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Beware! These 10 Objects Carry Negative Energy

Discover the 10 objects that carry negative energy and how to neutralize their influence. Protect your space and empower your life. Find out more on our blog.

Trees during autumn dissolve negative energy

1. Why Does Negative Energy Like Some Objects?

There is one brutal truth: energy needs free flow and positive frequencies to empower your life.

However, there are cases when it does not happen and some objects are prone to it. Unfortunately, many of these things are present in our houses, and we are not aware of the problem. There are three main reasons why objects can have low energy:

• They have low vibrations - anything unwanted, bringing negative memories or inducing negative emotions is toxic. Examples will follow below.

• They carry the energy of negative people - your destructive mother-in-law or partner can bring negative energy even to the most luxurious and nice-looking object. Think of Christmas presents or engagement rings.

• Clutter - things that you do not use simply block energy flow in your space. Also, they are often damaged because of wear and tear or you start having negative associations with them (unfashionable, too big/small).

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2. Which Objects Do Radiate Negative Energy?

There are nine categories of objects radiating with negative energy. However, apart from these categories,

I have to warn you about two more groups of objects: amulets and talismans of different shapes and colours. They are dangerous being placed in our homes to attract happiness, prosperity, love and money.

Few people know that these items will not work properly when combined with objects carrying negative energy.

2.1. Gifts from People Carrying Negative Energy

We should never keep the gifts received from the people who are toxic in our homes. A jealous sibling or co-worker giving us a Christmas present will carry misfortune and bad luck. Their energy is just as toxic as theirs, even if these individuals do not say anything.

Their thoughts and insincere intentions are enough to do a bad job. Think of all the presents which you have got recently - which vibrate with love and which cause anger or fear?

2.2. Artificial Plants or Dried Flowers

Artificial plants and compositions from dried flowers often find a place in our homes because they look nice and people consider them good for enlivening the space.

However, these objects are deprived of life and do not pass the vital energy present in fresh plants. Hence negatively affects the energy balance of the house. In addition, they are easy prey to dust and any kind of bad chi.

But be also aware of some fresh plants like cloves and cactuses discussed below. You had better grow them outside the house.

Polluted areas carry negative energy

2.3. Cactus and Spiky Plants

This category of negative objects can be really surprising for you because cacti are often recommended as an effective radiation absorber from your computer, mobile phone and other electronic devices.

However, these plants have also disadvantages because of their spiky shape. According to Feng Shui, any objects of spiky shape bring misfortune. Hence, find other ways of absorbing electromagnetic radiation than cacti.

Otherwise, financial problems and relationship issues will happen. You can use crystals like orgonite or fluorite instead.

2.4. Stained or Broken Mirrors Carrying Negative Energy

Not many people are aware of the fact of how destructive energy the dust carries. Hence, mirrors should always be perfectly clean, and immaculate.

Any broken or stained mirror should be removed from the home of a person who cares for his life and spiritual energy.

Otherwise, misfortune will be present. Also, never put mirrors that reflect your legs in your bedroom.

broken mirror quote

2.5. Broom with Bristles Directed to the Bottom

Never keep a broom with bristles at the bottom as it is a very popular practice in our homes. Why?

Because it keeps love and calmness away from home. Brooms serve to sweep any kind of energy, so kept with their bristle down while not in use, they will also deplete you of good energy and cause financial or relationship problems.

Also, keep your broom clean after use as dust will also poison your space.

2.6. Scissors

Leaving scissors open brings bad luck because they serve for destruction (cutting destroys an object's integrity).

Also, their sharp shape is an additional way of doing damage to the harmony in your house. Hence, always keep any scissors well closed and keep them out of your sight, putting them in a wardrobe for example. They also should be cleaned after usage.

2.7. Broken and Odd Tableware

We all have a big sentiment for festive tableware, used by grandparents or parents. So precious they are and are the reason to bask in pride during family dinners. But beware. Any broken and even fixed item from your beautiful tableware will bring misfortune, negativity and sadness to your space. Hence, always avoid the accumulation of broken or odd glasses, cups and dishes. These items should be in good condition, without stains, damage and cracks.

