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20 Best and Workable Resolutions for 2022

We are nearly saying goodbye to the challenging year 2021. You probably have some resolutions made for the next year. Check if they are holistic and workable.


The examples of resolutions presented in this article are holistic as they comprise every area of your life; work, health, creation and relationships.  Assess them by the criteria presented in the articles I have already written:

20 Best and Workable Resolutions For 2022

The resolutions are grouped into four categories: self-care, growth, sharing and giving, fun and creation. Why in that order? Because you need to be healthy - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to help other beings, grow, share your resources with other beings and create your brilliant future. You also need to grow yourself before helping others so that you have the right skills to face the challenges concerning the give-take. I do not necessarily give you the same number of resolutions in each category, but in my opinion, self-care is the most complex.

It is not advisable to have too many solutions. However, their number should include each of the four categories and in the case of self-care - each of the aspects of holistic life (body, mind and aura/soul). So altogether, you have six resolutions to choose from and work on. But the final decision is yours and first focus on the aspect which needs more attention, e.g your physical health.

Self-Care Resolutions

This is the foundation of all four categories. Choose at least one resolution from this category.

1. At least 5 times a week I stay minimum 30 minutes at the sunshine

Connecting to the energy of Mother Earth is a must to strengthen your aura, chakras (especially the solar plexus one) and all kinds of vitality. Even in the winter, find a while to go out at noon on a sunny day to absorb this precious energy.

2. Evey day I spend minimum of 30 minutes out on a cloudy day,no matter what the weather is like

It is proved that we should stay out not only during sunny days. Clouds limit sunshine but it is still brighter than during the night. Our eyes have to be stimulated by the daylight and it does not matter if there is sunshine or not. Rainy weather cannot be an excuse for avoiding going out. This resolution is one of the most difficult ones to implement. If you struggle, adopt a dog and he/she will force you to do frequent walks, no matter what the weather is like.

3. I meditate daily for 15 minutes (you can choose the fway described on my blog or try your own one.)

Also, check the articles below for more information. This practice can not only help you to solve many problems but also connect to the Source and gain a broader perspective on life.

4. I walk at least 3 times per week for a minimum of 30 minutes

Walking is one of the most common exercises and even a short one brings a lot of positivity to your life. For example, walking helps to vent negative emotions through physical activity and endorphins release; you can also lose weight, oxidise the body. In the case of the barefoot technique - connection with Mother Earth, recharging with positive energy.

5. I take a sea salt bath/shower at least once per week and whenever my aura is weakened

This resolution will help you to remove all the toxins from your body, physical, mental and emotional ones, plus your aura will be strengthened and revived. Moreover, if you use Epsom Salt, your organism will be recharged with magnesium, often depleted by coffee and other stimulants. Do not forget about the sea salt bath during the Full Moon and New Moon Days.

6. I do Ekadashi fast 2 times per month plus/or I fast on the Full and New Moon days.

Ekadashi is the eleventh day after the two lunar phases: New and Full Moon,  celebrated by Hindu. There are various kinds of fast during this day, but drinking only water is the most popular. More about Ekadashi is here.

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7. I do 5-minute exercises during each break at work (when you work at the computer or sit at the desk writing.)

I do not need to write how important it is to do exercises. But when you work in a sedentary position, in front of the computer or at your desk, for many hours, using breaks for stretching, doing some simple neck and back exercises makes sense.  

8. I do 20-minute exercises (gym) at least three times a week.

It is proved that we should do 10000 steps every day plus exercise a minimum of 30 minutes five times a week, ideally every day. The Mayo Clinic gives even stricter norms of fitness. But for the beginner or someone who has not done exercises for long, though, 20 minutes 3 times per week are enough.

9. Whenever I feel energy attacks, I use the tools described in this article.

We are at risk of negative energy attacks all the time. Think of emotional vampires, uncouth people and destructive critics. Apart from this, negative beings like demons always wait to induce worry and aggression in us. Always keep high vibrations and react whenever the danger appears.

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10. Whenever I notice an unhelpful thought I use the techniques described in this article.

I have written an article where you put negative (or unhelpful) thoughts into the bin. Recently this technique has been improved and it is even better to burn these thoughts - in the fire, stove, hearth or on the stake. The ashes remaining from these thoughts will come back as the dust of energy that can be used as soil for positive thoughts, emotions.  Positive thoughts mean positive chemicals released to our bodies by the brain so that your emotions are more balanced.

11. Whenever I feel a negative emotion, I neutralise it with the tools described in this article.

Joe Dispenza in "Break The Habits oO Being Yourself"writes that mind and emotions are interchangeable. When we think, emotions are fired by the chemicals secreted by the brain. On the other hand, any emotion induces a thought. Both factors can create a vicious circle of negativity. hence I strongly insist on working with thoughts and emotions and what is more - at the same time. Therefore, I recommend taking both resolutions in one go (i.e. No 10 and 11.). So while working on your thought also watch the emotions and during venting your emotions eliminate negative thoughts.

