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Break Free from Matrix - Meditation on Aronhome

Victoria Herocten

23 Feb 2023

Collective Meditation of Awareness Transformation

We are living in the world of debt, fear of losing our homes and other kind of wealth. Aronhome will hold a worldwide collective meditation to transform our brutal reality. Here is the invitation:

"We are inviting you to a collective meditation: "Liberation from loans, other kinds of debt and slave labour, finding the courage to change your life". We will focus on tuning our body and spirit to the current changes that are happening in the world so that we can go through them in peace and lightness of spirit in this meditation. Click on the link below to participate in the 👇 meditation live on the YouTube channel:"

Awaken Happy Life will join this meditation. Let's meet together at 5 PM GMT on Monday, the 27th of February.

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