think that all that is physical is composed of a magnetic field or the patterns of information frequency, rather than from the matter. Let's check the definition of quantum physics, presented by
New Scientist:

Quantum physics. … Put simply, it's the physics that explains how everything works: the best description we have of the nature of the particles that make up matter and the forces with which they interact. Quantum physics underlies how atoms work, and so why chemistry and biology work as they do.

New Scientist

The matter is "nothing" (i.e. energy) than "something" (i.e. particles). The old school of physics teaches that electrons were circulating around the nucleus like the planets around the Sun. The new school says that an atom consists of 99.99999 per cent of energy and 0.000001 per cent of matter. hence, comparing these proportions, it seems to look like "nothing" in terms of the matter.

Quantum physicists have discovered that an individual observing particle of an atom has an impact on the energy and the matter flow. Quantum experiments show that electrons exist as an infinite number of possibilities in the invisible energetic field.

Interestingly, a given electron appears only if the observer focuses on a given localisation of this electron. It means that a given particle may not emerge in reality unless it is being observed. hence when the observer seeks this electron, there is a specific spacetime point where all the capabilities of the electron are comprised in a physical event.

This discovery proves that your mind and the matter cannot be discussed separately. They are linked inextricably because your subjective mind can change what is perceivable in the objective physical world.

So how would your life change if you learnt how to change reality by the energy reacting to your attention on the subatomic level? Would you be a better observer of the life you want for?

happy mind

Thoughts And Emotions - the Capabilities Of Quantum Mind

Everything in the Universe is physical and it is composed of subatomic particles, like electrons. These particles, when not observed, remain as waves. Potentially, they are something and nothing, they can be met at every turn but also nowhere - until the moment of being observed.

Hence everything existing in the physical world is treated as a possibility. If the subatomic particles can exist in infinite places simultaneously, you are able to break the infinity amount of actuality.

So if you are able to imagine a given future event, based on your own desires, this reality exists in the energetic field, waiting for the moment to be observed. If your quantum mind is able to induce the appearance of an electron, theoretically it can also induce the appearance of any other possibility.

Thoughts And Emotions

Our thoughts and feelings are not an exception here. Both of them have got some electromagnetic value. Our thoughts send an electric signal to the quantum field. In this way, our thoughts attract the desired life events - good or bad, depending on the thought.
When we combine all that we think and feel, It generates an electromagnetic imprint that has an impact on each atom surrounding us. Here is a very important question you should ask yourself:

What signals, conscious or subconscious, do I send to the Universe every day?

All your experience in the quantum field exists as electromagnetic imprints, existing as patterns of energy in your life. They concern your genius, abundance, freedom, health.

The good news is that you can change these fields – by creating new, positive beliefs, behaviour and thinking. Then the new electromagnetic field will be created, fitting your new image. In this way, you will attract what is recorded in the new fields.

However, you MUST be fully aware of all your beliefs, convictions, especially of these hidden in your subconscious mind, which may block you in some way. For example, you may want to be rich but during your childhood, you heard many times that money was hard to earn or that the rich were evil. You have a conflict between various beliefs here and usually, the negative one wins.

The Principle Of Cohesion

Your mind generates the negative message subconsciously because today money does not bring your riches. Hence it is indispensable to unlock all your beliefs hidden in your subconscious mind and then to change them. Only by doing so you will be able to have coherent beliefs.

Your coherence starts from the unity of your thoughts and emotions. How many times did your quantum mind believe that you would achieve something while deep inside, emotionally, you felt something opposite? What was the result of this conflict?

The waves of a given signal will be stronger if your end them in perfect cohesion and compatibility between your thoughts and emotions. When your thoughts focus on something and are supported by a clear vision on an emotional level, you will send a very strong quantum signal and if it is positive – your life changes significantly.

Your thoughts are the language of your mind, the general computer while your emotions are the reaction to these messages. These reactions are manifested by your body – you can be tense, excited, frightened or even petrified. Then success, happiness, health, abundance and love are impossible.

How to Make The Most of Your Quantum Mind

Here are some ideas of how to make the most of your quantum mind. It is just the beginning of the journey as you will find more tools in the future.

1. Stop Negative Thinking

It is obvious not to dump your quantum mind with negativity. To do it, take care of your garden - mind and eradicate the weeds (i.e. negative thoughts), putting them in the bin and burning with the White or Purple Divine Light. All negativity is the clutter and only drains your energy, causing energy leaks.

2. Calm Your Subconscious Mind

Your subconsciousness is filled with memories reaching your past incarnations. This means that it may impede your actions in this life by fears, e.g. of people or water. To calm it down, command your subconsciousness:


3. Discover and Transform Your Beliefs

Your thoughts eventually form beliefs because everything that is repeated enough number times becomes the truth for you, even if it is actually not. You can do it in the following way:

  • Identify the belief, e.g. I am stupid/idiot, it is impossible, People are dangerous, Life is torture.
  • Weigh the belief - how much does it cost you to believe that you are an idiot and what are the benefits of dumping this belief?
  • Find the evidence for questioning the truth of the belief - all the arguments when you are not an idiot, for example.
  • Ask questions, weakening the belief, e.g.Am I always an idiot? What does it exactly mean? Who has told me that and is this person sane?
  • Form new, positive belief, e.g. I am the wonder, the beloved child of the Universe, even if I make mistakes.

4. Work on Your Emotions

You can also use affirmations. If your emotions start petrifying you, say as many times as it will be necessary to calm down:


You can also command your mind:


5. Work on Your Language

Swearing, labels (like an idiot, stupid) will not help you to use your quantum mind in a positive way. Hence substitute them with something positive (as above, being the wonderful, the beloved child of the Universe, a smart, likeable person). Take a diary and every day write down your positive affirmation at least 27 times.

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  • 5 + 1 Meditation

    This practice will also help you to make the most of your quantum mind. by regular cleansing negativity and healing all your subtle bodies, your quantum mind will be serving you better. More information on my page Meditation.

    Let's meditate together:

    Connect remotely during joint meditation on Saturdays at  8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people then use telepathy. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.  Check and join upcoming meditations.

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  • In A Nutshell

    Today you have learned what the quantum mind is and how to make the most of it. Your mind is a complex tool, connected with emotions, language, beliefs and subconscious level of perception. Hence you need to tune all these sub-tools to grow only positive fruits and create what you want in your life. Good luck.