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Struggling with Low Personal Vibrations? Try This Effective Way

Many people know something about vibrations. I have also written about this topic. But few people know how to recognise various kinds of vibrations and how to elevate them to a higher level.

Elevate personal vibrations


You can check the level of your vibrations by observing what is happening in your life. Take the test below and discover the truth. Later, you will learn what to do to elevate vibrations and illuminate the way you perceive reality.

Test the Level of Your Vibrations

Discover your self-talk and the typical statements used regularly. Take a notebook and write down what you say and think about the most often. Carry out this experiment for a day or two. Then look at your statements. Underline those which appear more often.

Now check the list below and find the similar or similar statements:

1. I’m hanging my head in shame. It’s a shame, to tell the truth.

2. It’s all my fault I cannot please my partner/boss/mother.

3. Who cares? The world is ending. I don’t care.

4. If only I had more time/money… I would work more/I could afford t…/do….

5. There is danger everywhere. … is/are dangerous.

6. I must have this luxury business. I must possess…

7. I’ll show you how good I am at chess/ sex/…

8. My way is the best way. Only I’m right.

What Kind of Vibrations Will You Manifest?

Now let’s analyse a hypothetical situation. Your spouse/partner has cheated on you. Which option would you choose?

1. Hod dare you! It’s a shame to cheat! What will your father say?

2. Our relationship will break up and it is your fault.

3. Who cares? Men are like that. I cannot do anything.

4. If I only weigh less, he would be faithful. I wish I weren’t slimmer.

5. Business trips are dangerous… and now I know why.

6. I must do the same tomorrow.

7. I will show him what I think about it! No dinners cooked anymore!

8. I was right in thinking he does not love me anymore.

Your Score

Next, check what kinds of frequencies, you have just manifested by giving your answer:

1. Shame - It is characterised by humiliation and traditionally accompanied by banishment. Shame leads to cruelty towards yourself and others.

2. Guilt – You want to punish by self-rejection, masochism, and remorse. Suicidal behaviour is very common. Guilt is often manifested by a mental illness, especially depression.

3. Apathy - You can experience hopelessness, playing dead and being “drained” from others, immobilised by the thought of helplessness.

4. Grief - Helplessness is also present there, together with despair, loss, and regret. You wish you hadn’t…, feeling like a loser, mournful.

5. Fear - “Danger” is the keyword here. It is everywhere. You become avoidant, defensive, preoccupied with security, possessive of others, jealous, restless, anxious, and vigilant.

6. Desire - In this case, you always want to win, looking for a gain acquisition, pleasure and “getting” something outside yourself. You are never satisfied and craving for more. Delayed gratification would bring you to the grave.

7. Anger - In this case, you overcome fear with the energy of force, threat, and attack. It is irritable, explosive, bitter, volatile, and resentful.

8. Pride - Have you noticed something? You focus on achievement, the desire for recognition and perfectionism. You must be better and more superior to others, always the winner. It is typical for today’s rat race.

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Elevate your personal vibrations

As you may recognise, these frequencies are organised according to the levels of consciousness by David Hawkins’.

The ones presented above concern the lower part of the ladder of vibrations, the “negative’” ones because they make your life more difficult and unhappy.

However, everything has a purpose, and you can learn from these states of consciousness, too. They are also an opportunity for transformation.

Hawkins has defined more levels, which are neutral and positive. Some of them will be discussed later in this article.

How to Change Low Vibrations

Once you know which vibration is manifested in your life frequently, the time has come to neutralise it.

I will present you four proven methods which you can use instantly by writing and saying them. The topic is very broad to discuss in one article so I have decided to publish two pieces of writing.

Today let’s meet the first method of raising your vibrations, manifested by the way in which you perceive your reality.

Work with Your Language

If you have the list of your thoughts and words, transform them into more uplifting ones. Work bit by bit and do not take too many statements in one go.

Find this statement below and read the alternative. Then take your diary/journal and rewrite the negative statement, crossing it out three times.

This will signal to your subconscious mind that you do not want to use a given statement/thing as a given thought. Then write down at least three sentences with the opposite statement.

Linguistic Patterns

• I’m hanging my head in shame => I am respected for who I am. People/… respect me

• It’s all my fault => Making mistakes is human

• Who cares? I can’t… => I won’t … (do) …

• If only I had… I can’t go on => I can start a new life to have … I can do it.

• There is danger everywhere => I love myself and can handle whatever happens.

• I must have it => I choose to wait and have it when ready

• I’ll show you… => I accept it/them because everything has a purpose.

• My way is the best way => I respect your right to free will

For example:

Old statement: I must have a new car

New statements:

• I choose to wait for a new, beautiful car.

• I can enjoy my life while waiting for a new car.

• I have the power to attract a new car.

How to use Linguistic Patterns to Raise Vibrations

Once you have written the opposite statements, learn them by heart – by rewriting, and saying them aloud in front of the mirror.

I also recommend the 3-6-9 methods: writing/reading your new statement 3 times in the morning, 6 times during the day and 9 times at night, preferably before going to bed.

If you have little time, at least write the statements once during the day and then learn by heart and repeat them aloud at noon and in the evening. If you are too busy, write your statements at least in the morning after getting up.

If you feel resentment for writing, use the statements disarming self-sabotage:

• I let this resentment go.

• I am ready to say … (your assertive statement)

• It is good for me to say … (your statement)

Then work on the new affirmations described above.

Also, place your new statement in a visible place, e.g., on your fridge. And whenever your mind shows you the old pattern, say in mind:

STOP! I’M NOT THINKING THIS WAY, I … (your new, learnt statement).

There are more effective methods of working with negative statements which will help you with an elevation of your vibrations. They will be described in my next article. So, stay tuned to Awaken Happy Life and come back next week.


In a Nutshell

Today you could discover low frequencies that make you unhappy. If it did not concern you, that’s great.

But then show this test to your friends. Later, I described the first of the methods of coping with low vibrations. Work with affirmations opposite to your statements. Good luck with staying at high vibrations. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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