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11 Things You Should Always Control in Your Life

We all feel happier taking control of things in life. However, sometimes it is hard to define what and how to control. Learn it today.

stay in control over your life


Why Is It Important to Take Control of Your Life?

You might say, "Why the hell should I take responsibility for my life and control finances, relationships etc? What does it mean in particular?" Let me answer these questions.

Taking control of your life does not mean behaving like a general, but rather like the CEO of your own company.

You manage and make decisions, creating your reality. If you do not want to act this way, life and other beings will take over.

Then what you achieve will not depend on you and will not necessarily make you happy.

In holistic life, taking control of your life means creating your reality by thinking, speaking in a positive way, and taking action to achieve the goals you want.

What To Take Control of In Your Life

Firstly, you need to eliminate blame and excuses. They mean giving control of your life to someone else. If the blame or the excuse track repeatedly plays in your mind, other beings, not only people, start to manage your life.

Below, I will write about the ten most important areas of life and how to take control of them.

The 10 or More Things of Which You Can Take Control

Some of them are obvious and we all know that at least half responsibility is ours, e.g. for our relationships or children. However, you might not know about some other areas of your life which are worthy to keep an eye on.

1. Your Relationships

I do not only mean to take control of the quality of your intimate relationship. I mean the quality of EACH relationship you have with other people: your boss, each of your co-workers, your family, your neighbour, your acquaintances.

You always need to give 100% of commitment from your side although your responsibility is limited to a part whose size depends on the number of people involved in the relationship.

Your responsibility means the quality of communication, meetings, mutual understanding, dealing with challenges together, active listening and assertiveness when necessary.

How To Take Control of Your Relationships

Firstly, you need to create a more positive climate around your relationships, by cutting off toxic people.

Secondly, change your own attitude by giving up complaining and playing the victim. Also, raise your self-esteem and set healthy boundaries.

Further reading about relationships:

2. Your Time

Time is an irrevocable asset. It is a kind of energy that can be invested in different ways. Once wasted, it cannot be reclaimed. You can take control of time management - the kind of activities you perform, and how much they contribute to your life.

In other words - is your day productive or not? Do you spend your time on things which enable you to grow?

Or do you do the same boring activities and are in the same place as a year ago, without making progress? It is up to you that you will reap next year.

How To Take Control of Your Time

Simply prioritise. Steven Covey distinguished the four categories of things:

1. urgent and important, e.g., calling an ambulance, patching energy leaks,

2. important but not urgent, e.g., doing exercises, meditation, strengthening your aura,

3. urgent but unimportant. e.g., answering a phone call/ an email, all other interruptions,

4. unimportant and not urgent - commonly called time wasters, e.g., watching TV, or playing computer games.

The play is to do the things from the first and second categories and avoid the last two ones, for example, talk to your partner and do exercises to be fit before watching TV or playing a computer game.

I will write more about time management in the future. Time management, from a holistic point of view, is a very important asset within which you can invest your energy in a more and less effective way.

3. Your Quality of Life

You can take control of the quality of your daily routine, your meals, and the standard of cleanliness in your house. It also concerns the quality of your sleep and work, the way you are sitting or walking, and the level of comfort your clothes bring to you.

Look at your day right now and ask yourself: What is the quality of my life? Am I happy with it? If not - what can I do to improve the quality of my life?

How To Take Control of The Quality of Your Life

Simply, nurture your relationships, take care of your health and work, and create happiness, easiness and joy.

Further reading about energy investment:

4. Your Emotional Balance

No excuses here, although you HAVE the right to feel down sometimes. But only sometimes and then you must take control of how long your depression or other negative states will last.

No negative emotion is worth the trouble in the long run. It must be noticed, but then you need to get shot if it is as soon as possible - and find the reason why you are feeling this way so that you can eliminate it in the future.

How To Take Control of Your Emotions

Again, I have already written an article about handling emotions. In the shortest, in case, your emotions are negative, notice and vent them. You can use shouting, kicking, singing, or throwing. Contact sports or boxing are also great to vent anger, for example.

5. Take Control of Your Spiritual Life

You do not need to believe in God. However, the existence of the soul and energy flow is documented by scientists so even atheists can recognise something more than figures and facts.

If you believe in God and take care of your spiritual life, your responsibility is obvious for the quality of vibrations you emanate.

How To Take Control of Your Spiritual Life

This blog can give you many tips on a happy spiritual life as it is one of the areas of holistic happiness. Meditation is one of the most effective forms to transform any spiritual challenges. More about meditation is below in this article.

6. Your Financial Status

Yes, you CAN take control of your finances, even if you do not work and bring up children. Even then it is advisable to have some knowledge of the financial world in case your partner dies, or something happens that you will have to manage finances.

