Powerful 432 Hz Aura Cleansing Music

Aura cleansing has never been easier. Listen to the beautiful music that balances and opens chakras, heals them and raises the vibrations of yourself and your house. Add some proven and effective tools mentioned in this article and create a happy life.


Raise Positive Vibrations - ZenLifeRelax

While listening, read and apply some proven wisdom about aura, chakras and vibrations. More recommended videos soon.

Aura Cleansing

Aura cleansing can be very broad but not necessarily complex. However, you need some time to master the tools. Some can be combined with music.

Learn more about aura and how to elevate its vibrations - more articles soon.

Balance your chakras - not only by music

There are many techniques that you can use to balanced your chakras. These tools are ideal for aura cleansing. My favourite combination is listening to music (like this above) and chanting affirmations tailored for each chakra. You can also ask quantum questions and use crystals. Try lying on your bed, turn on the music and put your favourite crystal on each chakra. You can also use this music while practising yoga.

Learn some practical tips on raising vibrations

432 Hz is only one of the frequencies that are used for aura cleansing and many other purposes.

Read more about 432 Hz frequency

I hope that this post will help you at least a bit to raise your vibrations and cleanse your aura. Keep checking this website to find more useful pieces of music. Good luck with your transformation and life journey. With love,


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