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Yearning for a Happy Life? Use These 7 Proven Tools

Most people around the globe dream of a happy life. Fortunately, there are 3 effective techniques that can help you achieve this goal. Try them now.

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Would you like to be healthy again and enjoy happiness? Have you tried thousands of tools online and they didn’t work? If so, I shave something to try, which, ultimately, will help you create a happy life.

Doing the exercises described below every day you will achieve your goal: happiness. This set of exercises will also boost your health.

Use the power of your mind to create health and happiness. And I do not mean affirmations or manifestations here. These three exercises are rather a hybrid of a couple of self-help techniques. However, this is not a self-help tool.

3 Ways to Create a Happy Life

Your task is to integrate three things/people that you need to connect to nature, connect with all the beings by love and manifest love as such. By doing so you will raise your vibrations and attract positive things into your life.

Do all these three exercises in one go, before going to bed or at any other time when you feel relaxed.

1. Connect to Nature

You cannot say ‘no’ to nature and Mother Earth. Manifest love of nature in yourself. Lie down on a hard mattress or sofa. Close your eyes. Visualise nature being connected with you by invisible threads, sending you light, strength and the feeling of security.

Take some breaths… Breathe deeply through your nostrils… hold your breath for a couple of seconds, and then a deep breath out.

While breathing in, absorb the power of nature into yourself and keep it in your heart. It will be recorded there and grow.

During exhaling the air, release all tensions and dark energy. Do this exercise until you feel serenity and lightness, preferably for five minutes. Then open your eyes before moving to the next exercise. Practise love of nature once per day, for a minimum of 7 days (ideally for 28-30 days).

2. Connect to Humanity and Other Beings

You cannot be happy and healthy without making other people happy. Still lying down, close your eyes again, and visualise how you are making other people happy (I would add all other beings, too). Choose one individual.

Visualise giving him/her a present. It can be anything: flowers, chocolate, food, or something intangible. Then invite more beings. Give something to each of them and while giving, feel happiness, just because you are sharing something.

Keep this feeling in your heart, similarly, to during the previous exercise with nature. Continue for the next five minutes. Then open your eyes. Repeat this exercise daily for 7 days (ideally for 28-30 days).

3. Manifest Love

It is said that love is the power thawing obdurate hearts. However, in most cases, people are not capable of using the power of love properly.

Again, while lying down, close your eyes. Invoke love to yourself, the love which is in your heart. This kind of feeling can develop your soul. This feeling is a treasure and gift in one.

Still lying on hard bedding, close your eyes and relax. Invoke the moments of loving someone. Try to feel this love. Save this feeling in your heart for a couple of minutes.

Tell this person, in your mind, ‘Thank you that you are. Repeat this exercise daily for 7 days (ideally for 28-30 days).

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Where Else Can You Create a Happy Life?

It is not said that these three exercises must be done in bed. There are some other ways of practice and they are equally effective.

1. Listen to Some Music

After you have finished, play some relaxing music (I recommend 432 Hz 528 Hz and Solfeggio) to amplify the effect of creating love during these three exercises. You can also play this kind of music during doing these exercises.

2. Practise Them in the Park

… or on the beach, by the lake, river, in the forest etc. One condition: you need to be undisturbed so parks in big cities at rush hours are not the best idea. Sit on the bench/beach or just cuddle a tree and close your eyes for a while.

While breathing in, absorb the beautiful energy of earth from the beach or tree, or the plants nearby. Feel this energy’s power with all your senses. What can you see in your mind? What can you smell, and touch? Then open your eyes and focus on the tree/sand on the beach. Save the love of nature in your heart.

3. Go to the Zoo

Even if the animals kept there are not free, you can send them love and get the same from them. Choose a time when there are not many people. Stand in front of the cage and send your thoughts to a chosen animal.

Use all your senses to contemplate its being – what can you see, hear, smell? Then look at this animal and send it your love. You can work with one animal or more, depending on how much time you have. But do not rush, spend an adequate amount of time to deeply feel love for each animal.

4. Practise Love in Your Garden

Similarly, send your love to each plant in your garden. While mowing grass, send loving thoughts to it. Stroke your flowers or vegetables. Talk to them in a loving way.

Sit on the bench, picnic chair or stool with bare feet – keep them on the ground whenever possible. Close your eyes for a while and while inhaling, absorb the energy of Mother Earth. During exhaling, send your love to her.

Credits to Vadim Tschenze.

Loving nature, other beings and yourself will help you overcome life crises and challenges so that you will create a happy ad healthy life. Be persistent and practise the exercises for a minimum 7 and better 28-30 days

In a Nutshell

A happy life is possible by manifesting the love of nature and other beings. . You can also manifest love by gardening, going to the zoo or in the park. Cultivate love in your life to attract happiness. Let it always stay in your heart. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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