12. I work on my traumas in a holistic way.

This resolution is similar to the two mentioned above. But here, you will work on the root of unhelpful thoughts and negative emotions - by healing your traumas. I do not mean ruminating on them and feeling the awful pain again. rather, recognise the trauma and identify tense parts of your body, then send love and White Divine Light there, to heal the trauma. You can also use the erasion technique, i.e deletion of the memory standing behind the trauma. Just frame the memory and erase it with White Divine Light. Use any of these techniques for your benefit.

Your resolutions are like flowers, water them regularly

Growth Resolutions

Growth is an inherent aspect of coming to the Earth and the evolution of your soul. There is no point in learning the same lesson and staying at the same stage for too long. The Universal Law of Change says that everything evolves, also our body, mind and soul. So what can you do to accelerate your growth?

13. I invest 15 minutes (or more if necessary) daily (or every ... days, depending on the skill) to master something new (define what it is.)

I have not given you a fixed resolution as your life circumstances vary. Frequency depends on the skill you learn. Let's say it's a new foreign language, mnemotechnics, assertiveness or meditation. You can practise them a couple of times per week but daily work will bring you the best result. Decide today what skill could be good to learn in the coming year - at your work, relationship or your spiritual life

14. I work on eradicating my bad habits and transform adictions into good traits every day.

This category mainly concerns your emotional and spiritual life. We are conditioned to speak in a given way and often, unfortunately, this language is not beneficial for us. Swearing carries very low vibrations, induces aggression and hate. Therefore, if you care about your vibrations and aim at raising rather than lowering them, use the cursing-free language. Do not forget to specify when swearing is your biggest challenge (e.g while angry.) Also, eradicate addictions and any habit that does harm to any being (even animals) and yourself.

Sharing and Giving Resolutions

Only those who can share with their resources can be blessed with abundance. I do not mean money as the most important asset here, although it is the most obvious in the Matrix. We can help our neighbours in many other ways. Time is the most neglected.  Just think how many times you answered your family and friends' requests "I don't have time" - to meet, talk or help with something? You can also share your energy with other beings, helping them physically or meditating. Choose one form of sharing with other beings and observe it through the next year.

15. Every day I write a minimum of 3 things I am  grateful for  (you can also include people.)

Apart from giving, we often do not appreciate what we have got. Gratitude is an indispensable ingredient of a happy life. When you focus on your blessings, your thoughts manifest as more blessings and you also feel better emotionally. The same mechanism works for the focus on lack. So what is a better option? The abundance of lack?

16. I nurture my relationship with spouse/parents/children by talking to them regularly (define how often.)

We are social beings and, living in the community. Our parents, spouse and children are not given to us for granted. This resolution is about the necessity of nurturing our relationships with them. Otherwise, the overall vibrations will fall and you are at risk of negative energy attacks (i.e. arguments, breaking the ties and cutting off contact, divorce, litigation or even threats.).

17. I polish my communication with my relatives and friends, practising it for at least 15 minutes every day.

Nurturing relationships is important but it will not work without good communication skills. Active listening is one of them. How many times don't you listen attentively or have no courage to paraphrase something misunderstood? Change it this year.

18. I improve my assertiveness by 10 per cent monthly by Dec 31st 2022

You cannot create healthy relationships without assertiveness and setting healthy boundaries. Also, communication without assertive messages will not work. This is probably the toughest resolution so that I have mentioned it as the second last. Make a list when you are not assertive, choose one item and start working on it. Set a monthly goal of e.g. 5 cases of assertive behaviour in this chosen case., e.g. during arguments about money. Monitor your progress. next month you can continue working on the same issue and if you are doing well, choose tee new one.

Creation and Fun Resolutions

As I wrote above, we often neglect fun and the creation of our dreams, to make them a reality. How often do you dwell on what you lack and all kinds of negativity? How much time do you spend thinking about your dreams? What about recharging your batteries, enjoying life to the fullest? The resolutions below will help you to focus more on the creation of positive things in your life.

19. I spend 10 - 15 minutes at least 3 times per week to write affirmations and visualise the things/events which I want to create in my life.

Of course, you can choose other techniques than the aforementioned ones. And you can use your computer to type instead of handwriting. However, the second method of writing is special, because when you use your hand, your subconscious mind and emotions are also involved. Another benefit of writing includes that you can always read your notes again, amplifying the effect of creation. Visualisation, in turn, involves your mental and emotional potential.

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20. I think only about WANTED things/events to happen in my life.

Some authors disagree with the idea of focusing only on the positive things. However, in my opinion, there is no point in dwelling on anything that brings you pain, creates negative karma or energy. What you will be reaped later, so invest in positive seeds and weed out all the negativity.  So make a resolution of focusing only on the things you want in your life.

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In A Nutshell

These are not all the possible resolutions you can make for the next year in order to to make it the happiest year in your life. I have given you twenty examples, covering the areas of your life: self-care, growth, sharing and fun. Good luck with making and observing your resolutions.