Salt Lamp: How to Make the Most of It

Himalayan salt lamps are of particular importance to some people for certain reasons. But not everyone knows how to use them properly. Learn it today.


Why Should You Use Salt Lamps?

I will give you ten obvious reasons for using salt lamps. Study them and find out what challenges salt lamp could overcome in your life.

1. Increases energy

Do you feel permanently tired? The reason may be positive ions that deplete your energy. Hence, set up a Himalayan salt lamp in the room where you spend most of your time and feel the difference in a few days.

2. Clean and fresh air

Purifying the air in the room is the biggest advantage of Himalayan salt lamps. These lamps remove dust, smoke, pollen, and other contaminants. However, it does not mean to abandon cleaning and dusting these lamps and the whole room.

3. Improves sleep quality

Fatigue was mentioned above. But why are you tired? Because of sleep deprivation. And I mean the quality of your sleep deprivation. Again, positive ions are the cause of that state. Salt lamp in the bedroom will solve this problem.

4. Neutralizes electromagnetic radiation

Most people are not aware of the electromagnetic radiation that surrounds us in our homes. Today, we are flooded by this radiation while using modern devices such as mobile phones, TVs, computers, tablets, and wireless devices. Electromagnetic radiation can cause health problems such as increased stress, chronic fatigue (again), and low immunity. The Himalayan salt lamp neutralizes electromagnetic radiation by emitting negative ions.

5. Reduces static electricity in the air

Salt lamps also reduces static electricity, often felt not only in the contact something metal  with your hand with, but also with delicate headaches or unjustified stress. It can be helpful for people suffering epilepsy as less seizure triggers will be present in the environment.

6. Relieves asthma and allergies

Salt lamps to clean the room from mold, dust, smoke, and other harmful airborne particles which play an important role in relieving allergies. In addition, people who have asthma problems benefit from their airways enormously.

7. Relieves cough

The rooms in which we live are filled with positive ions that are harmful to our health because these ions come from electronic devices mentioned above. When inhaled, positive ions get stuck in the lungs so that we cough. Himalayan salt lamps absorb positive ions, and warm salt releases steam, which cleans the room.

8. Improves mood and concentration

Himalayan salt lamps can naturally improve mood and concentration because you have more energy and breathe better. In fact, they contribute to the better functioning of blood and oxygen flow to the organs. Salt lamps also increase the secretion of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that contributes to a good mood.

9. Treats seasonal affective disorders

Apart from negative ions the light is another benefit of the salt lamp. This kind of light is like the glow of the sun, as it gives positive effects in winter, when the days are shorter.

10. A light source that cares about the environment

Himalayan salt lamps are not harmful to the environment, they are cost-effective and consume little energy.

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Potential Problems While Using Salt Lamp

However, we know that everything can be a double-edged sword. Apart from benefits, salt lamps may cause some problems during usage.

1. The bulb can take on water

Moisture collects on the outside and inside of the lamp. When it is accumulated inside, it can drip onto the hot bulb causing the hot glass to crack.

2. The bulb can crack

It can crack and fuse if it hits the inside of the lamp hard. Remove the bulb immediately, switching off the power first. More about fixing the problems below.

3. The lamp holder can take on water

The water can also drip down into the lamp holder itself causing rust and damage to the electrical components. It will result in a broken cord or constantly fusing bulbs. Then the lamp must be replaced or at least the electrical part removed.

How to Solve This Problems

Turn the lamp off for a few minutes and wait for the bulb to cool down before moving the lamp.

Then carefully pick up and move the lamp to where it’s needed. You can buy salt lamps with special cords and salt lamp bases that effectively "lock together" for a very snug fit, the risk for bulb or cord damage is much lower.

If you need to move it a bigger distance, carefully remove the globe holder from the lamp and carry the cord separately to the lamp, reinserting it at the new place.

The Maintenance of a Salt lamp

These lamps must be treated like appliances in your household, mostly because of the danger of electric shock if the cord is broken and wet. Follow the rules below to avoid challenges.

