Stop Mind-Reading: Use These 5 Effective Tools

Mind-reading is one of the most common distortions, typical for negative thinking. Today you will learn how to stop it efficiently.


In this article, I will edify you on the mental side of life, as the title suggests. However, mind-reading can be also known as telepathy. But skill can be trained while mind-reading happens automatically.

Wikipedia defines mind-reading in the following way: "Inferring a person's possible or probable (usually negative) thoughts from their behaviour and nonverbal communication; taking precautions against the worst reasonably suspected case or some other preliminary conclusion, without asking the person. definition of mind reading and projecting."

Let me give you an example. Tracy is facing social anxiety. When she goes to a busy restaurant, negative thoughts instantly come to her mind. Because she is on the dole, she assumes that people will recognise it seeing what courses she orders.

The problem is that Tracy has a minority complex of being unemployed and she is projecting her lack of self-love to other people, thinking that they will treat her without respect.

“I'd forgotten that human minds are easy to shatter as eggshells," Rhysand said and ran a finger across the base of my throat. I shuddered, my eyes burning. "Look at how delightful she is - look how she's trying not to cry out in terror. It would be quick, I promise.”

Sarah J. Maas

Mind-reading can not only be the result of negative beliefs, experienced traumas or other mental programs installed mainly in childhood; it can be the effect of mind control or of being attacked by a negative entity.

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5 Effective Ways to Stop Mind-Reading

So how can you stop mind-reading and projecting your fears, traumas or other kinds of negativity to other people? Below I will describe the five tools, which used on a regular basis, will help you to eliminate this type of cognitive distortion.

1. Define the Reasons of Mind-Reading

Mind-reading and projecting are negative thought patterns that occur automatically and fuel all kinds of anxiety, especially the social one. However, that does not mean that you are doomed to be a prisoner of your own thoughts.  We need to recognise the enemy first so that it can be defeated. Below, you will find an exercise that will help you to achieve this goal.

Action Exercise

Answer the question below. List at least 20 reasons and to this exercise in writing:

Why do I assume that people will treat or talk about me in a bad way?

What have you discovered? Probably all your fears are hidden inside your mind. The core answer which is probably hidden underneath your thinking is: I'm not worthy. I do not deserve respect." Now you have found the root of your thinking - a negative belief that has to be changed.  

The same rule applies to traumas. Your automatic reactions which have been learnt tend to project mind-reading now. People looking similarly, similar sounds, objects can trigger painful emotions and your reactions. Although trauma has happened once or a couple of times ( I am not writing about constant abuse here), mind-reading will occur thousand or even million times. Is it worth the trouble?

2. Observe Your Reaction During Mind-Reading

Mind-reading causes negative symptoms in your body and accelerates the fear which already exists. You may be sweating, turning red, feeling tense and uncomfortable. Moreover, you might think that all the people see your reactions. When the symptoms appear, test if it's really true that everybody understands your fear.

When the symptoms appear, test if it's really true that everybody sees your fear. Regular paying attention to the symptoms of your negative thinking and mind-reading, in particular, will enable you to find ways of controlling these sensations.

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Action Exercise

The next timer you practise mind-reading being at home or out, try to notice where exactly the tensions are and how they manifest. Some symptoms are mentioned above (e.g. sweating). Then think about what could alleviate these symptoms. More about it later in this article.

3. Start Recording Your Thoughts and Sensations

I don't mean using a dictaphone here, although you can also use it when no one listens. What I mean is doing a daily log, where you write what you have noticed. Having a log, you will be able to notice how often you read other people's minds when it occurs and what has caused these thoughts.

Action Exercise

In this exercise, you will observe your thoughts and emotions. Buy a diary or a notebook. Draw some columns and title them:

  • Situation  - what happened - where, when, with whom,
  • Thoughts - any thoughts that occurred during the situation described above
  • Feelings/Sensations - name the emotion
  • Intensity of the feelings/isensations (1-10)

Do your log every day for thirty days. After a week, look at your notes and try to identify the most typical thoughts, feelings and what repeats the most often. These will be your challenges to work on later.

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4. Use the STOPP technique

STOPP is cognitive-behavioural therapy in a nutshell. Learn this one SKILL and you can start to take control of your emotions and your life. There are five stages you go through while working with mind-reading

STOP. In other words, just stop for a moment. No assuming, reasoning or anything else, just discontinue your thinking.

Take a Breath. Breathing is a great tool to fight anxious thoughts because you focus on your body and the present instead of generating negativity. Take five breaths. Inhale each of them for seconds, then hold your breath for the same amount of time and then exhale, again for 15 seconds. After the fifth breath, your mind will calm down If not, continue and take another five breaths.

Observe. Now the time has come to notice your thoughts, focus of attention and reactions. It will be also easier for you to recognise the sensations in your body. Also, having your log completed will help you to name the thoughts.

Pull Back. Now you can try to find a different perspective of your mind reading. Here are some questions which you can ask:

  • What thoughts are going through your mind right now?
  • Where is your focus of attention?
  • What sensations do you notice in your body?

Practise What Works. Now you can decide what kind of action to take, the action which works, i.e. the one which will eliminate mind-reading.

5. Question Your Thoughts

If you read my blog regularly, you know that I have already written about using questions to change beliefs. However, you can use the same technique for thought and it is brilliant in the case of mind-reading.

Action Exercise

Try these 3 questions below. I will not give you more because it may be too overwhelming with many negative thoughts, written in your journal. Now take the thoughts from your log and answer these questions:

  • What is the worst thing that can happen if they think of me this way?
  • How important will this opinion be in a months'  or year's time?
  • What would my best friend say to my thoughts?

Bonus Technique - Meditation

These are not all the ways that can help you to stop mind-reading. Apart from the aforementioned mental techniques, you can also use meditation. Give all your fears to God and transform your negative energy of thoughts and reactions by Divine White Light.

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  • In a Nutshell

    Today you have learnt about how to stop mind-reading.  You have also had an opportunity to do some practical exercises. In this way, mind-reading can be eliminated and your life happier. Continue the work to obtain permanent results. Good luck.  With love,