Meet 10 Kinds of Clutter In Your Life

You have heard about clearing the clutter at least once in your life. Many times you might think if a given thing is clutter. Today I will give you the answer to this question.


This article has been published at the beginning of February this year, yet the content is still up-to-date. The New solar  Chinese Year, started exactly on the 4th of last February. Before each year's festival(i.e. Chinese New Lunar and Solar Year), which are the biggest festivals in China, the inhabitants of this country tidy and clean their houses very thoroughly before this event and according to Feng Shui school which becomes modern in the Western world, too.

I have decided to write some posts about clutter because the space in which you are living can impede your spiritual growth. As you will learn later, there is also spiritual clutter to be cleared. Anything that blocks your connection to the Source and the Light is also treated as clutter.

What Is Clutter

Let's start with the matter.  According to Karen Kingston, there are four categories of clutter

  • things you don’t use or love
  • things that are untidy or disorganized
  • too many things in too small a space
  • anything unfinished  

She also divides clutter into physical, mental, social, digital, emotional and spiritual ones. I have decided to divide it a bit differently so that you can easier find the issue which could be fixed.

10 Kinds of Clutter

I could list even more, but in order not to frighten you too much, I have limited the number to ten. Some might be easy to clear and eliminate in the future. However, in some cases, lots of determination and motivation is required. All these categories will be described in more than one post. Let's start from what's the nearest - our home.

1. Untidy And Messy House/Flat

Before I start listing some examples of clutter here, let's divide it into some categories:

"Maybe One Day I Need This"

You are hoarding "just in case" things, hoping to use them in the future. But then your future is limited by the clutter, especially when it starts to fill up all your space which is a must to create a brilliant future. Don’t let your stuff dictate what is in store for you.

"The Way They Were"

In other words, sentimental clutter. Here you are hoarding your souvenirs, bank statements, books, notebooks and hundreds of other things, just because they bring good memories from the past or it is a pity to get shot of them.

The “Must-Haves”

 In this case, collecting and having things in an effort to increase your standing and make yourself feel accepted. “No material object, however beautiful or valuable, can make us feel loved…” The Dalai Lama. Now let's move to the clutter in the house/flat:


According to Feng Shui cluttered basement can keep you locked in the past especially if the clutter is from past relationships, jobs or locations. The basement is the foundation of your home, so if your foundation is locked in the past how can you build a future?


Any clutter there is holding you back from attaining your dreams and future plans. It is like being under a giant thumb pressing you down. Think of all old furniture, books, papers, DIY things, Christmas decorations, clothes, pots and anything that could be found around the house in the past and now kept in the attic.

Main Entrance

When you have clutter at your main entrance, it can limit opportunities in your career and personal development. According to Feng Shui, the front entrance is where the most chi enters the home – blocked chi = blocked opportunities. Shoes, boxes with things, drawers are only some examples.

Clutter Behind Doors

It simply equals low energy in the room that the door leads into. The door needs to be able to swing and open fully. Examples of clutter here: boxes, chests of drawers, shoes, storage containers.

Cluttered Hallways

For example too much large furniture blocks or slows chi this can represent or lead to a lack of progress in your life. Compressed or squeezed chi in the front hallway could lead to health issues and lethargy. Even the house which has very airy corridors needs to have adjustments taken carefully, not cluttering the strong chi.

The Junk/Spare Room: 

According to Feng Shui, some parts of the house are inauspicious for some people living there because of their geographical direction. The Chinese usually keep junk things there. But even though no one sleeps in this room full-time clutter is undesirable in that area.

There might be temporary clutter (i.e. things which are ambiguous - you do not know if to keep or dump them) or storage of clothes, books etc. But even then, you need to keep only things which are really useful and you like them plus keep them tidy at all times.

Under the Bed

Unfortunately, many beds manufactured in Europe do not have space under them so you even do not need to hoard clutter there. And sometimes you need to block the chi, as I wrote, especially when you are living in a windy area or the house has a strong air current between windows.

Yet clogged or blocked chi under the bed can lead to sleep and health issues. If space is an issue then try to keep only soft bedding or seasonal clothing – avoid heavy things, sharp things and definitely do not store old unwanted things there.

2.   Untidy Or Messy Surroundings of your House/Flat

Since you know what kind of clutter can be found in your house, now let's check its surroundings. I mean your garden, yard or front part. Examples of clutter may include:

  • messy plants, untrimmed, with ill leaves, branches and flowers
  • flowers after the blooming season, dry and faded,
  • old dry branches of bushes (e.g. roses, raspberries),
  • weeds around flowers and bushes,
  • unmowed grass,
  • old and broken tables, chairs,
  • dirty pool.

3.  Untidy Or Messy Workplace And/Or Car  

By "workplace" I mean both the office and the "do-it-yourself" workplace, e.g. a garage. If we talk about the garage a car is also an important place of clutter. So in the case of your office, you will find the following clutter;

  • messy documents,
  • untidy trays,
  • old, invalid notes,
  • untidy computer (which is another category of clutter),
  • old and broken office tools (e.g a stapler, a puncher),
  • all things which distract you from work or are not connected with it,
  • files which are not tidied  (i.e.put to folders),
  • untidy, messy folders.

