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Use These 16 Messages to Make Your Inner Child Happy

Holistic happiness assumes the integration of all parts of your personality. One of them is the inner child. Learn what messages this part of yourself wants to hear.

Connect with inner child by subconscious mind


In the shortest, your inner child is the part of yourself which represents your emotions, behaviour and all the traumas from your childhood. it is spontaneous and cheerful but also can be depressed and withdrawn.

Your inner child has been conditioned during your upbringing in this life and during your past incarnations. Soon you will read more about how to work with your inner child.

16 Things Your Inner Child Wants to Hear

Before you even start talking to your inner child, be sure that you have established a connection with him or her. Be gentle and considerate of your inner child's insecurities and traumas which need to be healed.

1. I love You, Inner Child

First and most important message. There is never enough love a child can receive from his or her parents. Now you are your inner child's parent or Hero, someone who helps, accepts, and loves, no matter what.

If you heard "I love you" too few times, the time has come to compensate for it with affirmations, writing a loving letter or just saying it in front of the mirror.

2. I Can Hear You

Parents are very busy and very often - inattentive to their children. Many times, the child asks for something and his or her parents pretend that they are listening or just say 'leave me alone.' or 'Later.'

Now you need to listen to this inner part of yourself and answer his or her questions, hear the pain and angry words, and feel the emotions suppressed for too long.

3. You Are Safe

The inner child needs security because they are easily wounded. As a child, you were protected by your parents or teachers at school, sometimes by your elder siblings, especially brothers.

Now you need to reassure your inner child, whenever he or she is frightened, 'You are safe, there is nothing to be afraid of over and over.

4. I Believe in You, Inner Child

Parents often show disbelief in their children's achievements. It is a plague when school starts and it becomes obvious that the child is not talented in everything, bringing as from each subject, that there are areas of struggle when more work at home is needed.

And if a parent does not believe in his or her child's potential, the young person will not believe in himself or herself, thinking of being a failure.

5. I Am Proud of You, Inner Child

How many times have you heard it from your parents? Not only when you have brought an A from school or were the best in a contest or have found a lucrative job. You should ALWAYS hear it. Otherwise, you can think that whatever you do, your parents do not love you.

You can do it inner child

6. You Can Speak

Do you know this proverb "Children and fish have no say?" It has done enormous damage to the world. Now we have withdrawn adult people who are afraid to say what they really think, especially to their next of kin.

7. I Understand You

These are only words, but to tell the truth, your parents should show it through their actions. However, now, after reconnecting with your inner child, you can assure him or her of your understanding.

8. You Did Not Deserve This

Compassion at times of hurt and pain is crucial for a good relationship with your inner child. Then they understand that you are on their side and are more inclined to open up more, showing the true self, hidden for most people.

9. I'm Sorry, Inner Child

This is the second most important message you need to send to your inner child, on behalf of your parents. However, even you yourself, many times, have neglected or suppressed your inner child. It all needs to be clarified and forgiven.

The third most important message. We hear "You will fail", It's impossible" many more times in our lives. I deliberately have crossed the negative statements so that you will eradicate them from your vocabulary.

In order to help your inner child show their full potential and be more self-confident, saying or writing "You can do it" is a must. Not once or twice, but a million times.

11. You Can Handle It

This is a similar message to the previous one. Encourage your inner child and yourself as many times as possible, using this message like a mantra, all the time and especially before challenging tasks.

12. You Are a Strong, Inner Child

How many times have you heard it from your parents? Million? Thousand? I can assure you, some parents never say these words to their children.

More often you have heard "You won't do it, you will fail, it will not work, you are too weak to achieve..." Now, being an adult, I am writing a list of things which I am strong to do, every day a page of a copybook.

Try this method to empower your inner child: YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH TO...

13. I Forgive You

We are not perfect and probably you have not been either. However, how many times have your parents told you 'I forgive you?' Or they said it, but showed that they haven't forgiven you?

Now you are carrying a backpack of unforgiven issues which put you down. Take down and empty the backpack, forgive yourself for anything you have done, apologise, and close the chapter.

14. Thank You, Inner Child

Have you ever heard your parents telling you 'Thank you that you are?' Yes, you are, not taken for granted and treated as property or investment. Now you need to tell it to your inner child, a million times, saying or writing: THANKS THAT YOU ARE.

15. You Did Your Best

It is like an "I believe in you" message. However, you focus on eliminating perfectionism and destructive inner criticism from your inner child's life. We often do not believe in our skills and achievements or look for imperfections. Let your inner child knows that they are always brilliant, even while making mistakes.

You did your best, Inner Child

16. You Have the Right To...

When we were children, our parents and teachers forbade us to do many things, usually without any justifiable reason. Now we are afraid of trying, experimenting, and being inhibited by the limiting beliefs imprinted in the past.

You can change it by regularly saying or writing to your inner child whenever you feel resistance to doing something new" You have the right to..."

Let’s Meditate Together

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More about meditation

In a Nutshell

Today I have given you examples of what to say to your inner child. These messages are either ignored or even not present during your childhood, so the time has come to revive them to live a happier and more fulfilled life. With lots of love and light,



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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