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Make the Most of the Law of Resonance By Doing These Things

The Law of Resonance can manifest as luck or misfortune, health or illness, love or loneliness. How? Discover it today.

the law of resonance

How does it happen that some people can enjoy happiness, health, love and abundance, while others' life is gloomy, full of illness, loneliness and scarcity?

The answer lies in the Law of Resonance. This universal law is similar to the Law of Attraction but focuses on the quality of your vibrations and how they interact rather than the goals to be attracted.

More details are below. You will learn how we resonate on different levels, holistically. Discover it now and make the most of this universal law.

What Is the Law of Resonance

The Law of Resonance says that everything in the world emanates with vibration and we attract, i.e. resonate, with the beings (people, extraterrestrial beings, plants, animals, the matter) of the same vibrations, attracting these beings.

The Law of Resonance concerns not only organisms as such but also their organs and cells:

"Everything in the universe communicates with each other through vibrations and emotions and vibrations of the croup, all things and living beings of the world as we know it have their own vibration, also all organs and cells of our body and all our matter, if we examine matter in terms of its vibrational energy." - Pierre Franckh

Playing the piano can be another analogy that you can use here. It means that if you choose one, then all the strings being in harmony with this one will vibrate as long as this harmony persists.

To resonate, everything around you - things, living beings and people must meet the vibrational field, i.e. frequency. So you cannot resonate with someone at the level of anger when your vibrations manifest peace.

Like Attracts Like

Beware that everything that resonates with you is extremely attractive to your life, it does not always mean something positive for you because vibrations can be so strong that they destroy matter.

For example, an opera singer can break glass with one sound of his voice, directing his energy towards it, if the transferred energy has the same vibrations as glass, i.e. the same natural frequency as the molecular structure; it can lead to such a high load that the glass breaks.

The same rule applies to negative vibrational energy carried inside you. Hence someone's scornful remark, calling names or a stream of mind control may lower your vibrations. Then unpleasant or even shocking events are dragged into your life.

Therefore, you must know very precisely what vibrations you are in and what resonant field you are not consciously building.

Learn more about the levels of vibrations:

1. The Heart Field and the Law of Resonance

It is commonly known that the energy and magnetic fields generated by the heart communicate with each other constantly with your other organs.

This field is much stronger than the brain's: the strength of electrical heart signals up to the age of 60 and 60 times greater than the strength of electronic brain signals. The heart's magnetic field is up to 5,000 times stronger than the brain's magnetic field

Moreover, the brain receives heart signals instead of working independently. Hence, the heart distributes information and is a kind of transmitter that transforms your judgements and feelings into vibrations of energy and magnetic waves. Then these waves of energy resonate with the outer world.

the law of resonance is like a river

2. The Law of Resonance and Emotions

Hence we come to a very important conclusion here: emotions and their vibrational signal sent by the heart can amplify the resonance of thoughts and beliefs.

So if you experienced a trauma and because your traumatic emotions have created a given negative belief, chances are that this belief will be very strong. Moreover, according to the Law of Resonance, it will attract a similar event and sabotage positive changes.

Hence to change beliefs and negative thoughts, you have to use the heart field, not only mental techniques. Learn more about transforming your mind:

What can you do to use the heart field for better resonance with your goals and create the kind of reality that you dream of? Practise cardiac coherence, use the field of your heart to anchor what you want, to amplify your new, positive mental patterns. More about cardinal coherence soon on my blog.

How Emotions Resonate

It is important to notice that the resonance of love is a lot stronger than the resonance of hate/fear based on the magnitude of the frequency emitted. David Hawkins describes the strength of love as 500 while anger is only 150 and fear is 100. Why does it happen?

Because love is a connective energy, whereas fear is a separative energy, moreover, love can amplify all energies it comes in contact with (i.e., raise their vibrations to 500).

Therefore, by speaking and acting in love we are teaching our resonance to bring back love and goodness into your life and as love is more powerful than fear it will always attract stronger, better, and faster than fear.

Learn how to work with emotions

3. DNA and the Law of Resonance

The level of awareness grows according to the level of development on the ladder of evolution. We found growth with the awareness that we are separated from others and human DNA has a direct influence on the world while the physical world is affected by a quantum field that connects everything.

Hence, healing your DNA will help you with raising vibrations and your level of consciousness, which also means healing cellular memory from traumas.

How Do Your Thoughts Words and Deeds Affect DNA?

Beware that all that you feel or think, what you are convinced of, is taken over by the DNA in the same millionth of a second. Everything you already have in your inner world is also found in the outer world because the quality of vibrations manifested by your cells will attract the appropriate frequencies from the external world.

What is even better or worse, everything you think about long and often, feel or say and test, eliminates your reason (depending on the quality of your words/thoughts/deeds). Every belief in profit (i.e., positive) gives further profit or in loss (negative) gives further loss.

Hence, everything that you want to change in the outside world can be changed only by changing your thinking, self-talk and deeds. And the changes start from your DNA and neural connections.

Communication on the DNA Level

DNA communicates with the environment (the matter and with the DNA of other people or other beings). This communication occurs completely differently than you initially thought because it takes place outside of time and space of a higher dimension, which is why creation created the concept of hyperspace.

So you constantly broadcast something to your resonant field without interruption with your positive or negative thoughts. As long as you maintain these wishes and visions, together with your fears, your resonant field attracts the same vibrations.

In other words, ruminating about past abuse will attract more abuse. Worrying will attract more things, and people you are afraid of. Loving thoughts will attract kind, loving people to you.

You can heal your DNA in mental, emotional and spiritual ways. Focus on the vibrations of love, peace, acceptance, gratitude and joy - thinking, feeling and acting that way. Pacify any attitude based on shame, anger, guilt, grief, pride, greed, apathy and fear.