2.8. Embalmed Animals, Leather, Shells

It is nothing wrong with keeping shells found on the beach but remember to keep them clean (i.e. often remove the dust gently, without washing them in the water - use only the seawater, clean of course).

However, keeping shells embalmed at home brings bad luck. Horns, shells, and skins should never be kept, even unembalmed because they carry the energy of death and pain of the animal which has been slaughtered, either for the meat or even worse, during hunting for pleasure.

The same concerns feathers (e.g. of the peacock). Also, embalming stagnates energy in these objects.

2.9. Very Old and Torn Out Clothes Carrying Negative Energy

It is important to avoid the accumulation of old clothes that you no longer use. If you start disliking a given piece of clothing (e.g. because it is unfashionable), this item starts generating negative energy.

Also, too many old pieces of clothing create obstacles that do not allow you to renew the energy of your home. Worse, any torn or darned underwear will bring bad luck to your love life and any kind of relationship.

3. Can You Remove Negative Energy from These Objects?

Yes, you can. Knowing the three reasons why some objects carry negative energy, you can take action to eliminate them

3.1. Clean with Intention

Sometimes a given object can be still useful, even if given by a toxic person. You can use cleansing rituals to remove its negative energy (more information is below in this article). Firstly, when you have an intention of using it to bring you happiness, its energy can transform.

3.2. Protect and Cleanse Yourself and Your Living Space

Use these tools to protect and cleanse yourself first. Having a strong, healthy aura will help you to cleanse the objects in a safe way so that you will not absorb negative energy yourself. Here are a couple of ways you can try:

• bathing in water with sea salt,

• removing clutter (physical, digital, emotional) - more information below,

• putting crystals in sunlight and moonlight,

• keeping closed and hidden (knives and any objects that cut),

3.3. Clear the Clutter

Everything that is not used, unwanted and unloved clogs the flow of positive energy and generates negative one, Hence deep-six all clutter. I have to point out that clutter does not only concern your physical space. Here are four more categories:

• Work - your office, computer, personal relationships (with the boss and co-workers when you are an employee; customers and business partners if you are an entrepreneur)

• Unfinished business at work and home - overdue letters, calls, unpaid bills, mess on your computer

• The hobby that you do not enjoy anymore because of a lack of companions, funds or interests.

• Toxic relationships - at work and in your private life.

I will not give you more examples as these four involve enough work to be occupied with and you may still lack time to fix these areas of life.

Start from the most obvious one (e.g. the relationship with your boss - either improve it or think of changing the current job). However, do it step-by-step and prepare a reasonable plan to implement your goal.


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3.4. Remove Negative Energy By Rituals

Rituals can be very helpful to change the energy of objects around you. During one of them, you cleanse your emotions, which means giving up the sentimental history of a given object.

Take your personal journal or a reporter's notepad (if you intend to burn all your scripts immediately after the ceremony.) Light a candle and play the music raising your vibrations (e.g. the 432 Hz, 528 Hz, Solfeggio).

Create an intention of transformation and cleansing of the energy. To amplify the process, you can also sing or chant mantras during writing.

Describe what you are feeling to the giver of an object or the painful memory associated with it. Let go of all negative emotions - write them down without censorship, the way you are really feeling them. Even cursing is allowed for a while as it will be burnt later.

When you finish writing, burn these pieces of paper in the fireplace, stove or by the candle (be careful though not to ignite a fire!). Then continue writing.

Create a letter of forgiveness to those who have hurt you and a farewell note to each object that you want to remove from your life. Thank them for the lesson learnt. Do not forget to note down these lessons and remember them.

Further reading on the healing frequencies:


Use meditation to transform the negative energy of objects - put them under the waterfall with the intention of cleansing. You can also use seawater visualisation. If it is hard for you to meditate, just close your eyes and affirm:


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In a Nutshell

Today you have met nine categories of objects which carry negative energy into your life. I have also given you some ways of reducing this negative impact. Use these tools to your advantage and do not forget to get shot of all negative objects. Good luck.


Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach who inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


The content of Awaken Happy Life is published for educational and informative purposes only. It does not substitute medical or any other professional advice. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition. The author of Awaken Happy Life is not liable for any consequences of applying any piece of advice published on this website by the reader.


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