Life Lessons

The 7 Most Brutal Life Lessons to Learn

Life may be brutal. But not many people know why and how to handle creating happiness every day. Learn the 7 life lessons today and do their homework.


The Seven Brutal And Less Known Life Lessons

I have chosen only seven but usually ignored or unknown life lessons. Study them carefully and do the homework under each of them. Doing so, your life will become fuller and you will be radiating with happiness on all dimensions: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The First Of Life Lessons: You Will Never Be As Young As Today

When you talk to an elderly person, they often say, "I remember when I was at your age..." "But this time passes by quickly." You think that youth, health and vigour will last forever while being young. Unfortunately, it is not true.  Your resources are limited.

One day, your heart will stop beating and your current life will be finished. Should you be afraid of it? Obviously not. But you need to take it into consideration every morning.

While I am talking to some elderly person, he or she regrets that their life has passed by and their dreams remained unfulfilled. as many plans have been postponed or abandoned, because of hundreds of excuses not to tackle these ventures. Be aware that you will never be as young as now so.. when are you going to take some action? Today, right now.


Take your opportunities. Change your thinking and reactions. take care of your body, mind and soul. I do not fully agree with the truth described above as today it is possible to elongate your life and restore health - by body cleansing, meditation (and asking God for help). But even then it needs high vibration, no worry or rumination, willingness to live and enjoy life.

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  • The Second Of Life Lessons: Your Present Actions Create Your Tomorrow

    The Matrix and its conditioning put us in routine. Waking up, quick breakfast, work from 9 am to 5 pm than going back from work, having dinner, watching TV, sometimes a bit of quality time with family and then going to bed. day by day, year by year... After a couple of years, you are ensnared with the thought that nothing can be changed. Fears and eradicated beliefs will stop you from changing unsatisfactory job or leaving an abusive partner, especially if he/she is your spouse and you have children. You start grumbling and being embittered.

    Actually, by the age of 35, 95% of our habits are unchangeable (potentially, without using some tools like meditation). But does it mean you should do nothing? Look at the first life lesson. Youth will pass away quickly, even middle-age. The time has come to make the most of it. You are the creator of your life. The choice is yours: stay in the mediocre routine, with no future perspective or taking the life in your hands.


    Take your diary and a pen and make a list of all that you want to change in your life. Then pick up one, the most urging issue and list twenty ideas of what you can do to implement changes. Next, take the first step to make progress. No excuses.

    The Third Of Life Lessons: The Now Is The Only Moment You Experience In Life

    There is one truth you need to live at all times: the power of "now". The past means memories and the future is an illusion, although it seems very realistic. Moreover, we project this illusionary future by our past experiences, recorded in the subconscious mind.

    It is very nice to recall old times, especially the good ones. It is also nice to sit with a blank piece of paper and fill it in with goals and plans. But our life is more similar to a film where right now we are playing in a current episode independently on the previous or the next ones. In the case of the movie, you can rewind it backwards of forward. Unfortunately, not in the case of your life.


    Where were you and what were you doing an hour ago? Yesterday? A year ago? Can you feel as the time is passing by? So make the most of the present moment so that you will never regret anything in your life.

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    The Fourth Of Life Lessons: Happiness Is The Question Of Choice

    It is obvious but often neglected or denied. Only you decide to be happy. We always compare to someone in life which kills happiness. Marketing and social manipulation techniques urge you to run, be acquisitive or even avaricious, buying newer and newer products, more and more fashionable clothes or more and more luxury cars, computers, TVs. You think that being out of fashion will bring unhappiness to your life.

    But the truth I different. You will never catch the bunny which is running away all the time. What is in fashion now will be a rag tomorrow. Yesterday's smartphone or laptop will not be the fastest anymore and the car bought last year will have a better model now. Do you really chase them? Appreciate the present moment and all that you have got, right now.


    Stop for a while. Look at your family, supporting your efforts every day. Appreciate your friends, dog or cat. Notice love in their eyes, the love which does not demand reciprocation. Notice how much you have achieved up to now. Be grateful for what you have got and learn humility

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    The Fifth Of Life Lessons: Your 5 Closest People Mirror Yourself

    Look at the five people you spend the most time in your life.  What are their earnings, their lifestyle? Usually the same or similar to yours. Why? Because they mirror your personality.  Moreover, people not only come from similar social circles but your perception induces some traits in them. The Law of Focus and Attraction work here. It simply means that the way you perceive people reflects the way they treat you. Suppose that you are suspicious or mercenary and you think how to fleece someone... beware because other people will reflect these traits.


    Take your diary and a pen and do an analysis, answering the quections below:

    • Who are your people spending the most time with you?
    • Are thair happy?
    • What kind of lifestyle do they live?
    • Are they healthy; how do they care of their health?
    • Are they interested in growth, especially the spiritual one?

    Now look at the answer and answer another question:

    • Do I want to live this kind of life?

    If yes, that is fine. If not, what one little thing can you do to make changes?


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    The Sixth Of Life Lessons: You Are The Only Architect Of Your Life

    No one, apart from you, has a direct influence on your life. No matter how old you are today, please grow up and take responsibility. Stop complaining about the current political situation in your country or lack of help from the State. Never blame external factors for your misfortune - it is childish behaviour. A child, afraid of punishment, will usually say, 'It's him!'  You probably do the same thing, don't you? We are afraid to admit our mistakes and weaknesses.


    Your life will never be the big chain of successful events only. They are ups and downs. Hence, the next time you make a mistake, admit it. Apologise and even redeem the wrong if necessary. Learn the lesson and make an improvement, grow.

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    The Seventh Of Life Lessons: What If This Is The Last Day Of Your Life?

    We rarely think about an abrupt end of life or the exact amount of time left. Usually, a severe illness, like cancer opens our eyes. I do not suggest thinking about your death all the time. Just consider this option. Knowing that there is not much time left, that life is so short, will help you to make the most of every moment and enjoy the Now instead of rumination and worry.


    Prepare a placate titled WHAT IF IT IS THE LAST DAY OF MY LIFE? and hang it on the wall above your bed, in the way that it will be the first thing seen after waking up. Apart from this, take a diary and a piece of paper and answer, in writing, the following questions:

    • Considering my age, health wealth, spiritual growth - would I want to be at that stage on the last day of my life?
    • Am I persistently working on my goals and dreams?
    • How about this year's resolutions?
    • For how much time have I lived asleep and unconscious, thinking that 'I still have the time for...'?

    Never be afraid of these questions as they will help you to achieve more and quicker.


    Do you want to learn more life lessons or do the homework quicker and more efficiently? Start meditating.

    Connect remotely during joint meditation on Saturdays at 10 am and 8 pm GMT +1 (IST). I will meditate with you and other people then use telepathy. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.  Check and join upcoming meditations.

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  • In A Nutshell

    Today you have learnt some hard life lessons, often neglected and avoided to learn. Pick up one today and make your life happier. Good luck.