Clean a Dirty Salt Lamp

Just like everything else salt lamps need to be shown a little love to thrive and survive. However, they are fairly low maintenance. Clean them every couple of months or more often if your room accumulates lots of dust.

Always turn off the lamp before the cleaning procedure. Then wet a cloth and later wring it thoroughly until it’s just a little damp. Next, gently dab your salt lamp to clean the surface. DO NOT rub your lamp as it will erode the salt.

Watch Your Salt Lamp for Signs of Damage

Like everything, salt lamps can also stop working properly. If you want to get the most use out of this object, be prepared to notice signs of damage.

Usually, the lamp holder or the cord is damaged when you notice your bulb flickering a lot. In this case buy a replacement salt lamp cord that meets your local electrical standards. Replace the cord first and later the bulb so that the cord will not blow bulbs constantly.

Also, use the bulbs designed especially for salt lamps. Moreover, there is a massive difference between different salt lamp bulbs. Do thorough research before buying a replacement bulb. Caution: never use LED bulbs.

Choose he Proper Place for Salt Lamp

There are places where keeping a salt lamp will be beneficial. However, in other cases, it is not advisable to do so.

You CAN keep your salt lamp:

• Anywhere in your home where you spend a lot of time.

• Next to a sofa that you frequently use. On your bedside table

• On your study desk or next to your favourite sitting spot.

• in your bedroom – keep your lamp on as a night light and you’ll have deeper better sleeps and clean air at night.

AVOID keeping your salt lamp:

• in a potentially risky spot where children or pets could harm themselves.

• in in open places where there is a constant airflow

• In humid areas like the kitchen or bathroom.

• On top of electronics or expensive furniture (wooden especially) where dropping moisture could cause damage.

• Outside of the house

• In the rooms that no one uses (storage room)

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How to Use Your Salt Lamp

Use the salt lamp next to your computer desk or TV and turn the lamp when using these appliances. However, in the case of TV, avoid placing the salt lamp near the loudspeakers.

In the case of physicians or other therapists, put a large lamp in the waiting room. Salt lamps are also helpful during meditation.

Salt Lamps with Dimmer

In this case, when you buy a salt lamp make sure it has a dimmer which will allow you to control the brightness of your lamp. This is useful in the bedroom as a night light. Moreover, this type of salt lamps can be placed very close to your bed and on all the time.

Salt Lamps with Oil Diffusers

In this case, the scented oil is added directly into diffuser, carved into the lamp. In this way, you receive more heat from the lamp and diffusion starts as soon as you add your oil. Aromatherapy and air cleansing are blended here.

Salt lamps and Tealights Without Oil Diffusers

I do not use salt lamps with bulbs and cords. Instead, salt lamps looking like pillars. You can put a tealight there. Some of them also have oil diffusers.

Salt Lamp: Q&A

I have given you a lot of information about salt lamps. But you ay still have questions. Let’s answer the most frequent ones:

How many salt lamps should I get?

It depends on two things:  how big the rooms are where you intend to put salt lamps and how much electrical activity is present in those rooms. Usually, 1kg of salt lamp will be effective for 1.5 square meters of floor space.  Divide your rooms floor space by 1.5 and you will get how many kg’s you need. Bigger lamps simply mean having less of them in each space. Also, some small lamps will start working faster than one large one. And this means quicker elimination of positive ions. You also must know that spreading more salt lamps across the room will increase their range.

Take also into account how much electrical activity is used in a given room. The more electrical appliances, the larger lamp is needed.

Can I sleep with your salt lamp on?

The answer is yes, provided that your salt lamp has all the safety checks required of electronic devices, Lthe lamp has a calming effect on many people, so you can leave it on until you fall asleep.

What do you put under a salt lamp?

Use a moisture absorber in the same room where your pink salt lamp is placed. In this way, the overall moisture in the air will be reduced and prevents your lamp from leaking.

How long should you leave a salt lamp on for?

For the best effects, it is recommended to leave it on overnight.

In a Nutshell

Today I have given you a thorough analysis of using a Himalayan salt lamp. You have learnt about the benefits, potential challenges while using and kinds of salt lamps. Enjoy the positive effects of having a salt lamp. With lots of love and light,


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