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Aura Colour: How to Make the Most of It

Every being is surrounded by the atmosphere known as the aura, like the Earth. Their aura has colours and each of them means something. Let's learn it.

Aura colour can be green or yellow


Learn Some Basics

Auras contain many different colours, and they are not always permanent, but change constantly. For example, your mood, quality of dominant thoughts, what you are experiencing in life as well as what you are doing will determine the actual colour(s) of your aura.

This colour pattern is dependent upon your physical, spiritual, emotional, and chemical state. There are also many different tones and shades within each colour and each unique shade communicates a different meaning.

It is said that bright and soft colours reflect a positive state of mind whereas dull, dark and murky shades usually indicate a negative condition or even an illness.

Meet The Colours of Your Aura

The colours of your aura are classified broadly as clean, i.e., positive, and dirty, i.e., negative ones. The clean colours include those of the rainbow, i.e., violet/purple, indigo, green, blue, orange, red and yellow, while brown, black and grey are the dirty ones. White is the purest colour.

Other colours include lavender, turquoise, purple, pink, aqua, magenta, sulphur, golden and many more. These colours can also be affected by the energies of other people. Unfortunately, having someone else’s energy in your aura can create many problems including illness, confusion, and inner unrest.


People with blue aura are calm and peaceful but also reliable, warm-hearted, good talkers and listeners. These individuals are very intuitive and like to help others, also being very caring, supportive, and concerned about others.

Love, God and spirituality are very important in their lives. However, blue aura often means problems with setting boundaries and saying no plus many individuals with this aura colour are not very ambitious or goal-oriented. Depending on the shade, blue can have various meanings:

  • Soft or light blue - clarity, peacefulness, and communication.

  • Muddy blue - someone who is full of fear, has lots of worries and is scared of the future. Such a person may also fear expressing him/herself in front of others. It also indicates low vibrations.

  • Royal blue - someone who has got highly developed spiritual intuition or a clairvoyant.


It is regarded as the most sensitive and wisest of colours, implying psychic, magical and artistic abilities. Purple colour may also mean that one is in complete harmony or comfortable with himself/herself. You can usually find this colour around the head.

Learn more sacred facts about spiritual life - the article continues below:


This aura colour symbolizes growth, renewal, balance, and change. Individuals love nature and are very social. Relationships and friends are very important to them, and they also love animals.

Green is also the colour of healing – many psychologists or doctors have green in their aura. These people also have a calm and balancing effect on others. Like in the case of blue, green colour can also be present in many shades. Let me describe to you the three most common ones:

  • Bright emerald green - these individuals possess natural healing abilities e.g. medical professionals and people who are involved in the healing arts of any kind

  • Rich dark green symbolizes abundance, wealth and prosperity. These people usually have their own businesses and are goal-oriented.

  • Muddy green signifies possessiveness, jealousy, and untrustworthiness.


It is quite similar to a clear blue aura, but this colour symbolizes sensitivity and intuition which is related to the third eye. Individuals who have this aura can ‘see’ into the future. Purple, violet and indigo are spiritual colours, they are associated with the third eye chakra.


This colour indicates an abundance of energy that has not been tapped yet. Some spiritual gurus claim that angels are nearby when white sparkles or flashes of white light are seen. you are said to have angelic qualities, and be honest, pure and spiritual when having this colour of aura. On the other hand, you can be seen as introverted, withdrawn, and quiet.


A person who emits a yellow aura is cheerful, optimistic, and happy. It is also the colour of awakening, intelligence, and inspiration. These individuals can brighten the lives of those around them.

They are usually playful, humorous, fun-loving, and somewhat childlike. Yellow aura can also be present in some shades:

  • Pale or light yellow - emerging psychic and spiritual awareness, representing hopefulness and optimism; positive excitement about new ideas.

  • Dull yellow - selfishness.


Orange symbolizes good health, vitality, and excitement. Individuals who possess this aura colour usually have plenty of energy, they are productive and adventurous but also creative, sociable, extroverted and willing to take risks at the same time. Orange may also indicate sexual passion or ambition. Let me explain one specific case of the orange aura:

  • Orange-yellow - this individual is intelligent, organized, detail-oriented, scientific, creative and a perfectionist.


A person with a red aura is powerful, passionate, competitive, and sexually charged because this colour represents passion, courage, strength, and physical activity. Most children have bright red auras – especially males.

However, red is also nature’s warning colour, therefore, it can also indicate high levels of emotion such as anger, hate, aggression or frustration, especially if the person has many energetic hook-ups and negative energy.

It can also mean ‘heat’ and tell us that there is swelling, injury or pain in the physical body. Here is an explanation of some shades of red:

  • Deep red - a person is down to earth, realistic, practical and has an unshakable determination.

  • Murky red - people who are anxious, frustrated, obsessed with money, worried and may be unable to forgive easily. These attributes are believed to repel positivity.


It is believed that a black aura pulls or draws energy to it and converts it in the process. If an individual emits a black aura, he or she has not let go or forgiven past mistakes by him/herself or others. Many people think this is the colour of death but it is not true. However, black indicates health problems (when seen in the specific body parts), grief and vengeance.

How To Make The Most Of Your Aura Colour

Once you know your aura colour, some weaknesses are also visible. Obviously, a black aura and dull shades of any colour indicate energetic problems. Here is a way that will help you to fix the negativity and enjoy the bright, vivid aura colours.

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In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt some basics about the colours of the aura. Find your own and try to make the most of it. If the colour indicates problems (dull, black), act immediately. Good luck.



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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