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What Is Your Stage of Spiritual Awareness? Check It Now

Spiritual awareness undergoes evolution and growth. Where are you at this moment? What stage are you at? Discover your stage now.

spiritual awareness

We undergo the Law of Evolution, developing our soul, brain, and mind during all our lives on Earth. It also happens during the whole reincarnation.

However, not many people know where they are in this process. Learn this secret and make the most of your stage of spiritual transformation.

An average human being has three-dimensional perception of the reality: understanding nothing, a bit or most of his/her reality. In other words, he/or she can be called “Human-animal”, “Human-human” and “Human-universe”. - Vadim Tschenze

To simplify the three major stages of development, I will use Vadim Tschenze's names: the Earthman, the Interdimensional Man, and the Multidimensional Man. Each of these three groups has got some sub-categories:

• For the Earthman: Lying Man, the Wriggling Man and the Crawling Man

• For the Inter-dimensional Man: Standing man, the Running Man, and the Jumping Man

• For the Multidimensional Man: Flying Man

Let’s find out what it exactly means to be one of them. Do not treat it as a life sentence as you constantly evolve between these stages whenever you start your spiritual growth.

1. The Lying Man

These humans do not want to grow and develop in terms of the Space and multidimensional nature of the Universe. No new theories or trends bother these people, they work as robots, following their daily routine: work–home, work-home, and sometimes holidays. The Lying Man consumes his/her daily bread and then goes to bed.

Such people neither think a lot nor ask probing questions concerning their world. Love? They just need someone to satisfy their animal lust. It is boredom, isn’t it? These people usually die because of an illness like cancer or heart attack.

The Universe sends the Lying Men hard lessons to force these beings to grow until they ask the first question: ‘What am I doing on this planet?’ Then the Lying Man becomes the

Wriggling Man.

2. The Wriggling Man

In other words, an awakened person. There are many of them on Earth. Here, people start to think, and ask questions. They are trying to understand how their world works, wanting to find out the reason for their suffering. In other words - they start to take responsibility for their thoughts, words and deeds.

The Wriggling Man’s attitude determines his/her further development or downgrades to the Lying Man. The downgrade happens when the Wriggling Man discovers that the truth is too painful, and decides that it is better to do nothing than change.

However, because the Universe is continually sending new lessons to the Wriggling Men, these people start to explore their life more and more, becoming Crawling Men.

3. The Crawling Man

This type of person takes some responsibility for his/her life, trying to do something about the truth a by asking questions. He/she perceives his/her life as some experience but only on the terrestrial dimension.

The people belonging to the Category of Crawling Man may consider the existence of a multidimensional world, but they do nothing to explore it. He/she believes in God and senses energy around.

As you probably know, infants, crawl and develop the strength and skills necessary to walk in the future. This rule also works in the spiritual world. Here, the process of asking questions induces the ability to get up eventually and become the Standing Man.

4. The Standing Man

He/she has already had the ability of broader perception of the world. Life is perceived as a kind of experience. He/she knows more than only the terrestrial dimension. Standing Man does not walk too fast and too far, discovering a multidimensional world. However, such people consider and recognise these worlds.

Therefore, Standing Man tries many professions, thinking only about the Universe and God. These people can also sense the energy around them. Eventually, by some kicks of life sent by the Universe, he/she starts to walk faster and further and becomes the Running Man.

5. The Running Man

Suddenly the Standing Man starts to run because he/she grasps the truth of his inner self. Such people become self-confident and move forward in their life. His/her heart is filled with love for the Earth, other beings, art, and science. Running Men are trying to understand many things and unite with the Earth.

The Universe gives Running Men different life lessons rather than nudges. Instead, the Running Man finds more strength for further journeys. He/she finds out more signs, verifying the answers to his/her questions.

6. The Jumping Man

These people believe in more than they can see, understanding that Space, energy, and the Universe cooperate with one another and that these dimensions are entrenched in these people's heads.

Jumping Men are both teachers and students. The Space supports these people in the effort of jumping so that they can improve their skills, jumping higher and higher. This means bigger and bigger respect and admiration in the eyes of other people.

However, the Jumping Men want to grow and stand out over the crowd, in a positive meaning. For example, they may want to be more forgiving, understanding, generous or patient than most of the people in his/her environment. It also means that Jumping Man is no longer grounded, but he/she follows his/her own life path. He/she starts to fly.

7. The Flying Man

In this case, an individual lives according to cosmic rights (i.e., Universal and Spiritual Laws. He/she is in unity with the Universe and makes his decisions on a multidimensional level.

The aviator knows very well that the Earth can serve as a hotel or a guest house for him, not his home because he/she is travelling all the time and this journey is never-ending.

Everything is obvious to the Flying Man, he/she does not ask questions because he/she knows that everything has a purpose, and everything is in the right place in this world. Moreover, he/she is the co-creator of all that happens in the Universe – by his/her thoughts, language, and words.

Credits to Vadim Tschenze

At Which Stage Are You?

Dear reader. Your goal is to become the Flying Man and you can achieve it. I need to point out that the six stages described above do not determine your whole being, they are only some guidelines, showing the direction of your life. Moreover, you can manifest a different level of growth in various fields of life. Evaluate them.

Look at these areas of your life:

To identify the present stage of spiritual growth, check the statements below to find the answer Mark yes/no to each of the statements below:

  • I do not want to change the status quo and am not interested in growth.

  • ask questions but am not interested in a multidimensional world.

  • I take some responsibility for my life but only on the terrestrial level.

  • start to contemplate multidimensional reality but am still slow with exploring it.

  • I love the Universe and relate to both the Earth and Space.

  • I am self-confident about my life and have started to live according to my own values, despite the terrestrial system.

  • I believe that the Earth is only a hotel for me, not my house because my travel is never-ending.

Here are some more thoughts concerning the 7 stages of spiritual growth.

The Lying Man is a purely materialistic individual. Crawlers are trying to move, leaving the past behind. Those standing and walking can influence some events in their lives while jumping and flying individuals teach others.

So, determine your stage of spiritual awareness in different areas of life in this way, answering these questions:

• Do I only focus on the matter?

• Can I leave the past behind?

• How big an influence have I got on my reality?

• Can I teach other people?

Remember: your goal is to become the Flying Man, able to create his/her reality. Use transformation for this purpose.

In a Nutshell

Today you have read about the 7 stages of spiritual awareness and how to recognise them in your life. We start as Lying Men and gradually learn how to crawl, stand, walk, jump, and eventually: fly. When your spiritual awareness becomes higher, you exist as a multidimensional being. Good luck on your way to higher spiritual awareness. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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