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The Soul Contract. How You Can Make the Most of It

A friend of mine asked me yesterday: "What is a soul contract?" I answered her and later decided to present the answer today. Learn how to recognise and fix a soul contract.

plands also have souls and create contracts among each other


What Is a Soul Contract

Soul contracts are agreements we make with other souls before we are born. Souls we have contracts with will be those to bring deep changes into our lives through unique connections. These contracts are made with a special purpose, and that is to teach us important lessons we've chosen to learn before reincarnation.

Heartbreak Triangle

Soul contracts can be positive when wonderful, loving connections between people help to create growth, transformation, and even access to unconditional love. Unfortunately, not all soul contracts are so fortunate.

Some have ups and downs, but there are also cases when painful blocks are present, and they stop people from doing good things and happiness in their lives.

Just think of not being able to fulfil your dreams, have a wonderful marriage, find a best friend, or even become successful in business.

Soul Contracts vs. Karmic Bonds

Now we need to distinguish between spiritual contracts and karmic bonds. I have described the first one above.

The biggest difference between karmic bonds and soul contracts is that the first is more rigid and tends to have urgent energy for a given purpose.

People meet together to return for a favour, e.g. to repay a debt or make amends for past misdeeds. Soul contracts choose to hang out together for a variety of reasons, not just one.

So for example, you choose a toxic family with a father who is an alcoholic, an overprotective mother and a stingy sister/brother.

Each of the souls has a goal to achieve - sometimes to explore the darkness, sometimes to give you back the negative karma. You, in turn, learn forgiveness and assertiveness.

Types Of Soul Contracts

I will describe to you the five most common soul contracts. Bear in mind that contracts can vary depending on the relationship, e.g., with your mother, child or partner.

1. Loneliness

This conflict means that you are looking for your Soulmate throughout your life and only have one relationship after another being a failure, dis-ease, sadness and heartbreak.

The loneliness soul contract is probably the most difficult to handle. It happens because even if the soul finds someone, he or she will still feel lonely somehow.

Loneliness may be difficult but souls choose this contract to check their strength, which means how well they can cope without other people.

Sometimes this type of soul contract may be the retreat from too much pain with which the soul cannot come.

2. Loyalty

You can find all the victims of abuse or toxic people, who have no courage or willingness to cut these ties. These victims often say “Yes, he’s pretty cruel but family is family” or “I've no choice, he’s my boss”?

The so-called loyalty to tradition, vows, and rules paralyse the soul and make him or her helpless.

Loyalty also tests the soul's strength although can be a huge energy leak if you stick to a toxic relationship. Loyalty teaches you prioritising - is your or other people's benefit more important? If your main role of the soul is servant, then you probably choose other people's benefit.

3. Martyrdom

Martyrs nearly never say "no", putting their desires and needs aside to help others. They do it even if they will suffer themselves, as a sacrifice. These souls do not want to be called "selfish".

But you CAN focus more on yourself. It will not mean you will never help another person once you have broken this soul contract. Instead, it will allow you to make better decisions about who to help and when.

Again you test your strength, the ability to be humble and patient, and the level to which you can forgive the wrongs done to you. And sometimes sacrifice so that other souls can grow and find the light again.

soul contracts are interdependent like the trees in a park

4. Anxiety

If you always feel anxious, nervous or worried it means that your soul might be holding you to this type of contract. In many cases, this contract has been taken out some time in a past life that your soul still believes is valid.

Souls choose this contract to heighten their awareness in order not to be surprised or hurt again. Releasing this contract will polish your intuition.

it is not an easy contract but its purpose is to heal and face your insecurities. You need to work with your subconscious mind. For example, you can say the affirmation below whenever you feel anxious:


5. Rocking the Boat

A soul with a "rocking the boat" contract will cause trouble everywhere. However, he or she does not want to be in the limelight, but rather stand in the background and blend in.

In this way, the soul minimises the danger of being pointed out of penalised. This attitude hampers your opportunities, e.g., for running a business. Release this soul contract to open and go on your own path.

This type of soul contract is hard as you generate lots of negative karma. However, not always. Sometimes it is beneficial to stir old, inefficient, and harmful dogma. Hence Indigo Children often rock the boat nowadays.

How To Handle Soul Contracts

So, what can you do if you realize that perhaps you have been acting against a soul contract that you no longer want? You are probably wondering how to break it. Here are some tips:

1. Understand the Agreement

The truth is that you cannot break any soul contract that you want. Try to understand how this agreement has both served and hindered you. Do it in writing.

Learn as much as you can about anxiety, rocking the boat, being loyal or a martyr. Check not only the most common sources of information but also ask those who have this soul contract.

2. Become Aware of The Soul Contract

Awareness is a must if you want to break a soul contract. Therefore, spend some time witnessing it. Understand how it has been working in your life.

For example, if loyalty is the issue, take a few weeks to notice when you do not want to end an abusive relationship or withdraw from an unfavourable agreement. Be vigilant and ask these questions constantly:

  • Am I playing the role of a martyr/loyal parson/ boat rocker right now?

  • What are other cases I behave this way?

  • What triggers me to fulfil my soul contract?

3. Change the Pattern

Now, when you know how your soul contract works in your case and what patterns you use in your behaviour, the time has come to change them. Ask yourself:

“Do I want to follow the same pattern, or do I want to make a different decision this time?”

Sometimes you will make the same decision and you will see the same results. However, you can choose a different approach to a given contract.

For example, instead of rebellion and frustration, you learn from a given contract by accepting and following the 4 spiritual laws.

With practice, you will start breaking the contract by making healthier choices. To speed the process up, use automatic writing which means writing whatever comes to your mind, preferably first thing in the morning.

Changing the pattern and then your soul contract does not mean making good or bad decisions. It is a process. You are aware of the contract but take some action to adjust it to your needs. Your goal is happiness, holistic happiness.

Meditation and Soul Contract

During meditation, you can ask your soul about the contract that you have decided to apply in your current life. The Source and Beings of Light will help you with unpacking your life lessons, plus you can also ask them to illuminate your mind and empower you on the way to spiritual growth.

Let's meditate together

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

More about meditation

In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt what soul contracts are and how to amend them so that you can be happy. There are five types of contracts. Changing them starts with an understanding of the soul contract, then observing how it works and finally acting differently, by changing the quality of your thinking, words and deeds. Good luck. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach who inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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