Spiritual Connection: Cultivate It in Your Relationship

We all know that nurturing relationships is important. However, have you ever wondered how to nurture a spiritual connection with your partner? Learn it today.


The Evolution of Spiritual Connection

Spiritual connection significantly extends superficial personality traits., tastes, dislikes or common interests of partners. Rather, it means sharing the same life values, beliefs, goals and dreams. When two people are spiritually connected, on the same frequency (.e.e vibrations), they are able to share on many dimensions, not only the physical and practical ones.

Spiritual connection means empathy, recognition, gratitude and authentic interaction, open communication, intimate talks, tantric sex but also autonomy and unconditional love. This type of connection has nothing to do with vowes but rather a close meeting of souls who do not want to end it.

Spiritual connection is not the same when people meet each other and build their relationships. It evolves and is not necessarily in a positive direction.

The Beginning

At the start, all was easy and pleasant. You met your second half, fell in love out of the blue and magnetic connection was something natural. You might have planned to live together and get married.

The Brutal Reality Later

However, fascination does not last eternally. You can become tired of the other person and the past, so intensely created bonds tear apart unless you learn to take care of them. You may ask "Why has it happened if we felt so good at the beginning?"

Well, an everyday lie can kill even the best relationship and it happens gradually, initially unnoticed. Chores, stress at work and the need to sustain the family or take care of children take their toll. You do not date your partner, quality time is something unusual so the flames of love are dying. You learn that it is hard to nurture spiritual connection on an everyday basis.

How To Practise Spiritual Connection With Your Partner

The task may seem difficult but it might not be because spiritual; closeness grows itself. Just stop disturbing this process.

1. Use Eye Contact As Often As possible

This tip is critical during intimate moments, i.e. dating (also during marriage) or making love. Have eye contact more often than usual. Looking at the one you love, he/she notices your deep interest in his/her person.  He/she feels listened to and understood, important and accepted as a whole.

Eye contact does not only imply respect but it is the first step to the connection of souls. It is said that eyes are the mirrors of your soul and by eye contact, one soul can communicate with the other.

2. Accept Lessons Given You By Him/Her

It is true that your partner shows all your flaws. He/She is like your mirror. But it happens in order to do the homework. Even an abusive person can teach you something, e.g. self-respect and assertiveness.

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Do an experiment. Observe your partner for the next week and note down anything that annoys you in him/her. Then Look carefully at your traits, behaviour, thoughts and beliefs: How many times have you behaved in the same or similar way? You can also ask another question, testing deeper lessons:

  • What skill has this behaviour to teach me?
  • What attitudes/ actions lack in the relationship with him/her?

Write the answers down and make a plan of working on your weak points, usually being the lessons prepared by your soul.

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3. Touch With Spiritual Intention

Conscious, i.e. with intention, touch is the crucially important pillar of spiritual connection. It helps to create a deeper connection with your partner. Hence tantric sex is so beneficial. But also do not forget about hugs, soothing touch when your partner is sad or stressed out. Remember that touching speaks deeper and louder than verbal language. Never be afraid of touching, do it often and with intention.

4. Find Quality Time For You To Nourish Spiritaual Closeness

It is hard to find energy and time for cultivating bounds with your partner when you work, do chores and do other duties. But only a quarter or twenty minutes of quality time daily makes the difference. It is just enough to have an interesting conversation, watch a film cuddling, do something together (e.g. common hobby, exercising).

5.Laugh And Speak With Intention

Open your heart and share your feelings through deep, intimate conversations. Find the space for your talks. Communicate with your loved one on regular basis. Apart from sharing your feelings and thoughts, practise laughing. It is said that a good relationship cannot exist without laughing. In this way, you both produce endorphins and vent any negative emotions.

Stand at the top of the cliff to contemplate spiritual connection in your relationship

6. Pracise Self-Love To Deepen Spiritual Closeness

It is brutal but true that you cannot give love to anyone without loving yourself first. You also need to have a spiritual connection with yourself. Take care of the source of this connection, meditating or practising mindfulness so that you can give love, care, compassion and all other kinds of positivity. Here are some tips

  • Learn how to love yourself. Observe how people in love express their love to each other. Do the same for long-term relationships. if no one in your family manifests true love, find examples elsewhere.
  • Beware of your language, thoughts, beliefs, vibrations. Cultivate only positive, loving ones. Stifle any negativity and elevate your frequencies.
  • Be self-compassionate. Start with yourself and then learn how to give compassion to your partner.

7. Practise Open Communication

Relationships loosen because partners stop communicating frankly and openly. This happens because of being wounded and avoidance of future pain. You may also know your partner's response so there is no point to talk about the same. issue On the contrary, open communication means the sincere expression of your thoughts and feelings, with respect to the other person. Only then you can learn what does not work in your relationship or how to make it even better. Open communication takes place when you:

  • Pick up non-verbal cues.
  • Use open questions.
  • Allow the two-way street conversations.
  • Set aside the time to talk.
  • Tell him/her what you need.

8. Close Past Issues to Regain Spiritual Closeness

Your partner has cheated on you. It can be very painful. However, do your best to close this issue as soon as possible and never come back to it. Of course, you will have to have a serious talk and work out how the relationship will continue in the future. Ruminating will destroy the spiritual connection between both of you. More tearing down old wounds will imply more isolation and loneliness. Learn how to let resentment go and open your heart to forgiveness.

9. Broaden Your Horizons

A relationship is not only about giving and taking. It has also got a spiritual aspect which means supporting each other during the journey of your souls. Respect your partner's choices and expect the same from him/her. Having joined goals and the choices accepted by both of you will deepen your spiritual connection.

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  • 10. Self-Development

    Your relationship cannot be the only way to fill the void in your life. He or she is not to complete you, rather help with self-growth.  Therefore, have connections, hobbies and interests beyond your relationship. Meet your circle of friends on your own, co some activities with them.  Also, work on yourself. In this way, being self-complete your partner finds help to complete himself/herself. What can you do to grow?

    11. Chane Is Good For Spiritual Closeness

    Your relationship will improve in the case you change and evolve. Then the level of spiritual connection will also evolve. Spiritual partners should love and support each other to make these changes smooth.

    However, sometimes only one partner changes. In this case, serious talk is necessary ane even starting a new relationship may be an option. Never be afraid of changes. They are always beneficial in the long run. and bring fruits in the future.

    12. Practise Joint Meditation

    Meditation can close your spiritually as then you connect not only mentally but also with your emotional and physical subtle bodies, deeper than during tantric sex. You can meditate holding your hands, for example. While meditating, visualise a ray of Divine Light connecting your souls and the energy of love flowing from each of you to the partner.

    Connect remotely during joint meditation on Saturdays at 10 am and 8 pm GMT +1 (IST). I will meditate with you and other people then use telepathy. Send your intention to the Universe. Transform your life and the world.  Check and join upcoming meditations.

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  • In A Nutshell

    Today I have given you some ideas of nourishing spiritual connection. practise them regularly and observe how your relationship evolves. Good luck.


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