4. Ego and the Law of Resonance

According to, "ego, is an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others." The synonyms of ego include egotism and self-importance. type of: pride, pridefulness.

On the other hand, the "spiritual ego is a mind infused with spiritual ideas and beliefs. It’s the idea and identity of yourself as being spiritually evolved" (Self-Mastery And Beyond).

The ego governs lower vibrations. according to David Hawkins's consciousness level, you act by ego from shame to pride level. Courage enables you to take action and Neutrality begins the higher part of the ladder.

Ego can cause misfortune in your life because love and co-existence are the ultimate goals of any community. Hence, ego can sabotage your success:

“People work with people they know like and trust.” People don’t like working with Egomaniacs (see self above others) or Ego Protective people (someone with low self-esteem). Notice the word that each has in common “EGO” - Preston Mayon

To resonate with success, abundance, happiness, health and love, you need to stay on higher vibrations than those of the ego (i.e., shame, apathy, grief, guilt, anger, fear and pride).

Next week you will read more about pacifying and transforming your ego. Stay tuned to Awaken Happy Life.

high vibrations of nature

5. The Law of Resonance and Your Mind

You send energy by the power of your thoughts and other beings do the same. Equally vibrating energies drag each other out, therefore you not only attract people and events but you are also attracted by other people and events.

It happens on the condition that both energies resonate together on the same vibrations. So you will attract angry people while being angry yourself. And the same applies to love and peace.

Discover how to master your thoughts

6. The Law of Resonance and the Time

Moreover, according to Franckh Pierre, quantum physics has discovered that your thoughts and beliefs are phantom waves that propagate not only in space but also in time, running from the past into the future.

These mechanics also describe waves that can travel backwards in time into the future and the past. To put it simply, your quantum field reads the kind of vibrations sent by other beings only when these kinds of vibrations are the same. In this case, I am writing about a future interaction.

But this mechanism also concerns the relationship between the past and the future. They affect each other. making up karma will affect your past life record while ruminating on the past will create a similar future.

This concept can be difficult to understand because time is linear on Earth in the third dimension. But everything already exists, although not predominated, and can be attracted by the appropriate resonance of your thoughts and emotions. So you have an opportunity to look for your best future, where you enjoy happiness love, health and abundance.

You have the power to choose various kinds of futures through your appropriate thoughts, emotions, words and deeds.

Today scientists start to assume that all the time does not function linearly, as we perceive it, but everything happens at the same time, the past happens here and now, just like the present and the future.

It is a fact that your consciousness receives only once, of course, you don't know anything else, because according to traditional science, your senses are very limited. But according to more enlightened sources, you are surrounded by a multitude of other energies, vibrations, waves and information.

7. Making a Wish to Activate the Law of Resonance

It is critical to note that your present state of consciousness determines all possible events in the future provided that the expected events occur in the future of a time-very-distant body of resonance.

In other words, the quality of your current thoughts, words and deeds will create your future, according to their quality: positive ones will create positive events in the future, and negative ones will create challenges.

When you make a wish, you send the energy of a given vibration to the Universe. This energy resonates with one of the scenarios that exist in the Universe. The more intense the thoughts, emotions, words and deeds and the clearer their intention, the more probable is that this scenario will manifest - quickly and forcefully.

How Else Can You Apply the Law of Resonance?

Now you can ask 'How in practice can I apply the Law of Resonance?'I will describe to you three simple, but powerful tools that help you to achieve the goal: create an awesome future by awesome present actions.

1. Meditation

It has a versatile effect on your future. At the time of meditation, you can cleanse yourself from negativity. Then, having clear intentions, you can manifest your goals in the spiritual world, asking not only God and Higher Beings for help, but also discovering your skills used in previous lives.

Next, you can recharge your mind, heart and soul with the energy of Mother Earth and Higher beings to have the courage and motivation to pursue your dream scenario. Read more about meditation.

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

More about meditation

be positive like flowers

2. Affirmations of Your Whisheslist Combined with EFT Technique

Write down your intention. Then list all the obstacles and the underlying emotions that sabotage your scenario. It may be fear, anger, guilt, shame, pride, desire, apathy or shame. To make this method more effective, look into the mirror while affirming and tapping.

Then start the EFT technique. First, affirm the problem, by tapping the "karate spot". For example 'I am afraid of starting a new relationship because ... has happened before.'

Next, tap some specific places on your body (i.e., the meridian endpoints of the body – such as the top of the head, eyebrows, under eyes, side of eyes, chin, collar bone, and under the arms.) saying

Even if I am afraid of starting a relationship, I love and approve of myself.'

Then, after doing all the previous rounds of tapping and affirming, do the next one saying: 'Even if some part of me wants to hold to its emotion, I fully love and approve of myself.'

The last round of tapping is done by saying 'Now I am willing to transform fear into love by... (future action). I will feel happy and satisfied with my new relationship.'

You might need to repeat each round a couple of times until you reduce the initial intensity of negative emotions you are struggling with.

3. Visualisation

It is similar to meditation but you focus on the future scenario visualising it. Use all the senses to feel, see, hear, taste and touch everything that will happen in the future. For example, it can be your new relationship. Visualise your partner, his/her traits, the quality time you will spend with them, and your joint goals.

To make visualisation effective, do it in four rounds. apart from imagining the positive scenario, find one obstacle that will sabotage this goal. visualise it shortly and then see the remedy to this obstacle. Then find another gridlock and repeat the procedure.

In a Nutshell

The Law of Resonance is powerful and affects us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You can start resonating with the better reality by thinking, speaking and acting through high-vibrational levels of consciousness, manifestation, meditation and visualisation of this new reality. Good luck with creating a better life. With lots of love and light,


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