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Self-Love: Say the Prayer and Transform Your Life

I have already published an article about self-love. My readers suggested creating a prayer that would help many people on this planet. Here it is.



The Prayer for Self-Love

God, you have created us, and have given us your love, wisdom, and strength. You have placed us on a wonderful planet, where wonderful beings are living. We believe that you take care of us at any time of the night and day. We believe that you can answer our calls.

Accepting Body Mind and Soul

Therefore, today we are asking you: please, help us to accept ourselves as we are. Please help us to stop judging ourselves and other beings.

Please, help us to accept our mind as it is, with all our feelings, hopes and dreams, our unique personality.

God, please help us to accept our bodies as they are, with all their beauty and perfection. We are aware of the choice made on the other side, creating our soul plan.

Let our self-love grow and help us with accepting it at all times. Please, help us not to disturb our happiness, freedom and love. Since now, let each deed, thought, feeling and word manifest love.

Our Strength

God, please help us with deepening our self-love until it transforms into the whole meaning of our lives until transforms from fear, and anxiety into love and joy.

Let the power of our love be so strong that we stop any lies about it, installed by the culture, parents, and society, and which we have believed in - that we are not strong enough, good enough, intelligent enough to handle life.

God, please help us to build our strength so that we will be able to live according to our choices. Please, help us to trust ourselves and were able to make the decisions which must be made.

With so strong self-love, we will be able to face challenges fearlessly, our problems will be solved instantly. Let all that we do in our lives be soaked through with self-love.


Starting today, please help us by loving ourselves so much that we will never do anything against ourselves, being ourselves without pretending anyone else to be accepted.

Since now we do not need other people just not to be rejected but accepted. We do not need anyone to tell us how beautiful, and good we are because we know who we are, and know our strengths.

Since then we are transforming into different kinds of people. Please let us enjoy ourselves with our power of love, whenever we look in the mirror. Let our faces radiate with the smile decorated with inner and outer beauty.

God, please help with feeling so deep self-love that we always enjoyed solitude.

Please, help us with loving ourselves without self-accusation, because when we accuse ourselves and judge, we are carrying guilt and yearning for punishment, losing the awareness of your love.

flowers radiate self-love

God, please strengthen our ability to forgive ourselves. Cleanse our minds from emotional poison so that we live in ideal peace and love. Let our self-love become the strength which will change the meaning of our lives.

Having such strength in our hearts, the power of self-love, please help us to change all our relationships, including this one with ourselves.

Let us liberate ourselves from conflicts with other beings. Please, help us with enjoying and sharing the happiness which we have inside with all the beings which we love and forgive them for all kinds of injustice detected by our minds.

Please, help us to love ourselves so much as to be able to forgive all our wrongdoers. Give us the courage to love our family, and friends and transform our relationships into ones full of love.

Peace And Harmony

Please, help us to build understanding and peace so that there will be no winners and defeated and no more fighting for power. Let us stay the team which acts together for joy, love, and harmony.

Let our relationships with family and friends be based on respect and joy so that they can always tell us what is on their minds and let our romantic relationship be perfect, the most wonderful relationship.

Please, let us feel joy whenever we share ourselves with our partners. Please, let us accept other people as they are, without judgement, because when we reject them, we reject ourselves, eventually rejecting you, God.

Today is the beginning of the new. Please, let us start over feeling the power of self-love today. Help us to enjoy life, and our relationships, to explore life take risks, live and not be afraid of love.

Please, help us to open our hearts to love which is our inborn, inalienable right. Help us to become the masters of Gratitude, Generosity and Love so that we enjoy all your creation.

Don Miguel de Ruiz and This Prayer

This prayer was an inspiration from the teachings of Don Miguel de Ruiz. He is a renowned spiritual teacher and internationally bestselling author of the following books:

· “Toltec Wisdom Series,”

· The Four Agreements,”

· “The Mastery of Love,”

· “The Voice of Knowledge,”

· “The Four Agreements Companion Book,”

· “The Circle of Fire,” and

· “The Fifth Agreement.”

Don Miguel has spent the past three decades guiding students to personal freedom through his profound insights regarding the nature of human reality.

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In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt a useful prayer which will install self-love in your mind. Say it carefully and with time, you will love yourself more. Good luck.



Vicky is an experienced holistic writer and coach that inspires, motivates, and encourages everyone to become the best version of themselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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