7 Ways to Enjoy High Vibrations in Your Space

High vibrations mean a happy life. You can create them every day. Learn how to use your space and goals to enjoy high vibrations.


You already know how to create high vibrations in your personal life and your house. Today we will be talking about your goals and general space and how they affect vibrations.

How To Create and Enjoy High Vibrations

The process may be slow, but when you grow spiritually the changes are noticed instantly. Just starting with proper eating, keeping the negativity at bay and being nicer in your relationships will lead to changes in your attitude and plans to improve your environment.

1. Notice Your Achievements

Last December you could read a lot about setting goals on my blog. Since then we have nearly two months which have elapsed. What have you achieved? How about your 2021 resolutions?

If you are not happy with your achievements, do not panic. Just a small goal pursued brings a smile to your face, your body produces endorphins and people around feel better at your presence.

Moreover, you have even more motivation to work on your next goals so your boss is more satisfied with your work or your customers appreciate your services more. Take your diary and list the minimum of ten things which you achieved within the last two months.

2. Become Creative To Elevate Vibrations

High vibrations open you up to new ideas and therefore you can inspire other people with ease. Having no worries or clinging to the past you have no difficulty to share with your ideas and inspirations. Living without limits also helps you to be more effective in creating new things.

How to be creative. Again, take your diary and list twenty ways in which you could change your life - the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Do not evaluate your ideas, just brainstorm. Then choose one of these ideas and start working on it immediately. Good luck.

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  • 3. Detach From Loss Of any Kind

    We are too atached to things and people in our lives, connested by millions of invisible cords with them. But nothings lasts forever. Our soul plan and evolution implies changes which just mean losing some of your precious goods and beings. No one lives forever, no thing serves for ages.

    To raise your vibrations, it is necessary to detach from all the people and things which are yours right now. Never be afraid of losing your parents, friends, computer or home, rather enjoy them while they last. And if you do lose your partner or parents, treat it as a life lesson, thinking about what you can gain instead.

    Also, losing your parents and other next of kins is not a disaster because you know that their souls are always with you. Even when their bodies are gone you can still keep close contact with them.  Hence, focus on what is immortal and eternal - the values of love, safety, respect, constant growth and transformation.

    Keep high vibrations in your garden

    4. Practise Self-Discipline

    Self-discipline is the ability you have to control and motivate yourself, stay on track and do what is right. For example, you make sure you get up an hour early before work each day to go to the gym.  Self-discipline is the number one trait needed to accomplish goals, lead a healthy lifestyle, and ultimately, be happy.  

    Self-discipline is a rare trait among the people staying on low frequencies. However, it needs lots of practice to work out this trait and make the most of it, in each field of life, the physical, mental and spiritual development. But any increase in your level of self-discipline will instantly elevate your vibrations.

    5. Open Your Heart To New Opportunities

    It happens because you have mastered the Law of Attraction. I wrote about it in the article about thoughts. Positive thoughts attract positive things to your life, negative thoughts - the misfortune.  In this way, you can bring positive or negative experiences into their life. 

    To raise your vibrations, take care of your thoughts, emotions and body. Think only of what you want, feel your heart with gratitude, serenity and love, keep fit and use a balanced diet.

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    6. Keep Your Life Clutter-Free

    The issue of clutter is very important that I have published one article about it on my blog about clatter and how to clear it. Nevertheless, keep your life clutter-free in the following areas: physical (e.g. your house), emotional (i.e your relationships), digital (i.e your computer, phone, the number of electronic devices) and the social one, i.e. your friendships and connections. There is also mental and spiritual clutter.

    Being organised, have all the issues finished, keeping the minimum of things, people, issues in your life and keep all clean - means the happy, clutter-free life. Then your physical, energetic, mental and spiritual space will radiate with high vibrations.

    Take Action Now

    List all the clutter in your life. Do it in writing, in your diary. Start from every room of your house, then analyse your computer and phone. Do not forget to list the things which are called "unfinished business" - projects, repairs, unkept promises, overdue letters and calls. Then choose one, even tiny things and clear the clutter, e.g. tidy your wardrobe. You will instantly notice higher vibrations in your space.

    7. Listen To Profound, Calming And Inspiring Music, Programs, Videos

    We all know that everything is a tool; it just depends on what way you will use it -for creation or destruction. In my article about low vibrations, I mentioned what kind of music can lower the frequencies on which you are staying, i.e. the heavy metal, rap r&b, techno and many others with offensive lyrics and subliminal messages, often appealing to the dark forces.

    On the other hand, you can find lots of uplifting music, raising your vibrations. Then you can listen to it every time when your frequencies start to plummet because of negative people or your own thoughts. Here is an example of the music which raises vibrations:

    The same applies to movies and other programs. You are drawn to the films about healthy living, helping other people, growing spiritually. Also, the movies about helping people or the planet are important. You want to know how to develop your chakras, how to meditate more efficiently and how to be a better person living in the light.

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  • In a Nutshell

    To sum up, raising your vibrations can be achieved by setting and achieving attainable goals, clearing the clutter, detachment from things and people, listening to uplifting music, practising self-discipline, opening to new possibilities and becoming creating. Just applying one of these rules in your life will elevate your vibrations significantly. Good luck.