In the case of the "do-it-yourself" workshop, you can find the following clutter:

  • screws, bolts and all the tools on the floor and the places where you do your work
  • untidy containers for your nuts-and-bolts,
  • broken tools, which you are still keeping,
  • all used up things which had had to be disposed of and recycled if possible,
  • all unfinished work,
  • all cluttered access paths.

Now let's see what you can find in your car:

  • dirty mates,
  • crumbles on the floor,
  • dirty,  not vacuumed seats,
  • stains on seats,
  • broken radio, glasses,
  • dirty boot with things not used during driving,
  • shopping kept in the car instead of the house.

4.  Dirty Body Inside

There are lots about personal hygiene, which means taking care of the outer part of your body. But very few people think of cleansing the inside unless they lose their health, e.g. have cancer or are obese, to the way that they cannot get up or lace their shoes. Before you start your detox, learn what you will have to get rid of:

  • large intestine: faecal stones, plaque,
  • liver:  stones and cholesterol sediments,
  • blood and lymph vessels: atherosclerotic plaque, sediments,
  • kidneys: sand plaque, stones,
  • teeth - cavities, plaque and tartar,
  • heavy metals, especially from your brain: cadmium, mercury, lead, aluminium, barium (many of them spread in chemtrails now).

5.  Unfinished Business

This kind of clutter is more subtle but vampirical for your energy. Actually, it builds up in your head and burdens your mind with the neverending to-do list. Imagine that every time you think of something and look at something, it urges you to take some action. It will be an overwhelming experience and your efficiency will plummet. Here are only SOME examples of unfinished business:

  • everything that is procrastinated because it was started but is not finished - reports, articles, the do-it-yourself things, meals,
  • untidy wardrobes, chest-of-drawers, tables,
  • procrastinated clearing of the clutter,
  • all the goals which have been started but are not pursued,
  • all overdue tasks.

6. Unfinished Business In Relationships With people

This simply means that some issues between and the other person are unfinished or unclear. Examples may include:

  • promises that were not kept,
  • not apologising for what wrong you have done
  • staying in toxic relationships when you know you should end them (friends, acquaintances, partner),
  • not setting boundaries in a given relationship (e.g. how often and when people can call you). It is especially common in the relationship with your family and with your co-workers,
  • unfinished projects have done together,
  • not saying to your co-workers, family members, friends or acquaintances what you really think.

7. Lack Of Forgiveness

This is a big issue. By forgiving you help yourself, not the wrongdoer. You just let go of the clutter of negativity from your life. Forgiving means cutting the cord and then you can heal your wounds. Now, here is a list of who you need to forgive to clear this type of clutter:

  • your parents,
  • your siblings,
  • the rest of your family,
  • your co-workers or business partners,
  • your customers if you have a business,
  • your investors if you have a business,
  • your boss,
  • your neighbours,
  • other people met in your community, e.g. in shops, restaurants, at the post office, the public service members (like the police),
  • the members of a local religious community you belong to,
  • your ex-partners, friends, acquaintances,
  • your schoolmates,
  • yourself.
Further reading on forgiveness:
  • 10 Things to Forgive Yourself For in Life
  • How To Forgive Your Parents
  • How To Practise Self-Forgiveness: Holistic Approach
  • 8. Other Negative Emotions Held Within

    Forgiveness means letting go a given person from your life. However, you can still hoard the baggage of negative emotions because of the wounds made by stings or swords. Stings relate to the solar plexus chakra while swords hurt the heart chakra. Check them what emotions to let go:

    • grudge,
    • anger,
    • resentment,
    • jealousy,
    • shame,
    • guilt,
    • the emotional pain of any kind,
    • disappointment,
    • frustration.

    9. Untidy Electronic Devices

    In other words - the digital clutter. Firstly, you may have too many electronic devices at home, secondly, they can be cluttered and untidy themselves. In particular, clutter is very common on:

    • laptops and computers,
    • phones and tablets,
    • portable discs,
    • the boxes included to your TV packages,
    • USB flash sticks.

    Similar clutter can be found online. Just think of your

    • bookmarks of your browser,
    • mailbox,
    • social media profiles,
    • hosting,
    • pages/posts on your blog,
    • too many messengers, notebooks etc.
    • untidy and overloaded cloud storage.

    10. Spiritual Clutter

    Everything which is connected with your spiritual life belongs to this category:

    • karma to be paid off - from this and the previous lives,
    • beings on your aura,
    • hook-ups to your aura,
    • hexes, bad spells, using sorcery to achieve your goals,
    • any evil had done in this life.

    In a Nutshell

    We all need to keep clutter at bay. I have described what clutters particular parts of your house and what clutter is. Start decluttering your life right now, it is worth your trouble. Good luck.