If you work or run a business, it is obvious - avoid debts, pay bills on time, look for new sources of income and keep your money safe.

If you have a low-paid job and complain about it - the time has come to stop it. Take responsibility which means taking action to improve your situation.

How To Take Control of Your Finances

Of course, you cannot do much in the case of raising taxes, about changing the government in the short run, although through elections and sometimes demonstrations people can put pressure on the authorities.

However, I have written many times that your reality can be created by thoughts, words, and deeds. A demonstration is a deed.

But you can also start thinking about abundance which will attract opportunities to you. Use the power of quantum questions in your adventure.

Further reading about mind and thoughts:

7. Your Physical Fitness and Health

It is obvious, but we usually neglect our fitness, sitting too much or lying on the couch watching TV.

Unfortunately, our body eventually reminds us about the problem, or we will receive a tough bill during old age, e.g having difficulty with walking or bending. You do not need to have professional training unless you are very unfit, weigh too much or have posture defects like scoliosis.

How To Take Control of Your Fitness and Health

Apart from doing exercises, proper nutrition and the right amount of sleep are also important. Junk food, gluten or sugar will not help you to stay healthy in the long run, Sleep deprivation will make you less effective at work and generally in life. What can you do?

  • sleep 7 - 8 hours a day, although some experts recommend 6.5,

  • use a balanced diet, avoiding sugar, fast food wheat and soft drinks,

  • do the 30-minute exercises a minimum of 5 times per week,

8. Your Self-Fulfilment

It is the fulfilment of your hopes and ambitions. It also means reaching the goals of your soul, like forgiveness or non-judgement. No one will act to make your dreams true or to achieve your goals.

It is totally up to you how many and in which way you will achieve them, how you will use the power of your thoughts to help you to make your dreams a reality, and how to make the most of your job and family life.

How To Take Control of Your Self-Fulfilment

Focus on creation. Eradicate all that is negative and brings you pain, bad luck and negative consequences.

Stop smoking, and drinking, and start thinking only about what you want, although think twice before you decide what you want as the Universe may meet your request, but according to the divine, not your expectations.

9. Your Life Enjoyment

Again, no one will organise the fun time. People can help you, but the ultimate responsibility belongs to you. And I mean enjoyment in each area and aspect of your life: the professional, emotional, sexual, financial, and spiritual.

You and only you can create your dream vacation by thinking about it and taking the appropriate action. The same concerns going to a concert, meeting someone nice or finding some volunteering.

How To Take Control of Life Enjoyment

Create it by positive thinking, words and deeds, full of love, patience, understanding and other values of the light. Surround yourself with positive people and share your resources gaining even more in return.

10. Energy and Vibrations

I have written many articles about energy and vibrations and it is one of the major topics on this website. The reason is simple: if your vibrations are low and you do not invest energy in positive things, your life will be mediocre.

How to raise vibrations and invest energy wisely?

Start by taking control of your thoughts, emotions, and words. Therefore, focus on your dreams and wonderful reality rather than on negative things and people around you, worries and the past.

Protect and cleanse your aura. After coming back from crowded places, a quarrel or even getting irritated/frustrated, cleanse your aura instantly with White Divine Light or during meditation under a waterfall.

To protect your aura, take care of your body, mind and emotions, use benevolent language and never harm other beings. Surround yourself with protective White Divine Light or a mirror capsule.

11. Other Things Not Mentioned Above

The list of the areas where your responsibility is obvious is not finished here, it is only the tip of the iceberg.

However, the more responsible you become in these areas, the happier will be your life. Then you will also notice more aspects to take responsibility for.

How To Take Control of The Miscellaneous Things in Life

The general rule is the same for all the areas: create what you want by words, thoughts, and deeds, live according to the values of the light, vent negative emotions, and take care of your relationships.

Of course, sometimes you will face challenges, but they are just tests of the values that your soul is learning or just the consequences of your previous thoughts, words, and deeds.

According to the universal Law Of Cause And Effect. Go through them and even if you fail at the first time, remember that you can be proud of the courage your soul has to take a given challenge.


Meditation will help you to take control over more aspects of your life than before. By giving God your dreams and problems and illuminating them, you will definitely find more strength and help to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

Let's meditate together

Connect by telepathy during meditation on Saturdays at 8 pm GMT. I will meditate with you and other people so that our joint energy can create miracles. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.

More about meditation

In a Nutshell

Today you have learned what areas of life to control. Your health, relationships, finances, emotional balance, and spiritual life are only a few I have mentioned. Now make a list of things within each category where you could take more responsibility and act. Good luck. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


The content of Awaken Happy Life is published for educational and informative purposes only. It does not substitute medical or any other professional advice. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition. The author of Awaken Happy Life is not liable for any consequences of applying any piece of advice published on this website by the reader.


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