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Want to Cut off Negative Energy for Good? Try This Ritual

I have already written about negative energy. But my readers want to know more. Learn the most efficient tool to remove negative energy for good.

Try this ritual removing negative energy


Unfortunately, it often happens that your mood changes rapidly in some places and after meeting some people. You can become happier or the opposite, sad, irritated and feel discomfort.

How Energies Work

Everything is energy in the world. Even material objects radiate with energy because they were created by thoughts, either of the human being or of the Universe. and each thought is energy.

There is one rule concerning energy. You can attach it to people or some places using it. Moreover, you can also attach it to your memory.

However, then you are blocked from new ideas because there is an energetic cord between you and a given person, place, or memory. It is dragged by you everywhere you go.

Removing Negative Energy - Emergency Tool

How to cut off ethereal cords and their negative energy? In short, raise your vibrations and then create a kind of shield to protect. Here is a piece of music to use.

Aura Shield Meditation

It is the quickest aid. However, to remove the cords permanently, use a simple ritual that will cause the stone will fall from your heart. You can either cut the cord or untie it.

Two Conditions of Cutting Off Negative Energy

However, there is one condition that you need to meet to get a shot of negative energy. You need to be ready for this process. The feeling that you will not handle any more of it. Otherwise, the process will not work.

It is a big relief when you break the energetic cords of negative energy. However, be sensible in trying to liberate from the cords, otherwise, it will cause more damage than help you. Each interference with energy must be forethought.

Firstly, never cut energetic cords randomly, without clear intention and understanding of the reason for this process.

It can lead to an imbalance in your private energetic status quo. Be aware of the reason why you want to cut this cord and respect the fact that the process may last for a while.

Secondly, to conduct the process of cutting off negative energy harmlessly, meet the source of the problem and define your intention thoroughly. otherwise, the problem may come back again many times.

The Reasons for Negative Energy Attachment

There might be various reasons for negative energy attachment to your aura. Some of them include your willingness to be hooked up, other beings' activity (e.g. hexes), low vibrations, ruminating on negative thoughts, and worrying.

However, some reasons may be more serious, e.g. your soul contract. This cord has been defined before you have been born.

I will write more about soul contracts shortly, so stay tuned to my blog. Whatever your soul contract was, you can always break its ties when you feel that you have grown spiritually.

Do You Know That...?

When your energy is clear and strong and your vibrations tuned to the Source, you actually do not need the ritual of cutting off energetic cords. Therefore, do everything to raise your vibrations constantly.

It can happen that the energetic hooks present in your life do not necessarily reflect your current vibrations.

Hence, your current relationship may not show the energetic similarity between you and your partner. However, he or she may also possess something that has not been activated in yourself yet.

Liberating from such a connection will also enable you to remove all negative influences of your partner.

A Word Of Warning

Cutting the energetic cord and releasing negative energy does not mean that your partner will change. It only means that that energy has been removed and dissolved in your energetic field. And it is always a piece of good news.

Sometimes it may be hard to cut off negative energy as the cord is very strong. Then do your best to weaken it at least. In most cases, cutting off contact with that person or limiting it to a minimum is enough and, therefore, you will feel better.

A Simple Cutting Ritual

This ritual is safe and even a person not familiar with magic can do it. However, always have decent intentions as what you create will come back to you.

1. Prepare

Take care of good energy. Eat a healthy meal that has high vibrations (preferably vegetables and nuts, avoid meat and dairy). Drink plenty of water.

Write your intentions - who do you want to cut from? Use handwriting - using your hand means creation.

Find a place where you feel comfortable and undisturbed. Close your eyes and relax.

Take a deep breath and inhale slowly. Imagine that while inhaling, you are filled in with fresh, positive energy and while exhaling you are getting rid of all negative ones.

2. Build Up Your Strength

Ask higher forces for help - angels, (especially Michael), Jesus, Mary, and all your spiritual guardians.

May they help you to cleanse your own energetic field and cut the cords of negative energy that lower your vibrations.

Visualise yourself in a place of strength. when you feel relaxed, imagine that you are safe, breathing fresh air, grounded with Mother Earth.

It will help you to feel stronger and the visualisation of cutting the negative energy cord will be easier.

3. Cut Off Negative Energy

Visualise yourself in the process of cutting negative energy. You can see the memory of the situation, place, whatever you want to leave behind, the ballast you want to abandon. Look at the cord which is tying you with these items of negative energy. This cord is dark and full of unpleasant and painful feelings.

Your will is to cut it. Take big scissors. Ask Archangel Michael for help here. Cut the cord promptly, with confidence and faith in your strength. You may need to cut more than once if the negative energy is still present because you are feeling uncomfortable. Cut the cord until you feel peace of mind.

End the process by saying these words:

I... (Your name) hereby am liberating myself from and cutting off all energetic cords which do not serve me and harm me, which do not support my spiritual growth. What is mine, what is yours is yours."

It is the most important part of the process: to let the negative energy go. Thank the person, place, and memory from which you have just cut for their presence in your life, for all that they could have done at this stage of your life. Bless the person, place, or memory.


Meditation is a powerful tool for removing negative energy. You can meditate listening to music like this mentioned above. Read more.

Let's meditate together

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In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt how to cut off negative energy from your life. I have presented you with a simple ritual that you can do whenever needed. Just prepare, build up your strength, cut the cords and let the negative energy go. Good luck. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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